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  • New and Used Golf Iron Sets

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    New and Used Golf Iron Sets

    • FAQs

      What is a golf iron?

      A golf iron is a type of golf club used on the fairway to get your ball onto the green. It has a metal head with a flat and angled face that’s usually grooved to give more speed to the ball.

      How do you hit a golf iron?

      To hit a new golf iron the right way, you need to have a proper setup, swing and position. Here are some basic steps to follow:

      • Align your body parallel to your target line, with your feet shoulder-width apart and your weight evenly distributed.

      • Position the ball slightly forward of center in your stance for most irons.

      • Grip the club firmly, but stay relaxed.

      • Swing down with your lower body leading the way and your wrists hinging naturally.

      • Follow through by extending your arms and rotating your body towards the target until your chest faces it.

      How do you clean golf irons?

      To clean golf irons, you’ll need some water, soap or detergent, a bucket or sink, a towel and a soft-bristled brush or cloth. Here are some tips:

      • Soak your irons in the water to loosen any dirt or grass.

      • Scrub each iron gently with a soft-bristled brush or cloth.

      • Rinse each iron thoroughly.

      • Store your irons in a dry place away from moisture and humidity.

      How long do golf irons last?

      The best golf iron sets can last for many years if they’re well maintained and cared for. However, there are some factors that can affect their longevity and performance, such as frequency of use, quality of clubs and how well they’re stored and cleaned.

      How many irons are in a golf set?

      A typical golf iron set will include 7 to 11 irons, depending on the preference and skill level of the golfer. A standard set will usually consist of a 3-iron through a pitching wedge (3-PW), which is 8 clubs in total. Some golfers may also add a gap wedge (GW), a sand wedge (SW), or a lob wedge (LW) to their set, which are used for shorter and more precise shots around the green. There are some instances where hybrids and woods will get swapped around instead of irons as well.

      What are the best golf irons?

      The best golf irons are the ones that suit your game and help you achieve your goals. Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as different golfers have different preferences, abilities and needs. However, some general factors that you should consider when choosing golf irons are:

      • Your handicap

      • Your swing speed

      • Your budget

    • Overview

      Golf irons are an essential part of a golfer’s arsenal, and they’re very different from other clubs like drivers. Irons typically have shorter shafts and smaller clubheads than woods and hybrids, the head is made of solid iron or steel and the head’s primary feature is a large, flat, angled face, usually scored with grooves. Irons are generally used on shots from the fairway, or for tee shots on short holes. They can also be used for approach shots to the green, or for shots from difficult lies such as rough, sand or trees.

      Irons are customarily differentiated by a number from 1 to 10 (most commonly 3 to 9) that indicates the angle of loft of the club head. The higher the number, the higher the loft – the higher the ball travels. Some irons may also have letters instead of numbers, such as PW (pitching wedge), SW (sand wedge), or AW (approach wedge). These clubs have more loft than the numbered irons and are used for shorter and more precise shots around the green.

    • Pro Tips

      It’s important when working with irons to understand what the numbers mean. The numbers on the golf iron in the set directly relate to the amount of loft the golf iron has and the distance that it typically flies. Irons with a lower number have less loft and will have a lower ball flight but more distance. Irons with a higher number will have more loft, a higher ball flight and less overall distance. The yardage gap between irons is generally 10-15 yards.

      What makes for the best iron depends entirely on the player, and includes gameplay factors, such as the distance to the target, the wind direction and speed, the angle of the ball and your personal preferences. A general rule of thumb is to use the lowest numbered iron that can reach the target with a comfortable swing.

    • New and Used Golf Irons by Brand

      New and Used Titleist Irons

      The Titleist is one of the leading brands in golf gear, especially when it comes to irons. They offer a wide range of models for every skill level and preference, from game improvement to players to blades. Some of their best-selling iron models include the T-Series (T100, T200, T300).

      New and Used Callaway Irons

      Callaway is another top brand in golf equipment, known for their innovative technology and design. They offer several lines of irons for different needs and tastes, from distance to forgiveness to feel. Some of their best-selling iron models include the Apex Series (Apex 21, Apex Pro 21, Apex DCB), the Rogue Series (Rogue ST Max, Rogue ST Max OS, Rogue ST Pro) and the Big Bertha Series (Big Bertha B21).

      New and Used TaylorMade Irons

      TaylorMade is a brand that focuses on creating maximum performance and distance with their golf clubs. They offer various series of irons that cater to different segments of golfers, from beginners to professionals. Some of their best-selling iron models include the Stealth and Stealth 2 Series, SIM and SIM2 Series, the P-Series (P790, P770, P7MC, P7MB) and the M-Series (M6, M5, M4).

      New and Used Cobra Irons

      Cobra is a brand that's known for their innovative and colorful golf equipment. They offer several collections of irons that feature cutting-edge technology and design, such as the SpeedZone Series (SpeedZone, SpeedZone One Length), the King Series (King Forged Tec, King Tour MIM, King Radspeed) and the F-Max Series (F-Max Airspeed, F-Max Superlite).

      New and Used PING Golf Irons

      PING is a brand that has a long history and reputation creating quality golf gear. Some of their best-selling iron models include the G-Series (G425, G410, G710) and the i-Series (i210, i500).

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