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  • Pro Tip: Golf Iron Comparison Chart by Handicap and Brand

    Pro Tip Find the Best Irons for Your Handicap with uSelect

    With many brands and models of golf irons available to us, how do we determine "the best irons for me”? If only there was an iron selector tool…

    Don’t worry, GlobalGolf’s USelect® for golf clubs will get the job done for you, but let’s dive into a golf club comparison so you have the background knowledge to make a confident choice.

    The truth is, some irons are meant for beginners while others are meant for tour players - with tons of options in between. It’s important to choose irons that fit your game because doing so will allow you to hit those crisp shots we all crave and advance to the next level. This leads us to Pro Tip #4 - make the golf clubs work for you, not the other way around.

    Handicaps play an important role in golf because they assign a number to your game that allows you to enjoy competition against every skill level. Developing a GHIN handicap serves as an official way to track your game’s progress in a consistent manner and guide you towards which golf clubs are best for your game.

    According to the USGA, the men’s handicap ranges from 0 to 36.4 and the women’s handicap ranges from 0 to 40.4. You may hear buddies with a 0 handicap calling themselves “scratch golfers,” meaning they shoot close to par on 18 holes. The most common handicap is a 15, which puts your average score close to 90.

    Below, we’ll dive into each major golf brand’s irons in our golf club selector charts and determine which irons are for low, medium and high handicap players. But first, let’s review a few important terms relating to irons:

    • Game improvement irons: these irons are geared towards mid to high handicappers who are looking for more forgiveness, distance and accuracy.

    • Forged irons: these irons are differentiated by their design process - the clubhead starts as one piece of metal and is stamped into the correct shape and loft.

    • Blade irons: another name for forged irons, these golf clubs tend to be in low handicap golfers’ bags as they have a smaller sweet spot.

    • Cavity back irons: designed for mid to high handicappers, these irons have some extra material on the back of the clubhead that creates stability and allows for a higher launch angle and more forgiveness.

    • Driving irons: also known as a 1 iron, this longer iron has an almost vertical face and is used as a substitute for a driver when accuracy or exact distance is a must; for example, Tour players may use a driving iron when fairways get too narrow or they want to hit their tee shot just a bit shorter to avoid a hazard.

    Feel free to check out our handicap comparison guides for drivers, fairway woods and hybrids as well.

    Mizuno Irons Handicap Chart

    Mizuno Irons Handicap Chart

    Mizuno irons have a reputation of being “better player irons.” While their latest selection of irons are geared toward low handicappers, they do offer a couple options for mid to high handicappers.

    Low to mid handicap irons from Mizuno Golf are precision clubs. Their technology is focused more on your golf swing accuracy and power than assisted forgiveness and consistency. If you enjoy shaping shots and have the game for Mizuno golf clubs, you’ll feel like you unlocked the next level of iron play.

    The Mizuno JPX921 irons boast increased ball speeds, especially with the JPX921 Forged irons, while the Mizuno Pro irons build on the Mizuno MP-20 irons with more compactness and an improved forged feel.

    • Mid to High Handicap Mizuno Irons:
      • JPX921 Hot Metal | 10-25
      • JPX921 Hot Metal Pro | 8-18

    • Low to Mid Handicap Mizuno Irons:
      • Pro 225 | 0-3
      • MP-20 | 0-5
      • Pro 221 | 0-7
      • JPX921 Tour | 0-7
      • MP-20 MMC | 0-10
      • Pro 223 | 0-12
      • MP-20 HMB | 3-12
      • JPX921 Forged | 3-12


    Callaway Irons Handicap Chart

    Callaway Irons Handicap Chart

    Callaway irons are one of the most consistently high performance golf clubs in the market. Ever since they introduced Apex technology, their irons are the perfect blend of accuracy, distance and forgiveness.

    Callaway Golf has a solid foundation from which to improve their designs. Another cornerstone of their early days was the Big Bertha line. Callaway finds the pure feel in their clubs and innovates further to deliver high quality game improvement irons for every handicap, not just tour players.

    Take the 2018 Rogue irons, for example. Their legacy led to a new-and-improved Rogue ST line thanks to the use of A.I. technology.

    • Mid to High Handicap Callaway Irons:
      • Apex DCB | 10-25
      • Big Bertha B21 | 15-28
      • Rogue ST MAX OS | 15-30
      • Rogue ST MAX OS Lite | 15-30
      • Epic Star | 15-30

    • Low to Mid Handicap Callaway Irons:
      • Apex TCB | 0-5
      • Apex MB | 0-5
      • Rogue ST Pro | 0-5
      • Apex 21 Pro | 0-8
      • X Forged CB | 0-10
      • Apex 21 | 5-14
      • Rogue ST MAX | 5-15


    Titleist Irons Handicap Chart

    Titleist Irons Handicap Chart

    When it comes to irons, Titleist Golf is known for their blade designs and driving irons. You will see plenty of Titliest long irons on Tour utilized as driving irons when the fairways get too narrow. Their T-Series irons are geared toward low to mid handicappers, though that doesn’t mean Titleist Golf has eliminated offerings for their higher handicap customers.

    In fact, the T300 irons are some of the most advanced game improvement irons in the market today; slightly larger but packed with the same T-Series technology, the T300 irons increase your swing speed and forgiveness.

    • Mid to High Handicap Titleist Irons:
      • T300 2022 | 10-20
      • T400 2022 | 15-30

    • Low to Mid Handicap Titleist Irons:
      • 620 MB | 0-3
      • 620 CB | 0-5
      • T100 2022 | 0-8
      • T100S 2022 | 3-12
      • T200 2022 | 5-15


    TaylorMade Irons Handicap Chart

    TaylorMade Irons Handicap Chart

    TaylorMade Irons also range from low to high handicap options. If you’re looking for a more controlled ball flight and like having some shot shaping skills in your bag, the TaylorMade P790 series is right up your alley.

