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    Pro Tip: Welcome the 2023 Aerojet Line of Cobra Golf Clubs

    Pro Tip: Welcome the 2023 Aerojet Line of Cobra Golf Clubs

    Cobra Golf is back again with a suite of high-quality clubs to help improve your swing, increase your distance and boost your overall golf game.

    World-class technologies and innovations make up the foundation of this next generation of Cobra golf clubs, which includes drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons – the perfect combination to round out your golf bag.

    The Aerojet line comes equipped with features that can increase speed, distance and adjustability. This makes them a great choice for golfers at the start of their journey as well as those that are ready to go pro.

    What’s New in the Cobra Aerojet Line?

    Known for being larger and more forgiving, the Aerojet line is Cobra Golf’s next iteration of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons, all with key, improved technologies.

    1. PWR-Bridge Weighting Helps You Find That Sweet Spot

    PWR-Bridge weighting is one of the most recent innovations hitting Cobra’s golf clubs, and the Aerojet line puts it to great use.

    This cutting-edge weight design offers better sound and feel off the tee while an enhanced face design can improve distance on your next drive.

    2. PWR Shell Face Design Delivers More Flexibility

    The PWR Shell Face design comprises a customized face insert, delivering even more flexibility across a wider face. This enables the ball to fly both faster and higher than before. This advanced design provides you with even more efficiency to gain you that extra yardage.

    3. H.O.T Face Technology Build Upon A.I Innovations

    H.O.T Face Technology was introduced in previous Cobra lines, but has advanced its use of machine learning and artificial intelligence (A.I.) to improve in the Aerojet line. H.O.T stands for “Highly Optimized Topology.”

    Analyzing thousands of impact situations, the Cobra Golf team used these learnings to adjust thickness across the club face to maximize potential ball speed.


    How Many Cobra Aerojet Drivers Are There?

    The Cobra Aerojet line comes with three different versions, with the MAX driver also offering women’s and junior’s versions.

    Cobra Aerojet Drivers For Mid to High Handicaps

    The latest Aerojet driver provides maximum flexibility and forgiveness thanks to its aerodynamic shape, multi-material build and innovative weighting.

    Infused with A.I. and machine learning-led designs, the Cobra Aerojet driver is the perfect choice for golfers with a mid to high handicap. These Cobra drivers are adapted to ensure faster clubhead speed and further distance.

    Suspended bridge weighting offers faster ball speed, and the PWR Shell Face insert offers immense flexibility, leading to higher launch and swing efficiency.

    A carbon fiber crown provides strength, durability and lightness, and an adjustable loft offers the ability to fine tune your trajectory with ease.


    Cobra Aerojet MAX Driver: Including the Aerojet MAX Women's Driver and Aerojet MAX Junior Driver

    If you’re looking to reach your maximum potential with speed, accuracy and efficiency, the Cobra Aerojet Max driver is a great choice. Great for those in the higher handicap range, this driver’s draw-based design offers ample forgiveness and some help to fix your slice.

    The key differences between the original Aerojet Max driver and the women’s and junior’s drivers is simply the length and flex of the golf shafts. The former is longer than the latter options. The women’s and junior’s driver still comes equipped with the same robust technology, smooth grip and flexible handling. Check out our guide to figure out which golf shaft is right for you.


    Cobra Aerojet LS Driver Gives Low Handicap Golfers an Edge

    Made for those with a lower handicap, the Cobra Aerojet LS driver is sleek, utilizing an advanced design to reach the fastest speeds possible.

    Equipped with the same cutting-edge, smart PWR technologies, this Cobra driver also utilizes two adjustable weight settings to aid in fade-biased ball flight. This feature makes the LS driver stand out against other Aerojet options because you will have increased workability and some aid achieving that power fade.


    Cobra Aerojet Fairway Woods and Hybrids

    You’ll see much of the new technology in the Cobra Aerojet fairway woods and hybrids as well.

    Cobra Fairway Woods Offer Flexibility and Forgiveness

    Cobra’s Aerojet line offers players with a host of fairway woods to up their game. The fairway woods come in a few models:

    • Aerojet MAX
    • Aerojet MAX for women
    • Aerojet LS
    • Aerojet fairway wood
    • Aerojet fairway wood for women

    The Cobra Aerojet MAX fairway woods and Aerojet fairway woods are built to offer more flexibility and forgiveness, making them key choices for mid to high level handicaps. However, the Cobra Aerojet LS fairway wood combines all of the same, advanced technologies, providing a touch more workability for advanced golfers looking to shape their shots more on the golf course.

    The draw-biased design of the MAX fairway woods promotes maximum slice correction and adjustable loft and weighting. The Aerojet LS takes the same innovations, but crafts a robust golf club built for more skilled golfers. When compared to the Cobra LTDx fairway woods, the Aerojet line offers an intuitive, new design, enhanced technological innovations and increased opportunities for flexibility and forgiveness.


    Cobra Aerojet Hybrids Provide Robust Power

    Cobra Aerojet hybrids offer the same revolutionary look, feel and power, with the key differences between them and the fairway woods being the size, design and potential ball flight. The Aerojet hybrids come in the original Aerojet hybrid, the Aerojet hybrid for women and the Aerojet One-Length hybrid.

    Blending distance with a high launch, this Cobra hybrid and its women’s version offer increased forgiveness on longer approach shots. Variable thickness on the face combined with the advanced suspended weight design unlocks the potential to send your golf ball faster off the club face with more efficiency. Similar to the drivers, the women’s Aerojet hybrid has a shorter and more flexible golf shaft.

