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    Pro Tip: Callaway Golf - Performance When You Need It

    Pro Tip: Callaway Golf - Performance When You Need It

    Callaway Golf’s founder Ely Callaway tasked his company from the outset with creating products that are “pleasingly different and demonstrably superior.” Few golf clubs have changed the way golfers play the game than the original Big Bertha driver - it was introduced in 1988 and helped golfers of all abilities hit the golf ball longer and straighter with greater ease.

    Since then, Callaway drivers continue to be easy to hit, Callaway irons help golfers launch higher and straighter shots, Callaway wedges spin like crazy to help stop the ball fast on greens, Odyssey putters add a pure roll that helps sink more putts and Callaway golf balls come in a variety of combinations for optimal distance, flight, spin and feel for you game.

    And every new iteration of Callaway golf clubs and golf balls are no different. They’re an evolution built on tried and true facts, physics and a commitment to R&D. Pro Tip #23: for innovative and high-performance drivers, irons, putters and golf balls, trust Callaway.

    Callaway Drivers - Drivers Designed for Fast Ball Speeds Across the Face

    Callaway Epic MAX Driver
    Callaway Mavrik 22 Driver

    Callaway Golf has several lines of drivers that have advanced in technology over the years, including the Callaway MAVRIK line of drivers, Callaway Epic drivers and Callaway Rogue drivers.

    Callaway Epic Line

    The Epic drivers were developed to be Callaway’s fastest driver head. You can see in the Epic club head the evolution of the shape of Callaway drivers. Callaway calls it the “Cyclone Aero” shape. In other words, the driver’s clubhead has been refined to reduce drag and help you swing the golf club faster.

    Callaway Mavrik Line

    The Mavrik builds upon the technology that was first introduced back in the Callaway Epic and then in the Epic Flash driver. The main piece of technology is the revolutionary Flash Face SS20, which has been designed by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) on a supercomputer.

    Callaway Rogue ST Line

    The Rogue ST and Rogue ST MAX lines offer the perfect blend of distance and forgiveness in a Callaway driver by incorporating past technology, like the aerodynamic head shape and the Flash Face technology, with new improvements. The new A.I.-designed face was developed with lower spin and greater forgiveness as the goal.

    When considering your next driver, it’s important to find one that consistently maximizes your ball speed. Callaway Golf figured out how to optimize the thickness of the face in different places so ball speeds stay high regardless of hitting the center of the clubface. And let’s be honest, not even the pros hit the sweet spot every time, so us amateurs could use the help.

    For example, the Flash Face on Callaway drivers consistently gets stronger and lighter with each new model and has been optimized for speed, forgiveness and spin. Also along for the ride are two internal ‘Jailbreak’ bars that connect the sole and the crown to promote ball speed while increasing stability.

    Better yet, you can try before you buy a new Callaway driver or Callaway preowned driver with GlobalGolf’s UTry®. Try it out where, when and how you want under real-world circumstances. Take the demo club for a spin and experience the unparalleled sound and feel. UTry® is the simplest and safest way to demo golf products, starting at $25 for 14 days.


    Callaway Irons - Delivering Distance, Sound and Feel in Every Face

    Callaway Mavrik Iron Set
    Callaway Rogue ST MAX Iron Set

    Callaway irons also deliver incredibly fast ball speeds and are developed through A.I. testing. Some of the most important things to consider when buying irons is how they look, feel and fit your game. And while most irons are the same clubhead, just with a different length and loft, Callaway’s irons each have a face that is specially designed to maximize ball speed and produce optimal spin for that specific iron and loft.

    Since each iron is designed individually for maximum performance, there’s a higher likelihood Callaway irons will suit a wide range of games. The custom tungsten-infused weights in each Callaway iron allow Callaway to locate the center of gravity in each iron with extraordinary precision while still maintaining ball speed.

    Optimizing these characteristics in every Callaway iron provides preferred trajectories, spin rates and landing angles.

    Callaway Rogue ST Line

    The Callaway Rogue ST line is a game improvement line for mid to high handicapped players looking for incredible forgiveness and high launch. The Rogue ST MAX irons deliver the strongest lofts of all the Callaway Rogue ST clubs.

    Callaway Mavrik Line

    Callaway Mavrik irons will appeal to a wide range of players because their Flash Face architecture gives you long, consistent distance. These game-improvement Callaway irons will fit 8-20 handicap players, as they are moderate in size and feature individualized faces for every iron.

