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    Bridgestone Golf Balls

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    Bridgestone Golf Balls

    • Overview

      When you’re playing with Bridgestone golf balls, you’re playing with nearly a century of experience in making world-class golf balls. Bridgestone golf balls come in a wide range of styles and formulas, and Global Golf is proud to carry a specially curated selection of the best and most popular models in our online store.

      Bridgestone, though probably best known as a tire company, is no stranger to the golf industry. The Japanese company has been manufacturing scientifically engineered golf balls since 1935, when founder Shojiro Ishibashi set out to bring his company’s technical know-how to bear on the golf ball market.

      Whether you’re looking for Bridgestone e6 golf balls or bridgestone e12 golf balls, the pros at Global Golf have you covered. And for the players out there who want to play with the same technology the players are using on the PGA Tour, we carry the Bridgestone Tour B RX golf balls, too. With a soft touch and a specially formulated core and shell for maximum distance and speed, you’ll be playing golf like you’ve never played it before.

      Remember: If you’re looking for the best-selling models from Bridgestone golf balls—the e12, the e6, the Tour RX, etc.—you’re going to want to check out the selection here at Global Golf!

    • Pro Tips

      Bridgestone golf balls have been a staple on the PGA Tour ever since Tiger Woods began playing with them decades ago. Bridgestone Golf gets very creative with their golf ball designs, allowing them to produce golf balls that truly set them apart from the rest. Take the Bridgestone e6 golf ball, for instance. This Bridgestone golf ball is specially designed for golfers with moderate swing speeds looking to hit it further. See which Bridgestone golf ball is right for you with GlobalGolf’s USelect™ recommendation generator.

    • FAQs

      Which Bridgestone ball is like Pro v1?

      The Bridgestone Tour B XS is comparable to the Pro v1. The Bridgestone Tour B XS is the ball Tiger Woods uses.

      Which Bridgestone golf ball is the best?

      Bridgestone makes a variety of golf balls, so there is a different best one for each individual, depending on experience, handicap, and driving speed, as well as trajectory & spin needs. The best Bridgestone golf ball is the one that matches your individual needs as a golfer.

      What is the difference in Bridgestone golf balls?

      The Tour B series is crafted for seasoned and low-handicap players.

      The Tour B XS is a ball designed by Tiger Woods to give him more distance and spin. It is a ball for golfers with a swing speed greater than 105 mph, and features a soft feel.

      The Tour B X is the same ball as the XS, but is designed to maximize distance.

      The Tour B RX is a ball for players with swing speeds below 105 mph. It’s designed for distance and ball speed.

      The Tour B RXS is the same ball as the RX, but with extra spin.

      The e6 and e12 series is made with the mid-to-average score golfer in mind.

      The e6 has a medium-soft feel, providing a nice mix of low spin and high accuracy. They are designed for distance.

      The e12 Soft is a ball that corrects the tendency of soft balls to fall short on speed. It is a soft ball with high speed.

      The e12 Contact features Bridgestone’s CONTACT Force Dimple technology, providing raised dimples that give the ball 38% more surface contact with the club. The result is greater distances.

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