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    Pro Tip: TaylorMade SIM vs. SIM2 Driver

    Updated: Mar 29, 2023
    Pro Tip: TaylorMade Sim vs. Sim2 Drivers

    The TaylorMade SIM drivers are the beginning of TaylorMade’s latest dynasty. With variations of the SIM driver and the already-released TaylorMade SIM2 driver, these golf clubs build upon the popular M Family line of drivers.

    TaylorMade Golf is known for their innovation, which is why we really shouldn’t be surprised the SIM family of drivers is so high-performing. They started the new decade releasing the TaylorMade SIM driver, TaylorMade SIM Max driver and TaylorMade SIM Max D driver. Some of the technology may seem similar to the TaylorMade M5 and M6 drivers, though the SIM line takes certain features to the next level.

    SIM stands for “Shape in Motion,” and perfectly describes what sets these drivers apart from their predecessors. The new, aerodynamic club head design takes these drivers to new heights (no pun intended) and plays a key role in improving your ball flight.

    The TaylorMade SIM Driver Gains Speed Through Aerodynamics

    TaylorMade SIM Driver

    Introduced for 2020, the TaylorMade SIM driver features aerodynamics that create more club head speed, ball speed and forgiveness than ever before. The design builds upon the Speed Inject™ and Twist Face™ technologies introduced in earlier TaylorMade driver lines, which not only provides a foundation for faster ball speeds, but also consistently corrects missed shots for straighter outcomes.

    The TaylorMade SIM driver is also extremely customizable, allowing you to further correct your shot tendencies. The TaylorMade SIM driver isn’t even one of the traditional TaylorMade D-Type drivers, yet it allows you to alter your shot shape up to 20 yards. Additionally, you can easily customize your launch trajectory and ball flight.


    The TaylorMade SIM Max Driver Is All About Forgiveness

    TaylorMade SIM Max Driver

    The TaylorMade SIM Max driver takes most of the technologies found in the SIM driver and makes the golf club even more forgiving. The Inertia Generator, also found in the SIM driver, increases the moment of inertia (MOI) in the golf club.

    You can think of MOI as the amount of resistance the club head has as it moves through impact; the higher the MOI, the more stable your clubhead and, therefore, the more likely your clubface will be square at impact.

    To further increase the TaylorMade SIM Max driver’s forgiveness, the club head is 8 percent larger than the SIM club head. You may find yourself hitting this TaylorMade driver further if you are a mid-to-high handicapper, as this design’s trajectory is higher than the SIM driver’s.


    The TaylorMade SIM Max D Driver Fixes Your Slice

    TaylorMade SIM Max D Driver

    The TaylorMade SIM Max D driver takes the SIM Max design a step further, especially for those whose tendency is to slice the golf ball off the tee. Again, most of the technology in this TaylorMade driver overlaps with the TaylorMade SIM and SIM Max drivers, but with two main differences.

    The first is the D-Type aspect of this driver. The TaylorMade SIM Max D driver is specifically designed with draw bias to counteract your slice. The second is this club head design is 18 percent larger than the TaylorMade SIM driver and 10 percent larger than the TaylorMade SIM Max driver, making this golf club even more forgiving than the SIM Max. As an added bonus, the TaylorMade SIM Max D driver also launches the ball higher if you’re looking to increase distance off the tee.


    The TaylorMade SIM2 Driver Is Stronger and Lighter

    TaylorMade SIM 2 Driver

    If you thought the SIM drivers were impressive, you need to check out the TaylorMade SIM2 drivers. Introduced in 2021, each SIM2 version correlates with the original SIM design, so it makes sense that the TaylorMade SIM2 driver has similar technology as the SIM driver; however, the SIM2 design includes the use of a lighter and stronger material and a different weighting system.

    These advancements have made the TaylorMade SIM2 driver faster and more forgiving, all while providing more distance and a lower spin rate. Add in the customizability and you’ve found your match if you are a low handicapper.


    The TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver Further Increases MOI

    TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Driver

    The TaylorMade SIM2 Max driver follows the same approach as the SIM Max driver, but with the new SIM2 construction. This TaylorMade driver is even more forgiving than its predecessor thanks to its higher MOI and larger club head. In addition to granting maximum forgiveness, the TaylorMade SIM2 Max driver also increases your distance off the tee with a higher launch angle if you are a mid-to-high handicapper.


    The TaylorMade SIM2 Max D Driver Combines Draw Bias and Forgiveness

    TaylorMade SIM 2 Max D Driver

    The TaylorMade SIM2 Max D driver continues to help you with your slice thanks to the prominent draw bias, while also offering forgiveness. You used to get one or the other in the olden days, but the SIM family has overcome that design flaw. If you’re looking to hit the golf ball straighter and farther, you’ll find the TaylorMade SIM2 Max D driver’s oversized club head helps you do just that.


    Which TaylorMade SIM Driver or TaylorMade SIM2 Driver is Right for You?

    Now that you know so much more about the TaylorMade SIM family of drivers, you can feel more comfortable choosing the right TaylorMade driver for you. To recap, both the SIM and SIM2 lines are new and contain the hottest technology on the market - you can’t go wrong with either line.

    If you’re looking for your driver based on handicap, your needs are represented no matter which TaylorMade SIM driver you choose. If you are a lower handicap and want customizability and workability, the TaylorMade SIM and SIM2 drivers are in your wheelhouse.

    If you’re looking for a bit more distance and accuracy and are a mid-to-high handicapper, the TaylorMade SIM Max and SIM2 Max drivers are both excellent options. Furthermore, if you’re a mid-to-high handicapper experiencing frustrating slices off the tee, we recommend the SIM Max D or SIM2 Max D drivers due to the draw bias.

    Choosing a driver can be overwhelming, which is why GlobalGolf created USelect®, a recommendation generator that quickly provides you with the answers you need to best choose your golf clubs. Simply answer a few brief multiple choice questions and narrow down your choices even further. Our staff of PGA Professionals know which questions to ask so you know which clubs belong in your golf bag.


    Buy a TaylorMade Driver (for a Lower Price) with Confidence

    Lastly, now that you only have a couple of TaylorMade drivers on your list, you can not only demo these golf clubs at your home course, but also pay less for them. GlobalGolf’s UTry® is the safest and simplest way to demo the latest golf products for 14 days, starting at $25. Check out our guide on how to best demo drivers at home.

    You can pay less for these new TaylorMade drivers by either looking at used TaylorMade SIM drivers, trading in your current set of golf clubs for purchase credit or doing both. Buying used golf clubs is an easy way to save money without sacrificing technology.

    Since the SIM lines were released within a year of each other, choosing either a used TaylorMade SIM driver or a used TaylorMade SIM2 driver will most likely be a big step up from your current driver; pick whichever driver best fits your golf swing and your budget.

    With GlobalGolf’s UTrade-In®, you can quickly calculate the value of your golf clubs and use that credit towards your next purchase. Read more about the benefits of trading in your golf clubs for the best value at GlobalGolf in our guide for paying less for new golf clubs.


    If you’re looking for a new TaylorMade driver or one that’s new-to-you, GlobalGolf has you covered. The TaylorMade SIM drivers and TaylorMade SIM2 drivers have impressive technology you don’t want to miss out on. No matter which TaylorMade driver is right for you, from the SIM to the SIM2 Max, GlobalGolf is happy to help you buy with confidence. Don't forget to check out the TaylorMade Stealth and TaylorMade Stealth 2 drivers as well.