    On the flip side, if you’re a higher handicap golfer, the TaylorMade Stealth irons are designed with a larger sweet spot and a higher launch angle, which means you’ll find more distance and accuracy on your iron shots despite any slight miss-hits. Turns out TaylorMade Golf’s driver technology carries over into their irons.

    • Mid to High Handicap TaylorMade Irons:
      • M4 2021 | 10-25
      • SIM2 Max | 10-25
      • SIM2 Max OS | 15-30
      • Stealth | 15-30

    • Low to Mid Handicap TaylorMade Irons:
      • P7TW | 0-3
      • P7MB | 0-5
      • P7MC | 0-5
      • P770 | 0-10
      • P790 2022 | 3-12
      • P790 TI | 3-15


    Cobra Irons Handicap Chart

    Cobra Irons Handicap Chart

    Cobra irons have a large offering for every skill level. If you’re looking for control and feel, you’ve got it; if you’re looking for speed and distance - check.

    Another fun offering from Cobra Golf is one length irons. Inspired by professional golfer Bryson DeChambeau, these Cobra golf clubs have the different lofts that are typical of a set of irons but also have the same length shaft. Higher lofted clubs have shorter shafts for more control, but DeChambeau believes having all irons at one shaft length will increase your golf swing’s consistency and accuracy.

    • Mid to High Handicap Cobra Irons:
      • King RADSPEED | 8-20
      • King RADSPEED One Length | 8-20
      • LTDx | 10-25
      • LTDx One Length | 10-25
      • King SPEEDZONE | 10-25
      • King SPEEDZONE One Length | 10-25
      • AIR-X | 15-30
      • T-Rail | 17-30

    • Low to Mid Handicap Cobra Irons:
      • King RF Forged MB | 0-3
      • King Tour Copper | 0-9
      • King Forged Tec | 0-10
      • King Forged Tec One Length | 0-10
      • King Tour Mim | 3-12


    PING Irons Handicap Chart

    Ping Irons Handicap Chart

    PING irons have mainly focused on Moment of Inertia (MOI) as of late. By increasing the MOI, or resistance of the clubhead in the impact zone, PING Golf has given the clubface a much higher chance to be square at impact, creating straight, long shots.

    This is why the PING G425 irons are revolutionary - with their increase in MOI, they are some of the best game improvement irons in the market.

    • Mid to High Handicap PING Irons:
      • G425 | 10-25
      • G710 | 15-30

    • Low to Mid Handicap PING Irons:
      • Blueprint | 0-3
      • i59 | 0-10
      • i525 | 0-15
      • i210 | 3-12


    Cleveland Irons Handicap Chart

    Cleveleand Irons Handicap Chart

    Cleveland irons are focused on increasing your launch angle, as noted by the models listed below. Theoretically, the higher your golf ball goes - with the appropriate amount of spin - the longer your carry distance.

    By implementing technologies to increase your launch angle and your swing speed, Cleveland Golf has just made plenty of mid to high handicap players happy with their new distance and ball flight.

    • Mid to High Handicap Cleveland Irons:
      • Launcher XL | 8-20
      • Launcher XL Halo | 15-30


    Srixon Irons Handicap Chart

    Srixon Irons Handicap Chart

    Srixon irons offer golfers of all skill levels the chance to play with forged irons. Typically a low handicap recommendation, forged irons have found a way into the game improvement category with Srixon Golf.

    On the other end of the spectrum, the latest Srixon irons for lower handicap golfers provide more control and speed with their blade irons.

    • Mid to High Handicap Srixon Irons:
      • ZX5 | 10-20
      • ZX4 | 15-25

    • Low to Mid Handicap Srixon Irons:
      • Z-Forged | 0-3
      • ZX7 | 3-12


    Wilson Irons Handicap Chart

    Wilson Irons Handicap Chart

    Wilson Golf is the dark horse of high-quality irons. Their forged irons, recommended for low handicap golfers, are said to have more forgiveness than expected for this iron category; this just goes to show how different companies utilize various methods of innovation to design the best golf clubs for your game.

    Wilson’s mid to high handicap irons tend to focus more on gaining you distance by increasing the launch angle and decreasing the spin; this also leads to more accuracy in your approach shots.

    • Mid to High Handicap Wilson Irons:
      • D9 | 10-20
      • Launch Pad | 15-30

    • Low to Mid Handicap Wilson Irons:
      • Staff Model Blade | 0-3
      • Staff Model CB | 0-5


    GlobalGolf’s USelect® for Irons is Here to Help

    While these golf club comparison charts give you some background information on which irons to look into more, GlobalGolf’s USelect® - our golf club selector tool - will help you narrow down your choices even more with a couple simple questions.

    A golf iron selector tool, USelect® generates recommendations for your game by asking some multiple choice questions about your game. For instance, what is your typical score? What’s your desired shot shape?

    All of these scientifically-backed questions from our staff of PGA Professionals have one purpose: to find the right set of irons for you and your game. Our golf club comparison tool is easy to use and filter by your favorite brands and more.

    Once you have compared golf irons and narrowed down your choices to a couple irons of interest, take advantage of GlobalGolf’s UTry® program, where you can demo the latest golf products when, where and how you want.

    To decrease the price point on those new golf irons, don’t forget to calculate the best trade-in value for your golf clubs with UTrade-In® where you can earn credit towards your next purchase.

    Comparing golf clubs - and shopping for golf irons by handicap - is a great way to start weeding through all the choices out there. GlobalGolf is here to help you make informed decisions that will help you feel confident and satisfied with your new iron set.