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Pro Tip: How to Demo Your Utry® Golf Clubs

Updated: Nov 11, 2020
Pro Tip Truly Try Before You Buy

You’ve done it. You ordered your golf clubs to demo with Utry® -- the safest and simplest way to demo golf clubs -- and in a few short days, they will be on your doorstep.

Undoubtedly, you’ve put time into researching the drivers and/or irons you selected to demo, and Utry® allows you 14 days to test your clubs where, when and how you want. But how do you know they fit your game?

Our on-staff PGA Professionals offer three Pro Tips to help you determine which demo golf clubs are right for you. Note: all of these Pro Tips can be executed without a launch monitor, but we have those available as well if you want to continue to dial in your club selection.

1. Pro Tip #17: Track Your Stats

Because you are more familiar with your home course, you will have a good idea of how many fairways or greens you hit during a round. Create a baseline by playing a few rounds with your current set of golf clubs and track:

  1. Fairways hit (and missed -- left, right, out-of-bounds)
  2. Greens hit (and missed -- left, right, long, short)
  3. Clubs used on par 3s and for approach shots

Once you have your baseline, go ahead and put your new driver or irons in the bag and compare your stats.

2. Pro Tip #18: Compare Your Misses

Using that same baseline, compare your misses between the demo club(s) and old club(s) to see if you improved. Golf is a game of misses, so minimizing the number and impact of your errant shots will quickly lower your score.

Do you hit more fairways and avoid out-of-bounds with your demo club? Keeping more tee shots in play will improve your fairway statistics and should lower your score.

Did your new iron shots land closer to the green? Increasing greens in regulation is a fast path to a lower score, too.

Bonus Pro Tip: Looking to replace a 4- or 5-iron you consistently mis-hit? Utry® a hybrid or two and test different lofts to ensure you are properly filling a distance gap in your bag.

3. Pro Tip #19: Compare Distances

Another advantage to playing your home course is knowing where you usually land your tee shots or which iron you hit to clear a hazard.

So with some basic arithmetic, you can compare distances between the demo club(s) and your old club(s) to know if you’re hitting it better. Can you now reach that daunting par 5 in two? Did you finally clear that menacing fairway bunker off the tee?

By establishing baselines with your old clubs then tracking a few key stats during your demo period, Utry® will help you find the golf clubs best suited to your game.