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    Pro Tip: Go the Distance with Cobra Golf LTDx Fairway Woods and Hybrids

    Updated: Feb 23, 2022
    Pro Tip: Go the Distance with Cobra Golf LTDx Fairway Woods and Hybrids

    A new year means brand new lines of golf clubs from the top brands you love - and Cobra Golf is no exception. If distance is on your wishlist for the upcoming year, then Cobra’s LTDx line is definitely the one you want to check out.

    What makes the golf clubs in the LTDx line stand out is the focus on maximum distance gains, like in their three different driver models. Through advanced engineering, the LTDx clubs are the perfect choice for golfers across skill levels who are looking to hit the ball farther than ever before. The ideal club for these types of distance gains are fairway woods, or in some cases, a golf hybrid.

    Today we’re exploring what makes the Cobra LTDx fairway woods and hybrid clubs unique, and how they compare to Cobra’s other new line for 2022, the AIR-X clubs, and the Cobra RADSPEED line from 2021.

    The LTDx Cobra Fairway Woods Are for Distance

    When you’re on the fairway and have to make a long shot to the green, the Cobra LTDx fairway wood is the perfect club to reach for. To achieve this distance, the clubs have been engineered with technology inside and outside the club head. Inside, the Cobra fairway woods strategically use weight placed low in the club head. On the outside, the face of the club head is specifically designed for lower spins to really propel the ball forward.

    The main difference between the Cobra fairway woods in the LTDx line and those in the AIR-X and RADSPEED lines is the focus on each design. The design of the LTDx clubs is concentrated on delivering distance to your game while the AIR-X clubs were designed to feel weightless and increase your swing speed; 2021’s Cobra RADSPEED clubs, on the other hand, use weighting in a unique way to manufacture a blend of low spin, higher ball speeds and increased forgiveness.

    Selecting which line of clubs is right for you is dependent on what kind of fairway woods you’re looking to add to your golf bag: one that will help you with distance, one that adds speed to your swing or a club that favors forgiveness and low spin.

    If distance is what you’re after, then you’ve come to the right place. There are three Cobra fairway woods in the LTDx line: the LTDx fairway wood, the LTDx LS fairway wood and the LTDx MAX fairway wood. Each model provides the same core features that deliver on the promise of distance, but may be suited for different golfers.

    Cobra LTDx Fairway Woods for Mid to High Handicappers

    Cobra LTDx Black Fairway Wood

    For golfers whose interest is piqued by the sounds of the optimal distance the LTDx line was built for, the Cobra LTDx fairway wood is the way to go. In addition to the distance features mentioned above, its front and back weighting gains, lower spin, increased ball speed and high launch all provide you with more yardage. This is a fantastic option for high to mid handicap golfers who are looking for a reliable club they can always turn to for serious distance.

    Cobra LTDx MAX Fairway Wood for Higher Handicappers

    Cobra LTDx MAX Black Fairway Wood

    The Cobra LTDx MAX fairway wood has many of the same features as the LTDx, but the central difference is that the weight in the LTDx is adjustable to increase draw bias. With the higher launch angle and maximum forgiveness, this golf club is sure to be a new favorite.

    Cobra LTDx LS Fairway Wood for Lower Handicappers

    Cobra LTDx LS Black Fairway Wood

    The Cobra LTDx LS fairway wood is specifically designed to lower spin without compromising on ball speed and distance. This golf club was created for skilled players with a low handicap who are going to have an exceptionally fast swing speed. This Cobra fairway wood still has a fair amount of forgiveness, though the distance will come from the low spin and the lower, more piercing launch angle.


    LTDx Cobra Hybrids That Will Help You Go Far on the Course

    Sometimes on the golf course the best club to reach for is a hybrid; when those times call for distance as well, you can bet on the Cobra LTDx hybrid. When you’re dealing with a lie in the rough and need to hit the green in regulation, the LTDx hybrid will be there to help. The powerful face is designed with what Cobra calls PWRSHELL and Baffler Rails - the latter helps you expertly navigate tricky conditions from tight lies to thick rough.

    You have two options for the LDTx Cobra hybrids: LDTx Hybrid and LTDx ONE Length Hybrid. Let’s learn a little bit about the difference between these clubs and which golfers they’re best suited for.

    Cobra LTDx Hybrid for Everyone

    Cobra LTDx Black Hybrid

    The standout feature of the LTDx Hybrid is the hot face designed with what Cobra calls PWRSHELL. With two weights strategically positioned low and forward and fixed in the back, this hybrid club encourages fast ball speed with reduced spin, plus it delivers excellent forgiveness. This hybrid is appropriate for any handicap golfer looking for a Cobra rescue club.

    Cobra LTDx ONE Length Hybrid for Bryson DeChambeau Believers

    Cobra LTDx ONE Length Hybrid

    The LTDx ONE Length Hybrid might be more your speed if you’re looking to experiment with a shorter golf club that fits the rest of your Cobra one-length iron set. This LTDx One Length Hybrid is a 7-iron length and was built for better accuracy and shot consistency. Bryson DeChambeau believes this hybrid, and any golf clubs that are around the same length, are easier to hit. If you’re looking to try something different, this may be the right choice of Cobra hybrid irons for you.


    Choose the Right Cobra LTDx Golf Clubs for You

    Discover the right club for your game with GlobalGolf’s USelect™, a golf club selector tool that will help you narrow down your choices based on your personalized needs. Once you’ve determined the golf clubs you are interested in trying, take advantage of UTry® to demo the clubs on your home course.

    Finally, once you’ve selected which Cobra golf club you’d like to add to your bag, use UTrade-In™ to trade in your current clubs for credit towards your next purchase with GlobalGolf. These services allow you to feel confident in your selection and purchase while also ensuring you’re getting the best price by giving you a range of new clubs as well as certified used Cobra fairway woods and used Cobra hybrids.

    Golfers looking to improve on distance this year should absolutely look into Cobra’s latest line to see if it helps them reach their goals on the golf course this year. GlobalGolf makes it especially easy to find the right clubs for your goals, skill set and price point through their services.