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    Pro Tip: Why GlobalGolf’s USelect™ Works -- How to Choose the Right Golf Clubs for You

    Pro Tip: Why GlobalGolf's USelect Works

    Choosing the right golf clubs for you can be overwhelming and difficult, not to mention expensive. GlobalGolf’s USelect™ generates golf gear recommendations for you so you can take the guesswork out of buying golf clubs and other products online; these options will satisfy your budget, too.

    USelect™ for woods and irons asks you a few simple questions about your game; GlobalGolf then provides driver, fairway wood, hybrid and iron set recommendations based on your answers. Each question serves a purpose and leads you one step closer to your ideal set of golf clubs.

    Advantages to GlobalGolf’s USelect™ include recommendations for more than just golf clubs (like golf balls, golf shoes, golf bags and even golf tech) and the fact that these recommendations are pulled from several brands. You will have a true idea of which brands and models will best work for your game.

    Our PGA Professionals dive into why and how they use these questions to accurately generate recommendations for your long game. No matter where you are in your golf journey, our staff has put together golf club recommendations for every skill level and preference. Keep in mind, it’s important to be honest with yourself as you answer these questions -- real data will give you real results.

    1. What is Your Typical Score?

    What is your typical score?

    Knowing your scoring average on 18 holes is one of the most important factors for selecting your golf clubs. With answers ranging from less than 76 to more than 100 (with other options in between), drilling down on your score serves two purposes:

    1. You can take a step back and look at your game objectively (and maybe even set some new goals -- our PGA Professionals love when golfers practice with intention).

    2. Choosing your scoring average allows the PGA Professionals to accurately analyze your handicap and lead USelect™ in the right direction off the bat.

    2. How Far Do You Hit Your Driver?

    How far do you hit your driver?

    Another important answer, your driver distance gives USelect™ some of the data it needs to identify your optimal shaft flex. Again, the answers have a wide range -- from less than 225 yards to more than 275 yards.

    Typically, the farther you can hit the golf ball, the more stiffness you need in your golf shaft. This is a critical question because some brands only build clubs with regular flex shafts, but if you need a stiff flex, your game is already at a disadvantage. It is details like these that have the GlobalGolf staff so excited to share USelect™ with you -- it can truly help your game from the ground up.

    3. What is Your Desired Shot Shape?

    What is your desired shot shape?

    This question about shot shape is often underestimated. The three answer options are ‘Draw,’ ‘Straight’ and ‘Fade.’ The basis for this question is the ‘Draw’ answer -- if you want to draw the golf ball, there are certain golf clubs with offsets that help you do just that, and GlobalGolf wants to ensure they appear in your recommendations.

    Please note that if you typically pull the ball off the tee, and you want to minimize that pull into a draw, choosing ‘Draw’ will not help you achieve that goal in this context. From this particular perspective, it’d be better to choose ‘Straight’ or even ‘Fade’ if you envy the power fades seen on Tour.

    4. Do You Prefer a Long Iron or a Hybrid?

    Do you prefer a long iron or hybrid?

    Even though long irons and hybrids fall under the same GlobalGolf category, don’t let this question fool you -- it’s still an important indicator to USelect™ on what your iron set will look like. Figuring out the gapping in your golf bag can be difficult, which is why using USelect™ for woods and irons will help you make that decision based on your current game.

    Long irons have grown in popularity over the years, and driving irons aren’t just for the Tour players anymore. Sure, you’ll see some PGA Tour players hit 1- and 2-irons off the tee on narrower holes, but 3- and 4-irons are making a comeback for all golfers. Hitting long irons will give you more roll and more accuracy for lower handicap players.

    On the other hand, hybrids are a favorite on the golf course because they are easier to hit and can even be played from the rough. With a higher trajectory, hybrids allow you to gain a little extra distance without the extra roll.

    If you prefer to hit long irons over hybrids, your recommendations will include classic iron sets without any combos; you’ll see the normal range of pitching wedge to 4-iron. If you feel more comfortable hitting a 3- or 4-iron hybrid instead, USelect™ will ensure you have combo iron sets in your recommendations, though traditional iron sets may also appear depending on your other answers.

    5. What Club Do You Use for a 150-Yard Shot?

    What club do you use for 150-yard shot?

    Similar to the driver distance question above, knowing which club you hit 150 yards will give USelect™ another indication of your ideal shaft flex. Again, it’s important to note that some major golf brands only include certain shaft flexes with their golf clubs, so knowing your distances will allow USelect™ to narrow down which brands will fit your golf swing best.

    6. What is Most Important to You?

    What is most important to you?

    This is the last question before you see your recommended drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons. Unlike the other questions, this one will dial in on your golf goals. Prioritizing one of the following will give USelect™ the last piece of insight into your game:

    1. Control and Feel

    2. Forgiveness and Distance

    3. Shot Shape and Distance

    Depending on the answer you choose, the PGA Professionals will know the current status of your game and where you want it to go, allowing them to recommend golf clubs that will move your game forward, not keep it stationary.

    Sorting Through Your Golf Club Recommendations

    Now that you’ve completed USelect™ for your woods and irons, you will immediately see a list of golf clubs that are recommended for you. If you’re only looking for the driver that’s best for you, you will see a way to filter by club type. If you already know TaylorMade Golf is the brand for you, you can also filter by brand. Additionally, you can sort your results by price, popularity, reviews and more.

    The filter system also allows you to change some fundamentals. For example, you can sort by left-handed golf clubs; similarly, you can also filter by women’s golf clubs.

    Golf is a fluid game -- not only can your golf game change, but manufacturers are also frequently releasing new golf club technologies. New golf clubs come out every year, and they might fit your game better than before. Therefore, it’s important to regularly take this quiz and see what other recommendations are added.

    Choosing the Best Golf Clubs for You

    Recommended for you

    You have the right golf clubs for you listed on your computer -- what’s next? If you are browsing GlobalGolf after you finish USelect™ for woods and irons, or any category, your recommendations will be tagged as “Recommend for You.” This will remind you of your results even if you leave and return to the site some time later.

    You may also see our blue UTry® logo stamped on some of your recommendations, which means that golf club is eligible for our demo program. GlobalGolf’s UTry® is the simplest and safest way to demo golf products -- when, where and how you want. We also have a guide about demoing golf clubs on your own golf course, and some of those tips may prepare you for the answers needed above (tracking scoring average, shot shape, etc.).

    Lastly, both new and used golf clubs appear as options that you can also filter out, so you truly have several choices, even from a budget standpoint. Our Certified Pre-Owned golf clubs, again tagged with a golden badge, undergo a thorough screening process and are objectively rated on their conditions, so you know exactly what you’re adding to your bag.

    To decrease the price even more, check out GlobalGolf’s UTrade-In™, where you will receive the best value for your golf clubs and earn credit towards your next purchase. It’s easy to see how much your golf clubs are worth with our trade-in calculator.

    Whether you’re in the market for a new driver, fairway wood, hybrid or iron set or simply want to see if your current set of clubs match up with the brands and models that fit your game best, GlobalGolf’s USelect™ for woods and irons will analyze your game and provide recommendations that can’t be beat.