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Pro Tip: The Best Hybrid Golf Clubs by Handicap and Brand

Updated: Sep 19, 2022
Pro Tip: Explore Hybrids by Handicap

Hybrid golf clubs can save your game in many ways. Don’t like hitting long irons or fairway woods? Get a hybrid. Need to fill that gap in your golf bag? An easy-to-hit golf hybrid is most likely to do the job.

Nowadays, these rescue clubs come in a variety of forms that you can choose from based on your preferences: golf hybrid, a hybrid crossover, a driving iron and a utility iron. Many brands offer at least two of these options to ensure they have what you need to score.

If you’re unsure which golf hybrid is right for your game, check out GlobalGolf’s USelect® tool. Our staff of PGA Professionals provide quick recommendations for your game based on your answers for this hybrid selector tool. Then, take advantage of GlobalGolf’s UTry® program to demo the latest golf clubs and decide which hybrid belongs in your bag.

Whether you have a golf brand in mind or are interested in seeing what else is out there, GlobalGolf has compiled a list of the latest golf hybrids by brand and handicap. Using your handicap is an easy way to get you heading in the right direction; USelect™ will help you narrow down your decision even more.

To start, let’s see which clubs are:

  • Best hybrids for low handicappers

  • Best hybrids for mid handicappers

  • Best hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers

Callaway Hybrids by Handicap

Callaway Hybrids by Handicap

Callaway Golf has both golf hybrid and utility iron options. The Callaway hybrids range from low to high handicaps and contain the latest technology. With the use of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology, the Callaway Apex hybrids are optimized for low- and high-handicap performance.

The Callaway Big Bertha B21 hybrids are reminiscent of Callaway’s classic line of clubs, but with more offset. These Callaway hybrids are actually easier to hit than the MAVRIK line. And if you’re looking for more distance, you can’t go wrong with the Callaway Rogue ST or Epic Super hybrids.

Lastly, if you’re more interested in a Callaway utility iron, the Callaway X Forged “hybrid” actually comes in iron form. It is packed with all the technology and distance you would expect from Callaway Golf, as well as the pure feel you’re accustomed to in all their irons.

  • Mid to High Handicap Callaway Hybrids:
    • Callaway Apex 21 | 10-25
    • Callaway Epic Super | 10-25
    • Callaway Rogue ST MAX OS | 15-30
    • Callaway Rogue ST MAX OS Lite | 15-30
    • Callaway Big Bertha B21 | 15-30

  • Low to Mid Handicap Callaway Hybrids:
    • Callaway X Forged Utility Iron | 0-5
    • Callaway Rogue ST Pro | 0-10
    • Callaway Apex Pro 21 | 0-12
    • Callaway Rogue ST MAX | 5-15


Cleveland Hybrids by Handicap

Cleveland Hybrids by Handicap

Cleveland Golf included their means to more forgiveness in their hybrids’ names. The Cleveland Launcher XL hybrids have higher launches for slower to moderate swing speeds and an extra-large club head. With the added moment of inertia (MOI), these Cleveland Launcher Halo hybrids will become your go-to golf club for longer distances.

  • Mid to High Handicap Cleveland Hybrids:
    • Cleveland Launcher XL | 10-25
    • Cleveland Launcher XL Halo | 15-30


Cobra Hybrids by Handicap

Cobra Hybrids by Handicap

The best hybrid golf clubs from Cobra Golf have been introduced in these recent years. While most of the noise has been around the Cobra LTDx and RADSPEED lines, the Cobra KING Tec hybrid and Cobra KING Utility iron are not to be forgotten.

The Cobra KING Tec hybrid may be the most customizable golf hybrid for mid to high handicappers. It is full of technology geared toward making your golf ball fly higher and further, and you can adjust the settings for a draw or fade, or even to a lower or higher launch. Talk about a rescue golf club.

Conversely, the Cobra utility iron is for the lowest of handicaps looking for accuracy and distance. It’s no secret that long irons are difficult to hit, but for those who have the skills, the Cobra KING Utility iron is powerful and pure.

