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  • Pro Tip: Comparing Titleist TS1 vs. TS2 vs. TS3 vs. TS4 Drivers

    Updated: Mar 20, 2023
    Pro Tip: Comparing Titleist Ts Drivers

    Titleist Golf has found great popularity in their Titleist Speed (TS) Series, which is why it’s important we compare the Titleist drivers from that line.

    The first TS Series drivers to be released were the TS2 and TS3 drivers in 2018. They later debuted the TS1 and TS4 drivers in 2019. These particular Titleist drivers, true to their name, brought incredible swing speed and ball speed to every skill level. Each driver variation is designed to bring speed to your game in different ways.

    Below, you’ll see how to choose between the Titleist TS1 vs. TS2 vs. TS3 vs. TS4 drivers. There are some big differences that will most likely have one of these drivers resonate with you most. If you are still unsure, don’t forget about GlobalGolf’s USelect® recommendation generator and our UTry® demo club program. Both of these services will help you quickly and confidently buy the right driver for you.

    The Titleist TS2 Driver Adds Forgiveness to Speed

    Titleist TS2 Driver

    One of the first TS drivers released, the Titleist TS2 driver increases your speed and your accuracy via forgiveness. Because the sweet spot is larger on this aerodynamic club head, your miss-hits will still go straighter than usual. No need to “swing at 60% power” to keep your golf ball in the fairway - the TS2 allows you to keep your swing speed up and your ball flight straight.

    You will see plenty of Titleist TS2 drivers on the golf course (and on Tour) because they are simply great drivers. Between the lightweight, ultra-thin titanium construction and the aerodynamic club head shape, a hot clubface and low center of gravity (CG), the Titleist TS2 driver is a solid choice for just about anyone.


    The Titleist TS3 Driver Adds Control to Speed

    Titleist TS3 Driver

    The second TS driver introduced in 2018, the Titleist TS3 driver is another favorite on Tour. With the added control from the adjustable CG that allows you to manipulate the sweet spot to fit your swing, you can control your ball flight off the tee like never before. And, at the risk of sounding almost too good to be true, the TS3 - like the TS2 driver - throws more forgiveness into the mix.

    The Titleist TS3 vs TS2 driver is the most comparable debate, as they both allow you to swing at your own speed and achieve the accuracy you are looking for. However, the TS3 driver does allow for more customization on the fly if you know a golf course is designed for a draw or power fade player (or if you want to offset a temporary baby slice).

    At the end of the day, choose whichever driver is best for your game. Rest assured you’ll have a quality driver no matter which side of the Titleist TS2 vs. TS3 debate you fall on.


    The Titleist TS1 Driver Subtracts Weight to Add Speed

    Titleist TS1 Driver

    The Titleist TS1 driver debuted in 2019 as an option for non-pros. Designed for players with moderate swing speeds, the TS1 driver club head weighs even less than its counterparts, allowing you to swing faster without changing your golf swing mechanics.

    If you’re a beginner golfer or someone who plays casually but wants to impress your buddies at your next match, this TS1 driver will help you gain distance without breaking a sweat. This Titleist driver stands apart from the rest and is purely chosen on swing speed data.


    The Titleist TS4 Driver Subtracts Spin to Maintain High Speeds

    Titleist TS4 Driver

    The Titleist TS4 driver, also released in 2019, covers another corner of the market - golfers with high spin rates. When you have too much spin off the tee, you tend to see the golf ball pop up and not fly very far, especially if you’re into the wind. The Titleist TS4 driver cures this curse by decreasing the spin without you having to purposely alter your launch angle or your golf swing.

    We can compare the Titleist TS3 vs. TS4 drivers because the TS4 driver is also seen on Tour. PGA Tour players, like Max Homa, use lower spin rates to increase their distance off the tee and offset any extra spin his swing speed creates. So, this Titleist driver creates opportunities for three types of players - those who want to hit it further because they want a solid drive off the tee they can trust, those who simply want to hit it further than they were before and those who want both.


    The Titleist TSi Drivers Join the Market

    Titleist TSi3 Driver

    Whereas the TS Series is focused on speed, the Titleist TSi Series is focused on distance. Both are complementary, of course, because the end goal is power and accuracy on the golf course. You will find the model numbers from both series are similar. However, the technology in the TSi Series is even more advanced, like the ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium used throughout the club heads.

    For example, like the TS2 driver, the Titleist TSi2 driver is an all-around technology-packed choice for those looking to increase their distance off the tee. The Titleist TSi3 driver is once again for consistent golfers looking to take their control to the next level. The Titleist TSi1 driver weighs less than its counterparts and is geared toward golfers with moderate swing speeds. Lastly, the Titleist TSi4 driver reduces spin for longer carry distances off the tee.


    To see how recent the TS Series technology really is, here is a list of Titleist drivers by year:

    • 2018: TS2, TS3

    • 2019: TS1, TS4

    • 2020: TSi2, TSi3 (first released in November 2020 though part of the 2021 line)

    • 2021: TSi1, TSi4

    Save Money by Buying Used Titleist Drivers

    GlobalGolf understands golf clubs can be a big investment, which is why we offer used golf clubs that will help you enjoy the game within your budget. We even have a Certified Preowned process that screens golf clubs to ensure you are getting high-quality sticks. You can still find advanced technology in used Titleist drivers from recent years, like the lightweight titanium found in a used Titleist TS1 driver.

    In fact, you can drive down the price for a used Titleist TS2 driver even lower by trading in your current driver for a new-to-you one with GlobalGolf’s UTrade-In®. Simply calculate the best trade-in value in the market with our tool and earn credit towards your next purchase.

    Like we said in Pro Tip #4 - make the golf clubs work for you, not the other way around. If there’s a way technology can improve your game with little physical alteration, why not help yourself? You can still improve your game on the golf driving range or by taking golf lessons, but help yourself now by buying a Titleist Golf driver that will serve as a quick fix you can count on no matter where your golf swing takes you. The Titleist TS drivers can fit every golfer’s game.