    In the Aerojet One-length hybrid, you get that same look, feel and power, but with a shorter, 7-iron length to improve accuracy and consistency. These one-length golf clubs encourage the user to improve their game by encouraging a repeatable setup that can be practiced and perfected.


    Cobra Aerojet Iron Sets

    The Cobra Aerojet line also includes a set of performance-boosting irons, including a One-length iron set to pair with your hybrid.

    Cobra Aerojet Irons Built for All Skillsets

    This Cobra iron set is packed with a variety of irons that are suitable for all skillsets. From 5-irons to pitching wedges, Cobra has designed a set that’s right for all.

    Being the most technologically-advanced of their irons offering, the Cobra Aerojet Irons offer a sleek and sophisticated silhouette that aids in their strength, power and speed.

    The floating weight design provides 30% more face flexion to increase distance while the polymer filler gives it that look, sound and feel synonymous with Cobra Golf’s line of performance-enhancing clubs.

    H.O.T. face technology and a flexible face insert makes the ball easier to hit, sending it farther as well.

    These Aerojet irons also come in a women’s version, delivering powerful approach shots to the greens.


    Cobra Aerojet One-Length Irons Improve Consistency

    The Aerojet One length irons are designed at a 7-iron length throughout the entire set. This single-length design allows for improved consistency and accuracy throughout the golf swing. This is a result of the repeatable setup and ball positioning the Cobra One-length irons enable.

    In addition to this, the advanced floating weight design and custom face insert allows you to hit the ball in a variety of places along the face without mis-hitting the ball. Improve your game quickly and effectively using this set of Cobra iron clubs.


    Comparing the Cobra Aerojet vs. LTDx Lines

    Cobra Golf has a long history of offering golfers with durable, innovative golf clubs. That can make it a challenge to decide which line of drivers and irons is right for you. That’s why it’s important to understand the key differences between the Aerojet line and the LTDx line to make the right decision for your golf game.

    Cobra Aerojet vs. LTDx Drivers

    The new season of Cobra drivers feature an aerodynamic design across all three versions. This offers up the first key difference between this line and the previous Cobra LTDx line of golf drivers.

    Additionally, a larger clubhead and overall lighter design offer golfers with increased flexibility and forgiveness compared to the slightly smaller, heavier LTDx drivers. With that, however, the Aerojet line does give way to slower ball speeds.

    This can be forgiven, however, thanks to the innovative bridge weighting, larger clubhead sweet spot and improved consistency across swings. And the accessibility of the new line means more golfers across skill sets can utilize these drivers to improve their game.

    Cobra Aerojet vs. LTDx Irons

    Cobra’s Aerojet irons take the previous LTDx line and kick them up a notch.

    Combining much of the technology from the LTDx line, the Aerojet line zeroes in on strength, speed and distance.

    Thanks to its robust core technology, grooved club face and weighted polymer suspension, golfers using the Aerojet line can improve upon their swing with added consistency.

    How to Find the Right Cobra Golf Clubs for You

    Cobra Golf’s comprehensive line of drivers, irons and hybrids offer flexibility, ease-of-use and maximum forgiveness. This makes them an excellent choice for you no matter your handicap. But with the wide breadth of club options available, it can be difficult to know which golf clubs are right for you.

    Luckily, GlobalGolf has a number of helpful tools to get you started.

    1. USelect® for Personalized Recommendations

    With USelect®, our golf club selector tool. Our staff of PGA Professionals quickly generate personalized recommendations for you based on your game.

    This feature takes the guesswork out of finding your next club set, letting you focus on what really matters – your golf swing.

    2. UTry® to Find The Right Club Before You Buy

    UTry® is another helpful program that makes it easier for you to find the golf clubs that meet your golfing needs.

    UTry®, like the name suggests, provides you an opportunity to try golf clubs before you buy. You can choose from current or prior season clubs and products to try for 14 days at your golf course.

    After 14 days, you can either send the product back, or keep it and pay the difference – it’s that simple.

    3. U-Trade-In® for Easy Upgrades

    Our U-Trade-In® option is great for those who want to upgrade their bag and make room for those new golf clubs simultaneously. With U-Trade-in™, you can quickly and easily trade in your golf clubs and equipment for the best market value and receive a store credit on future purchases.

    Trade in golf clubs, golf tech, push carts and more and save money on that Cobra Aerojet driver.

    4. Buy Used Cobra Golf Clubs

    GlobalGolf also offers the option to buy used Cobra irons, drivers and hybrids. All Certified Preowned golf clubs have been thoroughly inspected and cleaned by our staff of PGA Professionals.

    Our large inventory of used golf clubs also ensures that whether you’re looking for a used Cobra driver or pre-owned golf clubs from another brand like TaylorMade, Callaway or PING, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.


    Cobra Aerojet: Clubs Built to Last

    The Aerojet line of Cobra golf equipment is robust, impactful and performance-boosting thanks to its host of new and advanced features, including PWR-Bridge Weighting, PWR Shell Face Designs and H.O.T Face technology.

    These updates, enabled by powerful automation tools like machine learning and artificial intelligence, are certainly built to last.

    We’re more than excited to share the news of the Aerjet Cobra golf irons, fairway woods, hybrids and drivers. Try these Cobra golf clubs and buy them with confidence.