Next, we all know and love the radial weighting technology in the RADSPEED line because it decreases spin and increases distance. The LTDx hybrid takes this foundation to the next level and gives you stability in and more distance from a variety of lies, from rough to fairway bunker.

One perk to point out here is the Cobra one-length hybrid in the RADSPEED and LTDx lines. If you believe in Bryson DeChambeau’s physics or simply want to give it a try, Cobra Golf has that option for you.

  • Mid to High Handicap Cobra Hybrids:
    • Cobra AIR-X | 15-30
    • Cobra King TEC | 15-30

  • Low to Mid Handicap Cobra Hybrids:
    • Cobra KING Utility Iron | 0-5
    • Cobra LTDx | 5-15
    • Cobra LTDx One-Length | 5-15
    • Cobra KING RADSPEED | 5-25
    • Cobra KING RADSPEED One-Length | 5-25


Mizuno Hybrids by Handicap

Mizuno Hybrids by Handicap

Despite Mizuno Golf’s reputation as a “better player” golf club company, they have designed hybrid golf clubs for all skill levels. It is no surprise the Mizuno JPX lines have gained popularity among higher handicaps who thrive on knowing they’re playing some of the highest quality golf clubs on the market. The Mizuno JPX FLI-HI hybrid follows Mizuno Golf’s reputation of being precise with the added bonus of more ball speed and launch.

If you’re also looking for a higher launch and more draw, the Mizuno ST-X hybrid is right up your alley. This Mizuno hybrid is geared toward players with moderate swing speeds looking for more distance.

The Mizuno MP lines have evolved for the lower handicap players; the Mizuno MP-20 HMB hybrid iron has the feel of their purest irons matched with unparalleled distance. If you fall into the lower handicap category and prefer the feel and sound of a rescue club, the Mizuno CLK hybrid accomplishes the same task, all while adding stability and control.

  • Mid to High Handicap Mizuno Hybrids:
    • Mizuno JPX FLI-HI | 10-30

  • Low to Mid Handicap Mizuno Hybrids:
    • Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi Driving Iron | 0-8
    • Mizuno MP-20 HMB Hybrid Iron | 0-12
    • Mizuno CLK | 0-12
    • Mizuno ST-X 220 | 0-15


PING Hybrids by Handicap

Ping Hybrids by Handicap

Recently, PING Golf has begun targeting low to mid handicap players. Their PING G425 line does cater to a higher handicap thanks to the increased MOI and forgiveness, but the PING G425 hybrid still carries the extra distance you need to see a difference in your game.

If you prefer long irons, we recommend the PING i59 or the PING G425 Crossover hybrid. The PING i59 utility iron is forged and gives you the accuracy and distance you need with the feel you want; plus, it’s consistent with the rest of the PING i59 iron line. The PING G425 Crossover comes in a few different lofts but is a separate entity within the PING G425 iron set.

  • Low to Mid Handicap PING Hybrids:
    • PING i59 | 0-12
    • PING G425 Crossover | 0-12
    • PING G425 | 0-25


Srixon Hybrids by Handicap

Srixon Hybrids by Handicap

Srixon Golf offers two options for low to mid handicap golfers: a hybrid and a Srixon utility iron. The Srixon ZX hybrid is aesthetically pleasing at address, which boosts confidence over the ball, and has tons of speed technology built into the design.

If you prefer a long iron, the Srixon ZX Utility iron still promotes confidence at address, even with a smaller club head size. For a long iron, Srixon Golf has added a higher launch and forgiveness to the design despite its blade-like club head.

  • Low to Mid Handicap Srixon Hybrids:
    • Srixon ZX Utility Iron | 0-5
    • Srixon ZX | 0-15


TaylorMade Hybrids by Handicap

TaylorMade Hybrids by Handicap

The hybrid clubs from TaylorMade Golf always make a splash. The evolution of the TaylorMade SIM family, the TaylorMade SIM2 hybrids, offer more distance, more accuracy and more forgiveness. Then they went above and beyond and released the Stealth hybrids.

There are plenty of TaylorMade hybrids for every handicap. The SIM DHY is one of the first driving irons to fall into the mid to high handicap range, so if you’re a fan of the long iron and forgiveness, you should definitely check it out. Of course, the TaylorMade Stealth and SIM2 MAX hybrids are also known for their forgiveness, like all its other counterparts in the line.

