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Callaway Golf Balls | Chrome Soft and More

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Callaway Golf Balls

  • Overview

    Since entering the golf ball market in 2000, Callaway’s golf balls have been a staple on tees all around the world. The famous golf company’s first foray into the marketplace was the Rule 35, a nod to the brand’s ethos and their suggested addendum to the existing 34 rules of golf: enjoy the game.

    Today, Callaway Golf balls, including the Callaway Chrome Soft balls, are helping players enjoy the game by delivering bigger drives, softer touch, and superior control. Play the game exactly how you want to with these tour-quality balls.

    Callaway golf balls have offerings for all swing speeds and skill levels. Discover the best Callaway golf ball for your game with the new USelect Golf Ball Selector, with feedback and analysis provided by our PGA Pros.

    Their popular Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball, hailed as the "Ball that changed the ball," has the performance of a Tour ball with an exceptionally soft feel.

    The Callaway Chrome Soft X combines that tour-proven performance with exceptional mis-hit forgiveness. Designed to promote more distance off of your longer clubs, and more control off of mid-irons, short-irons and wedges.

    For senior players as well as players with slower swing speeds, the Callaway Supersoft is a perfect choice. The ball’s low-compression core transfers energy from the swing more effectively to the ball, resulting in longer drives and higher flights. By using a low-compression model, players with low-to-moderate swing speeds can still harness the spin, touch and feel that has made the Callaway golf balls famous over the last two decades.

    Global Golf is proud to offer a wide range of Callaway golf balls, including the Callaway Chrome Soft triple track model.

    Shoot like the Tour players, or put your own spin on it: two-piece balls like Supersoft and SuperHot deliver distance in several color options. Personalized options are also available.

  • Pro Tips

    Callaway Golf , though known for their incredible golf clubs, have also made a splash with their golf balls. Callaway golf balls, namely the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls, have significantly increased in feel and durability in the last decade. The revolutionary Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track golf balls were specifically produced to match their Triple Track putter and secure perfect alignment, though these Callaway golf balls are still effective with your own putter. See which Callaway golf balls are right for you with our USelect™ recommendation generator.

  • FAQs

    Which Callaway golf balls are the best?

    Either the Callaway Chrome Soft and the Callaway Supersoft. Experts disagree, but both have been ranked best overall by industry-leading golf publications.

    What are the differences in Callaway golf balls?

    For those 2 most popular models, the difference is going to be a distance vs. control. The Callaway Supersoft is engineered for longer distances and higher shots, while the Callaway Chrome Soft is designed to maximize spin and feel, giving golfers better spin and touch around the green.

    What Callaway golf ball is like Pro V1?

    Callaway’s answer to the Pro V1 is the Callaway Chrome Soft.

    What is the best Callaway golf ball for seniors?

    The low-compression Callaway Supersoft golf ball is a great choice for seniors and players with slower swing speeds.

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