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    Pro Tip: PING Golf -- Golf Clubs For Everyone and Every Skill Level

    Updated: Oct 03, 2022
    Pro Tip: PING Golf – Golf Clubs for Every Skill Level

    For more than 60 years, PING Golf has made golf clubs in the only way it knows how: for everyone at every skill level. PING was founded by the late Karsten Solheim, a General Electric engineer by day and amateur putter maker by night.

    At the time, most putters were heel-shafted blades of one kind or another (think Bulls-Eye or 8802 models) until Solheim made his ‘PING 1A putter,’ which was more heel-toe weighted to create a large sweet spot in the middle of the clubface. He named it ‘PING due to the sound the putter made when hitting a golf ball. If you’ve ever seen or heard this putter, it’s very distinct.

    Fast forward to 1966 when Solheim developed the most iconic putter of the last 50+ years: the Anser. This putter design has been used in more than 500 PGA Tour victories and remains one of the most popular shapes for collectors, amateurs of all levels and professionals alike.

    On the heels of Anser’s success, PING Golf introduced their first line of irons in 1969. Using the same patented heel-toe weighting, PING’s irons were custom-fit to each golfer, which was highly unusual at the time. Each golfer’s irons were given a color code so that if a player ever needed to replace a club, they could order it with the same specifications.

    Today, PING is known for its full range of golf clubs from the top of your bag all the way to the bottom (and everything in between). Notably, PING continues to be one of the biggest proponents of women’s golf at all levels. In fact, the Solheim Cup bears his name as a tribute to his driving force behind creating the Ryder Cup-type event.

    PING Putter - A Machine Face for Firmer Feel

    PING Heppler Piper Armlock Putter
    PING 2021 Anser 2 Putter

    PING has been synonymous with putters for more than 50 years and has been trusted by amateurs and professionals alike for that entire time. Ask any professional who has won a tournament using a PING putter and it probably won’t take long until to hear about their gold PING putter.

    In the 1970's, Karsten Solheim was trying to devise a way to thank and reward professionals for using a PING putter en route to victory. What he landed on was pure gold. Any professional that captures a victory with a PING putter receives a gold-plated replica of their exact putter; a second one is kept at PING headquarters in Phoenix, AZ, in the PING Vault. Both gold putters are engraved with the pro’s name, tournament, year and strokes from the tournament they won.

    Eventually, there became so many putters that they required their own room. But not just any room. They’re now stored in the PING Gold Putter Vault.

    When it comes to the right PING putter for you, it’s good to know that PING is constantly innovating and bringing new technology while respecting the legacy of a club they know they build very well. Each new line builds upon the last, and buying any used PING golf clubs, but especially putters, will allow you to take advantage of carefully considered technology.

    PING putters come in a variety of styles, including blades, mallets, mid-mallets and most recently, a unique Fetch model with a golf ball-sized opening that can actually be used to pluck the ball out of the hole after you sink your putts.

    And by taking a multi-material approach in the construction of their putters PING uses the densities of two materials to raise the moment of inertia (MOI) to create larger sweet spots to help all types of players.


    PING Drivers - Crush It With Control

    PING G425 MAX Driver
    PING G410 Plus Driver

    For years, PING drivers flew a little bit under the radar when compared to other major golf brands, but that mold was broken with the introduction of the PING G400 line in 2017. Those G400 drivers had extremely high MOI numbers and were, therefore, incredibly forgiving. But the one thing they continued to lack in their drivers was any sort of moveable weights.

    Moveable weights on drivers have become an industry standard over the last decade. Because PING drivers never featured them as a way to fine-tune their drivers, there appeared to be a disconnect between the brand’s custom fitting history and product offering.

    That all changed in 2019 when PING introduced the G410 Plus driver. This PING driver is the first ever in company history to feature moveable weights around the rear of the club where the crown meets the sole. This movable-weight technology offers a simple way to customize your driver for a desired ball flight so you can swing fearlessly and hit more fairways, regardless of your handicap.

    If you’re a better player and want maximum forgiveness and the ability to shape drives both directions, just leave it in the neutral setting or in the ‘Fade’ position to avoid the dreaded snap-hook. Likewise, if you’re a golfer that struggles with a slice, you can position the weight all the way toward the heel to promote the face closing faster (and hitting fewer banana balls).


    PING Fairway Woods & Hybrids - Distance Comes Easy

    PING G410 Fairway Wood
    PING G425 Hybrid

    PING fairway woods are constructed with a forged, maraging steel face, along with a noticeable weight at the rear of the sole. This weight in the back lowers the center of gravity (CG) in order to help golfers of all skill levels launch the ball easily and deliver faster ball speeds.