On the flipside, TaylorMade Golf offers plenty of driving iron options for lower handicaps, from the SIM UDI to the P790 UDI - “UDI” stands for “Ultimate Driving Iron.” Comparing the two, the TaylorMade P790 UDI is less forgiving with a lower launch, so it’s for golfers who are truly looking for more distance and workability. The SIM UDI comes in two different lofts, which gives you more options on the golf course.

The TaylorMade Stealth Plus hybrid is for low to mid handicappers looking for playability and distance without going with the utility iron. Compared to the TaylorMade driving irons, the Stealth and SIM2 hybrids have a slightly higher launch and more forgiveness; plus it’s easier to hit out of the rough.

  • Mid to High Handicap TaylorMade Hybrids:
    • TaylorMade SIM DHY | 10-20
    • TaylorMade SIM2 MAX | 10-25
    • TaylorMade Stealth | 15-30

  • Low to Mid Handicap TaylorMade Hybrids:
    • TaylorMade P790 UDI | 0-12
    • TaylorMade SIM UDI | 0-12
    • TaylorMade SIM2 | 0-12
    • TaylorMade Stealth Plus | 5-15


Titleist Hybrids by Handicap

Titleist Hybrids by Handicap

Golf hybrids from Titleist Golf tend to follow the same pattern as the Titleist TS Series of drivers. Whether you’re interested in a TSi1, TSi2 or TSi3 hybrid, you’ll find speed and distance. Your handicap simply dictates which model would be best for accomplishing those feats.

The standout here is the Titleist U505 utility iron, which is geared toward lower handicaps. With a pure sound and feel, this Titleist utility iron has impressive clubface technology that makes it hot. If you’re looking for more workability at longer distances, you’ve found your golf club.

The best Titleist hybrid for mid handicappers is the Tsi2. It’s highly adjustable so it can be tailored to your game. It also has a higher launch angle for those looking for more distance.

  • Mid to High Handicap Titleist Hybrids:
    • Titleist TSi1 | 15-30

  • Low to Mid Handicap Titleist Hybrids:
    • Titleist U505 Utility Iron | 0-7
    • Titleist TSi3 | 0-12
    • Titleist TSi2 | 10-20


Wilson Hybrids by Handicap

Wilson Hybrids by Handicap

Wilson Golf’s recent releases are an impressive addition to the golf world. For the higher handicap players, the Wilson Launch Pad FY hybrid is for the higher handicaps looking to get the ball to go straighter and in the air; if you have a slice and want more distance, this Wilson hybrid is for you, especially since the “FY” in the name refers to the golf club being a mix of a hybrid and fairway wood.

Looking at the lower handicap options, Wilson Golf released its Wilson Staff hybrid model, the D9, and a Wilson hybrid iron. The Wilson Staff D9 hybrid is renowned for its appealing look at address, but it also adds forgiveness from anywhere on the course, even the rough. The Wilson Staff Model Hybrid iron is a driving iron built for Tour players, though now golfers looking for more control and distance have added it to their golf bags.

  • Mid to High Handicap Wilson Hybrids:
    • Wilson Launch Pad FY | 15-30

  • Low to Mid Handicap Wilson Hybrids:
    • Wilson Staff Model Hybrid Iron | 0-5
    • Wilson Staff D9 | 5-15


Save Money on the Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

Choosing the best golf hybrid can be a daunting task, but now you know so much more about the latest releases and brands. GlobalGolf’s USelect® and UTry® have also helped you narrow down your choices, so now it’s time to figure out how to get the best price.

Buying used golf clubs from GlobalGolf is the go-to method for saving money while still adding the latest technology to your golf bag. However, there is another way: GlobalGolf’s UTrade-In®. Save more by trading in your current golf clubs for the best value; you can then use that credit toward your next purchase, whether it’s a new or used hybrid golf club.

At GlobalGolf, allow us to help you find your next golf hybrid from the latest arrivals. Knowing your golf handicap will certainly lead you in the right direction, and GlobalGolf will take you the rest of the way there.

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