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Launch Monitors Training Aids

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Launch Monitors

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    It’s hard to imagine a single product that has had a bigger impact on the game of golf than the launch monitor. Using advanced computing, complicated algorithms, and cutting-edge technology, these compact, portable devices are providing invaluable feedback to golfers all across the world.

    Launch monitors, of course, are the revolutionary swing analysis and flight simulation tool that breaks down a golfer’s swing into a number of data points, including carry, total distance, ball spin, launch angle, spin rate, angle of attack and the very cool sounding smash factor. These discrete data points, taken together, represent everything that goes into a drive. With this information it is possible to make very minor adjustments to a player’s swing to great effect.

    That’s why the best coaches and teachers in the world of golf rely on launch monitors to help their players and students get the most out of their game. More and more these days, however, these technologies are becoming affordable for the average golfer. What was once solely confined to driving ranges and required lots of computing equipment is available to take with you thanks to the advancements of the portable launch monitor.

    These days, there are even golf monitors that offer cross-device compatibility and support with proprietary apps. These apps have the added bonus of being able to catalogue a player’s history of swinging, letting you track improvements over time, or zero in on what made that one shot so special, compared to all the shots you’ve ever taken before.

    Global Golf is thrilled to offer a range of golf launch monitors across all budgets, from the value option of Ernest Sports ES12 to the super-high-end gold standards of the Skytrak Launch Monitor. If you are in the market, Global Golf can help you find the best golf launch monitor at any price point. No matter your budget, you can add golf’s most valuable tool into your arsenal.

    The Ernest Sports ES12 is the best economy option available on the market today. The portable model is a great introduction to the technology for anyone on the fence.

    In the middle of the pack—but absolutely nothing to sneeze at—there’s the Garmin launch monitor, the Rapsodo mobile launch monitor, and the Sports Caddie SC300i. All of these options provide great, reliable performance, but without being fully decked out with all the bells and whistles.

    Of course, if money is no object, you’re going to want to go with the SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor. The Cadillac of launch monitors has a well-deserved title, providing users with an unmatched level of detail and amount of information. If you want the most accurate, most sophisticated analysis of your swing, this is the portable launch monitor for you!

    When you’re ready to try out one of these high-tech devices for yourself, the PGA Professionals at Global Golf are here to help. Be sure to keep on the lookout for the UTry® icon next to these products. The blue U means the product is available for a 14 day free trial period, during which we’re sure you’ll be blown away!

  • ? Pro Tips

    Golf launch monitors are a fun and easy way to learn everything you need to improve your game. Whether it’s diving deep into all the numbers that create your ideal golf swing or you want an intentional way to practice on the driving range, golf launch monitors will help you accomplish that and more. Plus, launch monitors - especially portable launch monitors - can help you keep your game fresh during off-season if you have to endure colder weather. See what other golf tech can help you help your game.

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