    You will also notice the lofts of the fairway woods are slightly stronger (by only 0.5°) than what would be considered ‘industry standard’. So, not only will these PING golf clubs help you launch the ball quicker, but you will also probably see a modest increase in distance. The fairway woods come in odd numbers from 3 through 9 to fit a wide range of shots and distances.

    Similar to the G410 PING drivers, the G410 hybrids are significant in the company’s lines of hybrids because they are PING’s first-ever adjustable hybrid. The shaft tip allows golfers to customize their ball flight eight different ways through a combination of loft and lie adjustments for consistently better results. Thinner and more flexible, the maraging-steel faces generate faster ball speeds and higher launch to help you hit and hold greens from a wide variety of distances.

    PING has since built upon this technology with the G425 line, keeping the weighting and adjustability but adding new advancements. You can count on PING hybrids to deliver on incredible stability and forgiveness.

    If you don’t like the look of a higher-lofted fairway wood, you might opt for a similarly lofted hybrid that gives the confidence of a wood but a smaller profile (like a game improvement iron).

    The PING G410 hybrids, for example, fit a wide range of players and come in 2H-6H variants -- all of which are easy to hit from the tee on long par 3’s and out of light rough on long par 4’s and 5’s. The PING G425, on the other hand, is available in 2H through 7H.



    PING Irons - Longer and More Forgiving Than Ever

    PING i525 Iron Set
    PING G425 Iron Set

    PING is often known for their extreme quality and precision while featuring a combination of distance and playability, and PING has an iron for every possible skill level. The one that might fit the widest range of players is the G425. PING is often known for their extreme quality and precision while featuring a combination of distance and playability.

    In recent years, PING Golf has been releasing their longest, most forgiving irons in PING history. Their irons combine a maraging steel face with a stainless steel body to create metal-wood-like face flexing for faster ball speeds which increase distance.

    They also launch the golf ball higher and add an appropriate amount of spin for great stopping power on the greens. Combining fairway wood face technology into a clean, unassuming iron is the type of innovation for which PING is best known.

    The PING fitting process is also unique and allows for consistency across all iron fittings.


    PING Wedges - Redesigned From Grip to Grind

    PING Glide 4.0 S Wedge
    PING Glide Forged Pro S Grind Wedge

    PING wedges don’t always get the same hype as other brand names, but if you ask anyone who owns a set of Eye 2 irons what their favorite club is, they will most likely say it’s their wedges. While they take some getting used to from an aesthetic perspective, you can’t argue with their performance and versatility.

    PING’s best known wedges are their Glide line, which continue to advance in technology. With each new Glide wedge comes even higher-spinning, more forgiving and softer-feeling in a lighter overall design.

    The rear of the clubs feature what PING calls their Custom Tuning Port (CTP), which is a fancy way of saying there’s a slot behind the face where they insert an elastomer to enhance sound and feel at impact. The new cavity design and larger CTP expand the perimeter weighting to increase the MOI and position the center of gravity higher to yield lower-launching, higher-spinning trajectories for more control.

    With multiple grind options, including the reintroduction of the classic ‘Eye 2’ grind, there’s a grind that will fit every player’s skill level, angle of attack, style of play and normal course conditions.


    PING Women’s Golf Clubs - Lighter Clubs Designed From the Ground Up

    PING Women's Clubs

    PING’s dedication to women’s golf has a long history, including helping found the Solheim Cup. They consistently sponsor more professional female golfers than any other large manufacturer and dedicate engineering resources to create clubs from the ground up specifically for female golfers.

    The PING G LE2 golf clubs are the most advanced non-boxed set of women’s clubs on the market. A few features that make them special are their design origins (not modified from men’s clubs), their extremely light weight that caters to the average women’s swing speeds and their versatility.

    Each type of club is modular. Meaning, when a woman gets fit for the G LE2 line of clubs, she could choose just about any combination of woods, hybrids and irons, and the set would fit seamlessly together. This allows the golfer to also update certain clubs in her bag without having to buy a new set every time.

    These clubs were made specifically with women in mind and for players of all skill levels.


    Any of these PING golf clubs would make a welcome addition to your golf bag, and if you want to take a PING golf club for a spin you can do so easily with UTry®. It’s also a good idea to consider used PING golf clubs if you want to take advantage of incredible technology at a fraction of the price of brand new clubs.

    If you’re unsure of which PING golf clubs you’d like to try and buy, GlobalGolf’s USelect® is our iron selector tool that you can use to receive personalized recommendations for your game instantaneously, which can then be filtered by brand.