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  • New and Used Golf Drivers

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    New and Used Golf Drivers

    • FAQs

      What is a golf driver?

      A golf driver is a type of golf club designed for long-distance shots off the tee. Typically, it’s the club with the longest shaft and the largest clubhead for maximum distance and speed.

      What is the difference between a driver and a fairway wood?

      The main difference between a driver and a fairway wood is the loft. Drivers typically have lower lofts and longer shafts, which allow for maximum distance when you take your shot. Fairway woods have higher lofts and are designed for shots from the fairway or rough, still achieving distance and accuracy throughout your game.

      How often should I replace my golf driver?

      There’s no set timeline you should follow when thinking about replacing a driver golf club – it really depends on factors such as usage, clubhead technology advancements and personal preference. However, many golfers choose to upgrade their driver every 3-5 years to take advantage of new technologies and improvements in performance.

      What is the maximum legal size for a golf driver clubhead?

      According to the rules of golf set by the USGA (United States Golf Association) and R&A (The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews), the maximum legal size for a golf driver clubhead is 460 cubic centimeters.

      What is the best way to clean and maintain a golf driver?

      To clean your men’s and women’s golf driver, use a soft cloth or towel dampened with water or mild soap. Gently wipe down the clubhead, shaft, and grip, taking care not to scratch or damage any surfaces. Cleaning should be a priority but it should also be a gentle process. Regularly keep an eye on your driver for any signs of wear or damage so you can stay ahead of any detrimental damage.

      What is forgiveness in a golf driver?

      Forgiveness in a golf driver refers to its ability to minimize the negative effects of off-center hits, helping you achieve more accuracy and consistency as you improve. Drivers with high forgiveness are best for high handicap golfers still trying to find their footing.

    • Overview

      Golf drivers have come a long way over the years. In the past, they were small-headed clubs made from persimmon wood. These early drivers had small sweet spots, making them extremely challenging to use.

      However, with advancements in technology, modern drivers are now made from advanced metals like titanium, carbon and more. They have larger clubheads and are capable of sending the ball more than 300 yards in the air – that’s a definite improvement! The development of longer-hitting clubs has changed the game of golf forever, opening the door for more players to perfect their swing. Today’s drivers are more powerful than ever before and have contributed to making golf a bigger and more powerful game.

    • Pro Tips

      As for a pro-tip for golfers learning how to use the best golf driver: focus on your setup and alignment.

      Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart, with most of your weight on your back foot. Position the ball slightly forward in your stance, opposite your front heel. Keep your head steady during the swing and maintain good balance throughout. Remember to tee the ball at an appropriate height to maximize your chances of hitting it solidly. And of course, practice makes perfect. Continuously practicing these fundamentals in stance and swing will work to improve your accuracy and distance consistently over time.

    • New and Used Drivers by Brand

      New and Used Callaway Drivers

      Callaway offers a wide selection of new and used golf drivers, including models like the Callaway Driver RADSpeed XB Black/Turbo Yellow, Callaway Driver LTDx Black, and Callaway Driver LTDx LS Black. These drivers are designed to provide maximum distance and accuracy off the tee. They feature advanced technologies like Jailbreak Speed Frame, which stiffens the body of the club to transfer more energy to the ball at impact.

      New and Used PING Drivers

      PING is known for its high-quality drivers. You can find new and used Ping golf drivers like the Ping Driver RADSpeed XD Red/Peacoat, Ping Driver AeroJet MAX, and Ping Driver King SpeedZone Black/White. These drivers are built for power and performance. They feature advanced technologies like Dragonfly Technology, which saves weight in the crown to optimize CG and MOI.

      New and Used TaylorMade Drivers

      Since 2016, TaylorMade offers a wide range of new and used golf drivers for players of all levels. Some popular models include the TaylorMade Stealth 2, TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus, and TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD4. These drivers can help take your game to a whole new level. They feature advanced technologies like Twist Face, which corrects off-center hits for straighter shots.

      New and Used Cobra Fairway Woods

      Cobra drivers are known for their powerful and long-hitting designs. You can find new and used Cobra golf drivers like the Cobra Driver RADSpeed XB Black/Turbo Yellow, Cobra Driver LTDx Black, and Cobra Driver LTDx LS Black. These drivers are designed with speed in mind. They feature advanced technologies like Radial Weighting, which optimizes CG for maximum speed and forgiveness.

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