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Cobra Golf Clubs

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Cobra Golf, founded in 1973 by Thomas L. Crow, remains one of the prominent golf equipment manufacturing compaies.. The brand is well-known for its history of innovation and dedication to pushing the envelope in golf club technology.

Cobra Golf introduced the first utility wood called the "Baffler" in 1975. This innovation set a new standard for future product development in the world of golf. Throughout the years, Cobra has continued to prioritize research and development, resulting in groundbreaking innovations.

Some of the best players in the world play Cobra golf clubs. Across both the PGA and LPGA TOUR's, Rickie Fowler, Gary Woodland, and Lexi Thompson are among the notable players.

Cobra offers a wide range of club types – including drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, and wedges – for men, women, and kids. Also available: “one-length” iron sets mimicking DeChambeau’s unusual specifications.

If you’re shopping for single clubs or a full Cobra golf set, you’ll find an assortment right here at GlobalGolf; we carry both new and used Cobra golf clubs. Let’s have a look at the company’s current lineup:

AeroJet, 2023

The Cobra Aerojet line includes golf clubs such as driver, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons. The advanced materials and innovative design of the Cobra AeroJet clubs unlock high levels of clubhead speed.

The Aerojet irons feature advanced technologies such as PWRSHELL insert, H.O.T Face, and PWR-BRIDGE weighting. These features deliver effortless launch, distance, and unmatched consistency. The Aerojet line offers different configurations for various launch and spin preferences.

Inspired by Rickie Fowler's shorter-length driver, the new AeroJet Driver provides maximum control off the tee without sacrificing distance. PWRSHELL L-cup technology and an A.I. designed H.O.T Face help aid in this increased distance.

LTDx, 2022

The Cobra LTDx lineup offers a range of golf clubs designed to cater to players seeking exceptional performance and forgiveness.

The driver features a sleek design with low-pitched impact sound, offering increased ball speed and a satisfying feel through impact. The LTDx fairway woods and hybrids provide versatility and forgiveness, making them suitable for the many different lies on the course. The LTDx iron set combines muscle back design with CNC-milled grooves, delivering superior greenside spin and scoring ability. The Cobra LTDx series targets mid to low handicappers who seek both distance and precision.

Air-X, 2022

Golfers who prefer lightweight and forgiving clubs should use Cobra's Air-X clubs. These clubs enable golfers to swing faster and achieve higher ball trajectory.

The Air-X driver features a lightweight design with a low-pitched impact sound. This provides a satisfying feel and added power to the swing. The fairway woods and hybrids offer high launch angles and are suited for players seeking more accuracy shots. The iron set combines cavity back irons with weak lofts, offering forgiveness and higher launch for high handicappers.

The Cobra Air-X series caters to golfers aiming to maximize carry distance and achieve more consistent ball flight.

RADSpeed, 2021

Cobra has gone all in on the RADSpeed label, new for 2021. The RADSpeed umbrella covers the golf club gamut, with three new drivers, three fairway wood models, four new iron sets and a pair of hybrid offerings.

In Cobra’s “big stick” category you’ll find the RADSpeed Driver, plus the RADSpeed XB (Xtreme Back) and RADSpeed XD (Xtreme Draw) driver versions. The RADSpeed Driver delivers the lowest spin rates, fastest ball speeds and most workability of the trio. The XB is longest and most forgiving, while the XD is draw-biased to help slicers hit the ball straighter.

Cobra touts radial weighting for creating optimal speed, forgiveness and accuracy in all of its RADSpeed models. The irons also feature a unique, 3D-printed medallion in the cavity.

If you’re wondering about Cobra’s One Length clubs, they’re inspired by Bryson DeChambeau’s unusual set makeup. Each iron (4 – SW) and hybrid (3, 4 and 5) is the length of a standard 7-iron, or 37.25”.

SpeedZone, 2020

Rickie Fowler’s input helped shape the CNC-milled face of the Cobra King SpeedZone. Designers upped the moment of inertia (MOI) with a tungsten backweight while allowing for workability with front-to-back adjustability. SpeedZone fairway woods and hybrids sport a new Hollow Split Rail sole for added ball speed and higher launch. Finally, a lightweight carbon fiber top line lowers the center of gravity (CG) in Cobra’s SpeedZone irons, resulting in – you guessed it – greater height and distance.

F-Max, 2020

Built to maximize game improvement for golfers with moderate swing speeds, Cobra's F-Max SuperLite and F-Max AirSpeed models feature lighter-than-standard club heads, shafts and grips. The design also positions weight lower, farther back and toward the heel to raise launch angles and improve accuracy.

King F9 SpeedBack, 2019

In yet another innovative turn, Cobra created the first successful combo of aerodynamic shape and low CG with the King F9 SpeedBack driver. Its engineers also crafted Cobra’s thinnest, hottest face by upgrading the CNC milling from the F8 version. The same technology extends to the fairway woods, while King F9 hybrids boast a 10% larger club head for higher MOI and forgiveness.

King F8, 2018

Cobra broke new ground with the King F8 driver, the first in golf to feature a CNC-milled, forged titanium face. (Cobra touts the consistency of curvature and thickness across the club face vs. the traditional hand-polishing method.) Meanwhile, King F8 fairway woods and hybrids got a revamped rail system for better turf interaction and stability through impact. King F8 irons feature a slimmer profile and lower CG for higher launch across the club face.

King F7, 2017

The Cobra King F7 driver boasts a lightweight carbon fiber crown and three-weight adjustability. The F7 hybrid features updated “Baffler Rail Technology,” with two rails on the sole for superior launch from a variety of lies. For the F7 irons, Cobra introduced PWRSHELL construction to expand the sweet zone and boost distance.

King F6, 2017

Adjustability and forgiveness are the hallmarks of the Cobra King F6 line. You can tune the CG settings to favor a high or penetrating flight in the driver, fairway woods, and hybrids. King F6 irons feature hollow heads in the longer clubs, half-hollow in the mid-irons and cavity backs in the short irons.

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