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    New and Used XXIO Golf Clubs

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    New and Used XXIO Golf Clubs

    • FAQs

      What does XXIO stand for and how do you pronounce it?

      XXIO stands for "ZEKSIO," a combination of two Greek words: "Zenon," meaning life, and "Osawa," representing harmony. Pronounced as "Zeks-ee-oh," it promotes the brand's philosophy of bringing harmony and balance to golf.

      How do I know which XXIO golf club model is right for me?

      Choosing the ideal XXIO golf club is based on your skill level and preferences. Beginners may benefit from the forgiving Prime series, while experienced golfers might prefer the performance-oriented X series. Consult with experts or use online fitting tools for personalized recommendations.

      How can I try XXIO golf clubs at home with the GlobalGolf U-Try® program?

      Experience XXIO golf clubs through GlobalGolf's U-Try® program, allowing you to demo clubs at home for 14 days. Test multiple models, feel the performance and only keep what you love.

      What are the features and benefits of the new XXIO Prime 12 series?

      The XXIO Prime 12 series boasts advanced materials, lightweight construction and a unique Weight Plus system for enhanced distance and forgiveness. Its premium design and cutting-edge technology cater to golfers seeking to get more power from a lighter club.

      Where are XXIO golf clubs made?

      XXIO golf clubs are crafted in Japan and renowned for their precision engineering and commitment to producing high-quality equipment.

      Who owns XXIO Golf?

      XXIO Golf is owned by Dunlop Sports, and manufactured under Sumitomo Rubber Industries along with Cleveland Golf and Srixon. While steadily expanding in the UK, the brand has maintained its dominance in the Japanese market for the past two decades — consistently ranking as the country's top-selling golf brand.

    • Overview of XXIO Golf

      XXIO Golf, originating in Japan in 2000, has become a global player renowned for its lightweight club design for golfers with moderate swing speeds. The brand's philosophy emphasizes playing more golf with less fatigue to promote enjoyable, less tiring rounds. XXIO clubs are 20-30% lighter than competitors and offer increased distance and consistency while their variety of customizable features ensures you best performance yet. XXIO's expansion into the U.S. brings cutting-edge technology for both seasoned and aspiring golfers.

      The brand's latest offering, the XXIO Prime 12 series, represents the very best in Japanese club engineering — incorporating state-of-the-art materials and construction for increased ball speed, optimal launch angles and an elevated golfing experience.

    • Pro Tip

      With a lightweight design, XXIO clubs are perfect for lowering scores and adding distance for golfers with slower swing speeds.

    • New and Used XXIO Golf Clubs by Type

      New and Used XXIO Golf Drivers

      An affordable option for the casual golfer or seasoned pro, XXIO clubs are available in both new and used models. The XXIO Prime 9 and XXIO X drivers flaunt their dedication to innovation, offering stability, consistency and a satisfying impact sound your opponents will learn to fear.

      The focus on a balanced clubhead design enhances swing stability, contributing to improved overall performance. Whether new or used, XXIO drivers provide a game-changing blend of technology and customization that caters to golfers seeking enhanced distance and a more enjoyable round.

      New and Used XXIO Golf Irons

      Each XXIO iron ensures a tailored fit for every player — even if you’re in need of a used set. Browse styles and designs that prevent fatigue and strain to find the perfect choice of XXIO iron for your game.

      New and Used XXIO Golf Hybrids & Fairway Woods

      XXIO Hybrids & Fairway Woods wield a 20-30% lighter club weight than their competitors, offering increased swing efficiency. With a strategic balance point, they enhance stability and elevate clubhead speed for consistent, powerful shots.

      New and Used XXIO Golf Wedges & Putters

      XXIO's selection of wedges complements their reputation for crafting high-quality golf clubs. The XXIO Prime 12 Wedge showcases precision engineering with a forged milled face, promoting enhanced spin control and accuracy on approach shots.

      Their putters excel in precision and feel. The XXIO Mallet Putter and Blade Putter deliver stability and a soft touch on the greens. Engineered for optimal performance, their range of putters cater to diverse preferences on style, feel, look and power.

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