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XXIO Prime 11 Clubs

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XXIO Prime 11 Golf Clubs

xxio prime golf clubs family pic

The new XXIO Prime Golf Clubs feature many new game-enhancing technologies and an incredibly lightweight design to offer you top-notch feel with incredible distance across the entire course.

xxio prime driver star frame

Star Frame in Driver Increases Launch and Forgiveness

The XXIO Prime Driver was crafted with a new Star Frame rib structure. This technology allowed XXIO to produce a smaller and thinner sole, allowing them to shift mass lower and deeper in the head to give you consistent launch and added forgiveness.

xxio prime driver face

Flat Cup Face Improves Shots Off-Center

The face of the Prime Driver, Fairway Wood, and Hybrid features XXIO's Flat Cup Face, a face technology designed to increase ball speed and overall distance by maximizing size of the COR region on the face. This allows for consistently high ball speeds, even on shots hit off-center.

xxio prime fairway wood cannon sole

Cannon Sole Increases Ball Speed at Impact

The XXIO Prime Fairway Wood and Hybrid features a new Cannon Sole designed to improve ball speed and launch angle at impact. This technology adds a "cannon" shaped floating weight to the sole for increased flex at impact.

xxio prime iron sole tech

Step Sole Improves Turf Interaction

A small Stepped Sole on the bottom of the XXIO Prime Irons helps to reduce the overall contact area at impact. This feature assists in reducing turf interaction to give you smooth and consistent strikes from any lie.

xxio prime iron face

Titanium Face and Twin Groove Structure Increase Ball Speeds

Two new face technologies are present in the XXIO Prime Irons. The Super-TIX PLUS Titanium Face material offers strong yet dynamic performance, while the Twin Groove Structure offers 2 interior slots behind the face for guaranteed ball speed even on off-center strikes.

  • Specs

    XXIO Prime Driver Specs

    Model Loft Lie Angle Head Weight Volume Club Length Swing Weight Club Weight Flex Offered Dexterity
    10.5° 60° 184g 460cc 46.5" D1 254g R RH
    11.5° 60° 184g 460cc 46.5" D1 254g R RH

    XXIO Prime Fairway Wood Specs

    Model Loft Lie Angle Head Weight Volume Length Swing Weight Club Weight Flex Dexterity
    3W 15° 59.5° 202g 189cc 43.25" D1 272g Regular RH
    5W 18° 60° 209g 173cc 42.5" D1 278g Regular RH
    7W 21° 60.5° 216g 156cc 41.75" D1 284g Regular RH
    9W 24° 61° 221g 142cc 41.25" D1 288g Regular RH

    XXIO Prime Hybrid Specs

    Model Loft Lie Angle Head Weight Volume Length Swing Weight Club Weight Flex Dexterity
    5H 23° 60.5° 233g 113cc 39.75" C9 322g Regular RH
    6H 26° 61° 238g 112cc 39.25" C9 326g Regular RH
    7H 29° 61.5° 244g 111c 38.75" C9 331g Regular RH
    8H 32° 62° 250g 110cc 38.25" C9 336g Regular RH

    XXIO Prime Irons Specs

    Model Loft Lie Angle Bounce Face Progression (mm) Length Swing Weight Club Weight Flex Dexterity
    5i 22° 61.5° 1.5 38.25" C7 340g Regular RH
    6i 25° 62° 2 37.75" C7 346g Regular RH
    7i 28° 62.5° 2 37.25" C7 351g Regular RH
    8i 32° 63° 2 36.75" C7 357g Regular RH
    9i 37° 63° 2.5 36.25" C7 363g Regular RH
    PW 42° 63.5° 3.5 35.75" C7 370g Regular RH
    AW 48° 63.5° 5 35.75" C8 372g Regular RH
    SW 56° 63.5° 12° 5 35.75" C8 372g Regular RH

    XXIO Prime Golf Clubs Shaft Options

    Shaft Name Club Model Cut Weight
    XXIO Prime SP-1100 Graphite Driver 35.5g
    XXIO Prime SP-1100 Graphite Fairway 37.5g
    XXIO Prime SP-1100 Graphite Hybrid 35.5g
    XXIO Prime SP-1100 Graphite Iron 37g

    XXIO Prime Golf Clubs Grip Options

    Grip Name Club Model Weight Core Size
    XXIO Prime Weight Plus Driver 26.5g 64
    XXIO Prime Weight Plus Fairway 27.5g 64
    XXIO Prime Weight Plus Hybrid 40g 64
    XXIO Prime Weight Plus Iron 42g 64

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