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Pro Tip: Cobra Golf -- Find Unmatched Speed and Distance

Pro Tip Cobra Speed is the name of the game
Cobra Golf - Fast Facts:
  • Cobra Golf is always willing to try something that has never been done before, e.g., Cobra King One Length Irons.

  • Cobra Golf drivers, woods and hybrids are known for their distance and speed.

  • Cobra Golf offers most products, especially the drivers and fairway woods, in multiple colors so you’ve got plenty of options.

  • Rickie Fowler, Bryson DeChambeau and Lexi Thompson all play Cobra Golf clubs, drawn to their performance, workability and control.

  • Check out Cobra Golf for comparable quality and performance to other OEMs without breaking the bank.

Founded in 1973 by club designer and former Australian amateur golf champ Thomas Crow, Cobra Golf developed the "Baffler" - the first golf utility wood. With the Baffler, Cobra Golf introduced a new category of clubs and set the standard for future Cobra Golf product development. The Baffler had a patented sole-plate design that's effective from various lies and is still a feature of Cobra woods and hybrids.

Today, Cobra Golf clubs have one thing in common with each other: speed. From Cobra Golf’s SPEEDZONE drivers to Forged TEC irons to the King SpeedZone Big Tour fairway woods, all have technology that helps the golf ball fly off the clubface faster to maximize your distance. Pro Tip #67 - for unmatched speed and distance, think Cobra golf clubs.

At GlobalGolf, we know how important Pro Tip #1 is -- never buy golf clubs you don’t absolutely love -- and that leads to shooting lower scores. Cobra Golf consistently delivers golf clubs that do just that.

Cobra Golf Drivers -- Cobra King SpeedZone With Infinity Face Technology

Cobra SpeedZone Driver

Cobra SpeedZone Driver

The 2020 Cobra Golf King SpeedZone driver features numerous upgrades from its previous generation. The King SpeedZone driver not only features a CNC milled face, but that face has been expanded. The Cobra Golf King SpeedZone driver offers 95 percent more face milling and wraps into the toe and heel section of the clubhead, allowing engineers to reposition weight and enlarge the sweet spot for faster ball speeds. Even on mishits, you’ll still see exceptional distance and lower spin to avoid huge misses.

The Cobra Golf King SpeedZone driver used by the likes of Bryson DeChambeau and Lexi Thompson -- two of the longest hitters on the PGA and LPGA Tours -- also features the company’s Speedback weighting system. An adjustable weight moves from front to back to fine tune launch and spin. The weight is always positioned as low as possible to create the most efficient transfer of energy to the ball for high launch with low spin.

Cobra Golf Irons -- KING Forged TEC Irons With Modern Technology in a Classic Look

Cobra King Forged TEC Irons

Cobra King Forged TEC Irons

The 2020 Cobra Golf KING Forged TEC irons combine a classic blade look with modern technology to unleash a blend of distance and playability in a compact muscle back shape preferred by better players. While they look like clubs for pros or scratch golfers, there’s enough technology and ‘help’ in these irons that golfers all the way up to mid-handicappers should consider these irons.

For the first time in Cobra’s irons, a forged ‘PWRShell’ face expands the sweet spot to create higher launch and faster ball speeds in a compact shape. These hollow cavity irons are infused with foam microspheres to fine-tune sound and soften feel at impact. So, while they look like blades, the center of the face retains that satisfying buttery feel, and mishits lose the cringe-inducing vibration in your hands.

Similar to Rickie Fowler’s new Cobra Golf Rev33 irons, the Cobra Forged TEC irons feature tungsten toe weighting in those oft-challenging long irons, putting the center of gravity directly behind the hitting zone to maximize distance and precision, even on off-center hits. Simply put, you get a great looking set of irons and maximum distance on every one.

Cobra Golf Fairway Woods -- King SpeedZone Big Tour Built for Extreme Distance

Cobra King SpeedZone Big Tour Fairway

Cobra King SpeedZone Big Tour Fairway

Cobra Golf has been known for “baffler” rails on the sole of their fairway woods for decades. Today, these rails are still on many of their fairway woods, and the King SpeedZone Big Tour is no different. These rails help with turf interaction (fewer fat shots from the fairway) by allowing the club to glide effortlessly through tight lies, thick rough and even bunkers.

Now these rails are hollow and flex more than solid rails, creating a 70% larger sweet spot area from heel to toe for higher launch and more ball speed. While Rickie Fowler uses Cobra King Speedzone Tour, the King SpeedZone Big Tour has a larger profile, forward weighting and a stronger loft for extreme distance.

Similar to the SpeedZone driver, the Big Tour fairway wood features a CNC milled face that is up to five times more precise than hand polishing, and is used to ensure that every face is right up to the USGA legal limit. Additionally, you’ll immediately notice the lightweight carbon fiber crown on this Cobra fairway wood. Carbon fiber creates 10 grams of discretionary weight to move the center of gravity lower and deeper. Being able to move this weight allows for higher ball speeds, a larger sweet spot and higher launching shots.

Additionally, if you prefer teeing off with a 3 wood, the Cobra Golf SpeedZone Big Tour could be just what you’re looking for. With a flatter sole profile and deeper face, you can easily use this fairway wood primarily off the tee for a combination of distance and forgiveness.

Cobra Golf Wedges -- King MIM Wedge Is Precision Born From Innovation

Cobra King MIM Wedge

Cobra King MIM Wedge

The KING MIM wedge is the first wedge to be manufactured using a Metal Injection Molding Process (MIM), resulting in the softest and most precise wedge Cobra Golf has ever created. Whether you find yourself playing out of tight lies, deep rough or bunkers, this wedge will give every type of golfer much needed versatility around the greens.

Cobra Golf is the first company to utilize MIM to create an entire golf clubhead. Unlike castings and forgings, MIM produces a nearly perfect head shape that requires minimal post-process and no hand polishing for a more precise wedge with incredibly soft feel.

MIM produces 50% tighter shape and weight tolerances compared to cast wedges; therefore, each wedge is nearly identical and will perform accordingly. Each wedge face is precision CNC milled to deliver exact specifications for maximum performance. A circular milling pattern optimizes roughness, and creates sharper groove edges to maximize spin across the face.

Inspired by Rickie Fowler's custom ground wedges played on the PGA Tour, an updated Versatile (‘V’) grind features additional toe relief to maximize shot versatility in all turf conditions.

Rickie Fowler and Bryson DeChambeau Prefer Cobra

No matter what Cobra Golf clubs you choose to put in your bag, you’ll have the confidence that they will perform with speed and distance in mind. And when you choose to put MIM wedges in your bag, you’ll be on the cutting edge of wedge technology that delivers optimal spin, distance control, versatility and feel.

You also don’t have to only take our word for it. PGA pros Rickie Fowler and Bryson DeChambeau choose to play Cobra Golf clubs as does Lexi Thompson. These elite pros compete at the highest levels and have been winning and perennial contenders for years. So, put some speed in your bag and see the difference with clubs built for all types of players.

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