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  • New and Used Titleist Hybrid Golf Clubs

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    New and Used Titleist Hybrids

    • FAQs

      What are the key benefits of using Titleist hybrids in my golf game?

      Titleist hybrids offer versatility, forgiveness and playability, making them ideal for various shots and course conditions. They provide enhanced launch and trajectory, bridging the gap between long irons and fairway woods.

      Can I mix and match Titleist hybrids with my existing iron set for a personalized setup?

      Yes, Titleist hybrids can be seamlessly integrated into your iron set, offering the flexibility to create a custom combination that suits your game and shot preferences.

      Are Titleist hybrids suitable for players transitioning from long irons to hybrids for the first time?

      Absolutely, Titleist hybrids are designed to ease the transition from traditional long irons to hybrids, providing a more forgiving and consistent alternative for golfers of all skill levels.

      How can custom fitting maximize the performance of a Titleist hybrid golf club?

      Custom fitting ensures that your Titleist hybrid is tailored to your swing characteristics, allowing for optimal distance, accuracy and control on the course. Our fitting experts can guide you through the process to find the perfect fit.

      What sets Titleist hybrids apart from other hybrid golf clubs on the market?

      Titleist hybrids are crafted with advanced technology and precision engineering, focusing on delivering superior performance, feel and versatility. Their innovative designs cater to the specific needs of golfers, setting them apart from the competition.

      Do Titleist hybrids provide significant distance gains compared to traditional irons?

      Titleist hybrids are engineered to provide consistent distance gains, especially on off-center hits, due to their low and deep center of gravity. This design feature contributes to improved ball speed and overall distance performance.

      What is the advantage of using a Titleist hybrid from the rough or fairway bunkers?

      Titleist hybrids excel in navigating challenging lies, such as rough and fairway bunkers, providing enhanced playability, control and confidence when faced with tough course conditions.

      Can I trade in my old clubs for credit towards a new or used Titleist hybrid at GlobalGolf?

      Yes, GlobalGolf offers a convenient trade-in program where you can exchange your old clubs for credit towards the purchase of new or used Titleist hybrids, allowing you to upgrade your equipment with ease.

    • Overview of Titleist Hybrids

      Titleist hybrids are meticulously engineered to provide golfers with versatile and reliable alternatives to traditional long irons and fairway woods. Featuring advanced technology, these clubs offer exceptional playability, forgiveness and distance consistency for golfers of all levels.

    • Pro Tip

      Titleist hybrids are often referred to as "rescue clubs" due to their ability to rescue a golfer from tough lies and challenging course conditions, providing a reliable escape option for players. These versatile clubs are known for their exceptional playability from a variety of lies, making them valuable assets for navigating the course with confidence, especially in unpredictable and demanding situations such as deep rough or fairway bunkers.

    • New and Used Titleist Putters by Year

      New and Used Titleist Hybrids in 2023

      Titleist continue to set the standard for technological innovation and performance in the realm of hybrid golf clubs. The 2023 lineup showcases the relentless pursuit of excellence, offering golfers enhanced playability, forgiveness and distance consistency. Each model in this range incorporates cutting-edge materials and design elements to elevate the overall performance and versatility of Titleist hybrids, catering to the diverse needs of players seeking superior long game performance.

      The used Titleist 2023 TSi2 Hybrid stands out as a prime example of the exceptional technology and craftsmanship found in the 2023 range. This versatile club features an ultra-thin crown that shifts weight low and deep for improved launch and trajectory, delivering reliable performance from various lies.

      New and Used Titleist Hybrids in 2022

      The 2022 new and used Titleist hybrids emphasize enhanced speed, precision, and versatility, enabling golfers to tackle a wide array of course conditions with confidence. These hybrids are engineered to provide consistent distance, forgiveness and playability, catering to the needs of golfers seeking reliable long game performance paired with cutting-edge technology and design.

      The used Titleist 2022 TSi3 Hybrid captures the essence of the technological advancements present in the 2022 collection. This precision-engineered club features a compact, squarer toe design and an adjustable CG Track, allowing for fine-tuning to achieve the optimal balance of speed, distance and control.

      New and Used Titleist Hybrids in 2021

      In 2021, Titleist hybrids reflected a commitment to delivering premium performance, innovation and playability. Each hybrid in this collection is designed to provide golfers with reliable distance, forgiveness and versatility, catering to the demands of diverse player profiles.

      The used Titleist 2021 TSi2 Hybrid exemplifies the pinnacle of performance and technology found in the 2021 series. This club integrates an ultra-thin crown with a deeper, lower CG to maximize launch and distance consistency.

      New and Used Titleist Hybrids in 2020

      Titleist introduced a range of hybrids that boosted the brand's tradition of excellence and performance in 2020. The 2020 collection focuses on delivering enhanced speed, forgiveness and playability, providing golfers with reliable alternatives to long irons and fairway woods. These hybrids are engineered to offer consistent distance, trajectory control and versatility on the course, catering to the needs of golfers seeking exceptional long game performance.

      New and used Titleist 2020 T400 Hybrids highlight the advanced technology and performance features present in the 2020 collection. This high-performance club delivers explosive speed and forgiveness, thanks to its advanced Max Impact technology and high-strength C300 steel face.

      New and Used Titleist Hybrids in 2019

      Titleist hybrids in 2019 embodied the brand's dedication to excellence, innovation and playability. Each hybrid in this collection is meticulously engineered to provide golfers with enhanced forgiveness, distance consistency and versatility, addressing the specific demands of different player profiles. The used Titleist 2019 TS3 Hybrid stands out as a prime example of the remarkable performance and technology featured in the 2019 lineup. This versatile club integrates an ultra-thin crown and an optimized weight distribution to promote high launch and distance consistency, providing golfers with reliable performance from various lies on the course.

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