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  • Kids Golf Clothes

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    Kids Golf Clothes

    • Overview

      Looking for kids’ golf clothes? Look no further—you’re in the right spot! Global Golf has all the junior golf apparel you could want, featuring popular styles from all the best brands and biggest names in golf! Your young man or woman will look the part as they hit the links with kid-focused styles that perform well, too.

      Global Golf has a complete selection of junior golf clothing, including youth golf shirts, youth golf hats, and youth golf shorts, as well as belts, hats and so much more! We carry styles that are unisex, meaning they are good for both golf-loving young men and golf-loving young women.

      Take pride in knowing that your junior athlete is performing at the highest level with the best in the way of kids’ golf clothes, available right here at Global Golf.

      With smart, chic, state-of-the-art fabrics, styles and cuts, your kids’ golf clothes can look as sharp as they perform. Watch their confidence on the course soar as they look stylish and feel good about themselves. Kids can dress just like their favorite Tour players!

      Global Golf carries all the biggest kids’ golf clothes brands, including Nike, Puma, Adidas and FootJoy. So, whether you’re in the market for a Nike golf hat just like the one Tiger wears or a reliable set of Adidas youth golf shirts like the ones designed and worn by Dustin Johnson, Global Golf is your go-to resource!

    • Pro Tips

      Your dreams have come true - your kid is excited about playing golf and now it’s time to buy your kid golf clothes. (If you’re still waiting for your child to catch the golf bug, here are Five Tips to help them fall in love with the game like you did.) Junior golf apparel plays a large role in boosting your kid’s confidence on the golf course, so whether you choose Adidas Golf, PUMA Golf or another popular golf apparel brand, know that GlobalGolf has everything your child needs to look and play his or her best.

    • FAQs

      What should kids wear for golf?

      When it comes to junior golf apparel, both boys and girls should wear collared shirts. Preferably, these shirts should be tucked in. T-Shirts are typically not permitted as part of the golf dress code. As far as bottoms go, khaki style pants (in any color) are strongly encouraged—denim is prohibited.

      What do boys wear golfing?

      When golfing, boys should wear collared shirts tucked into approved bottoms. Khaki-style pants are strongly encouraged. Shorts are permitted during warmer months. For these, seersucker, madras, plaid, solid and striped styles are all permitted. Some courses have been known to disallow cargo shorts, so it is a good idea to check ahead of time, or avoid them altogether. Baggy clothing is also discouraged.

      What do girls wear golfing?

      Girls are permitted to wear the same attire as boys, with the addition of being allowed to wear skorts. Girls are also allowed the option of sleeveless shirts, as long as the shirt has a collar or is an Oxford-style button up. For female golfers, some clubs have specific inseam lengths they require for bottoms, so it can be a good idea to call ahead and inquire. In general, avoid any shorts or skirts that are too short.

      What materials are suitable for golf clothing?

      For bottoms, khaki and khanki-like materials are the preferred fabric. In hotter climates, madras and seersucker materials are often permitted, as well. Denim is strictly forboden. For tops, cotton and performance fabrics are always a safe bet. Typically, materials can vary long as you’re shirt has a collar.