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  • Mizuno M-Craft Putters

    Mizuno's M-Craft Putters are crafted using 1025 mild carbon steel before being CNC Milled for precise alignment and shape. This design process produces high quality roll on every putt to give more confidence on the greens for lower scores.

    • 2020 Models (1, 2, 3)

      M-Craft 1

      The M-Craft 1 Putter is designed with a mid-slant neck and square back. The extreme toe-hang on the M-Craft 1 is designed for golfers with a large arc in their putting stroke.

      m craft putter 1 silver
      m craft putter 1 black
      m craft putter 1 blue

      M-Craft 2

      The M-Craft 2 Putter is a classic heel-toe blade with a plumber's neck. The M-Craft 2 Putter featueres a medium amount of toe-hang, making it the ideal option for putters with moderate arc in their stroke.

      m craft putter 2 silver
      m craft putter 2 black
      m craft putter 2 blue

      M-Craft 3

      The M-Craft 3 Putter is the ideal mid-mallet in the M-Craft collection. This face-balanced putter is ideal for golfers with low amounts of arc in their putting stroke.

      m craft putter 3 silver
      m craft putter 3 black
      m craft putter 3 blue
    • 2021 Models (4, 5, 6)

      M-Craft 4

      The slant-neck design of the M-Craft 4 Putter features a deeeper square back than the M-Craft 1 and is designed for golfers with moderate arc in their putting stroke.

      m craft putter 4 silver
      m craft putter 4 black
      m craft putter 4 blue

      M-Craft 5

      The M-Craft 5 Putter also features a slant neck, and its deep mallet design produces high amounts of toe hang, making it ideal for golfers with strong arc in their stroke.

      m craft putter 5 silver
      m craft putter 5 black
      m craft putter 5 blue

      M-Craft 6

      The M-Craft 6 is the heaviest putter in the series (371g), but its wing-shape design and face balance make it perfect for golfers with a straight-back, straight-through putting stroke.

      m craft putter 6 silver
      m craft putter 6 black
      m craft putter 6 blue

    Mizuno M-Craft Putter Specs

    Model Length Options Loft Lie Angle Toe Hang Head Weight Offset Dexterity
    1 34", 35" 3.5° 70° 40 355g Full Shaft RH
    2 34", 35" 70° 60 355g 3/4 Shaft RH
    3 34", 35" 70° 0 (Face Balanced) 355g 1/2 Shaft RH
    4 34", 35" 3.5° 70° 45 355g 1/2 Shaft RH
    5 34", 35" 3.5° 70° 35 355g 3/4 Shaft RH
    6 34", 35" 3.5° 70° 0 (Face Balanced) 371g Full Shaft RH