    The Callaway Mavrik irons also feature a layer of urethane to dampen vibration. As you know, one of the worst feelings in golf, other than losing a brand new golf ball, is hitting a shot so thin (or in cold weather), the vibrations go through your hands and up your arms.

    Thankfully, these Callaway golf clubs have been designed to minimize that feeling by absorbing some of that unwanted vibration, which then produces a pure sound and feel.


    Callaway Wedges - Spin With Teeth; The Most Aggressive Groove in Golf

    Callaway MD5 JAWS Chrome S Grind Wedge
    Callaway JAWS Full Toe Black Wedge

    If there’s one thing everyone enjoys, it’s seeing a golf ball check and spin back on the green. It’s not only cool to watch, but it also makes you feel like a pro. Callaway happens to have wedges crafted by Callaway Chief Designer, Roger Cleveland.

    Few names are more synonymous with wedge design than Roger Cleveland. His goal with the Callaway wedges is to provide total performance through premium shapes, striking finishes, outstanding feel, unique versatility and exceptional spin. If you’re playing old wedges that have seen numerous rounds and chip shots, stop right where you are and get some new wedges that actually impart spin on the ball so your chips stop rolling 20 feet past the hole.

    Callaway Jaws Line

    Callaway Jaws wedges exude quality and superiority from every angle, while also delivering a soft and satisfying feel no other wedge can match. If you’re worried about finding the right Callaway wedge for your game, have no fear.

    Callaway wedges are also designed with your eye in mind. The shape of each head progresses from traditional shaped lob and sand wedges to a compact player-preferred design in the gap and pitching wedges for a seamless transition into an iron set.


    Odyssey Putter - Helping You See All the Lines

    Odyssey Triple Track Ten 2020 Putter
    Odyssey White Hot RX #7 Putter

    Callaway’s Odyssey putters are all crafted to give you the perfect sound and feel, whether you’re trying to make short distance or long distance putts.

    Callaway O Works Line

    The O Works line, like the Triple Track Putter, is best suited for putter strokes with more face rotation and arc. In each new iteration of this line, Callaway’s designs promote a consistent forward roll.

    What does all that mean? You’ll make more putts if you can line up your putts more often! When used in tandem with Callaway golf’s popular Triple Track golf balls, the putters are next to impossible to misalign.

    The three lines are prominently featured at the center of the putter head to easily improve your alignment and help you sink more putts. The multi-material Stroke Lab shaft is engineered to help improve the tempo and consistency in your stroke.

    Callaway White Hot Line

    The White Hot line by Odyssey offers super high-MOI putters with the right feel. The White Hot line has been a classic of the brand for over 15 years, and they continue to advance the soft core for speed and feel that gets the ball rolling faster.

    All of these Callaway golf clubs can be found at GlobalGolf at their most competitive prices. And if you’re still unsure, narrow your choices through USelect® and try them out through UTry®.


    Callaway Golf Ball - The Ball That Changed the Ball

    Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track 21 Tour Distance Golf Balls
    Callaway Superfast White Distance Golf Balls

    While Callaway might be better known for golf clubs than golf balls, their golf ball offerings have greatly improved over the last few years. The most prominent Callaway golf balls are the Chrome Soft. These golf balls are offered either with triple track alignment that will help immensely on the greens or with TRUVIS, which makes the golf ball look slightly larger to increase confidence and findability.

    For super fast speeds and distance, there’s the Callaway Superfast golf balls, with high launch and low spin and an optimized trajectory. Taking all of the advances Callaway is known for in their Chrome Soft golf balls, these golf balls pack a punch in speed and flight.

    The Chrome Soft golf ball was redesigned and revamped in 2020 and now contains an entirely new mantle system for increased ball speeds. It also features a Soft Inner Mantle and a highly resilient firm outer mantle working together to generate increased ball speed off the club face.

    These golf balls also have an extremely durable, resilient and thinner cover material creating lower spin on full shots. The Chrome Soft golf ball maintains high spin and control around the green. If you’re looking for a premium golf ball that can help your game through data and aesthetics, this is it.


    Shopping for Callaway golf clubs or Callaway preowned golf clubs with GlobalGolf will yield many more choices than your local golf shop. Buy with confidence when using GlobalGolf’s suite of services - like USelect® and UTry® - and take advantage of cutting-edge technology for a competitive price when buying Callaway preowned clubs.