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Pro Tip: Mizuno Irons for Low Handicap Golfers

Pro Tip: Meet the Mizuno MP Irons

Mizuno Golf is known as a “better players” iron, and the Mizuno MP 20 irons are the perfect example of their golf clubs made specifically for low handicappers. GlobalGolf goes as far back as the Mizuno MP 15 irons to cover the MP 20’s journey to existence.

Mizuno Golf designs irons for professional and highly skilled amateur golfers. That doesn’t mean Mizuno Golf doesn’t have options for mid to high handicappers, but the majority of their golf clubs are in avid golfers’ bags.

It is important for low handicap golfers to have golf clubs like the Mizuno MP 20 irons because they take the game to the next level. Not only will your golf swing grant you the skill and distance you need as a foundation, but the innovation behind these Mizuno irons will also allow you to precisely shape your shots each round and offer you unparalleled accuracy.

Control is the name of the game once you hit consistently far shots (see if you match up with the Tour player averages in our launch monitor numbers guide). After releasing the Mizuno MP 15 irons in 2015, Mizuno Golf continues to build up their irons’ workability and precision.

Mizuno MP 15 Irons Begin with Forged Forgiveness

Mizuno MP-15 Irons

The Mizuno MP 15 irons are forged irons that perfectly blend feel and forgiveness with the TItanium Muscle insert. Luke Donald actually worked with designers to make these Mizuno Irons, so you know they’re a solid choice for any low-handicap player looking to score low.

The Mizuno MP 15 irons are more forgiving than its prior line, the Mizuno MP 64 irons, thanks to added moment of inertia (MOI) in the muscle-back like design. Keep in mind this is still a blade iron, so Mizuno Golf set a new golden standard in having a blade iron that still feels stable, pure and forgiving at impact.

Mizuno MP 15 Specs and Mizuno MP 15 Lofts:

Mizuno MP 15 Specs and Mizuno MP 15 Lofts

Mizuno MP 18 Irons Expand on the Mizuno MP 15s

Mizuno Golf found so much success with their MP 15 irons, they decided to release three variations of the MP 18 irons for 2018. The designs build upon the MP 15 irons and then expand to specialize in different features.

Mizuno MP 18 Irons

Mizuno MP-18 Irons

The 2018 Mizuno MP 18 irons, also known as the Mizuno MP 18 MB irons, bring back the muscle-back design, which aims to add a solid feel to increased control. Also forged, these Mizuno irons increase their feel even more with Harmonic Impact Technology and a satin nickel chrome finish.

Mizuno MP 18 SC Irons

Mizuno MP-18 SC Irons

The Mizuno MP 18 SC irons stand for “Split Cavity.” These forged irons contain much of the same technology as the MP 18s, though they are just a tiny bit larger to give you more power through the turf around impact. Out of all the MP 18 irons, the SC irons are the most workable.

Mizuno MP 18 MMC Irons

Mizuno MP 18 MMC Irons

The Mizuno MP 18 MMC irons stand for “Multi-Metal Cavity.” This iron is also slightly larger than the MP 18s in order to enlarge the sweet spot for forgiveness. The addition of this cavity gives you an aesthetically pleasing option that can increase your confidence on longer iron shots.

The fun part about the MP 18 irons is that all of these variations can still be combined into one set depending on your preferences. You can mix and match until you feel 100% about your irons.

Mizuno MP 18 MB Specs and Mizuno MP 18 MB Lofts:

Mizuno MP 18 MB Specs and Mizuno MP 18 MB Lofts

Mizuno MP 20 Irons Offer Options for Every Low Handicap Golfer

Similar to the MP 18 irons, the Mizuno MP 20 irons offer a mix-and-match option for you to truly customize your iron set. Everything about these Mizuno irons scream sophistication and high performance, from the look to the feel to the technology.

Mizuno MP 20 MB Irons

Mizuno MP 20 MB Irons

The 2020 MP 20 irons, also called the Mizuno MP 20 MB irons for “Muscle-Back,” are built off some of the best-performing Mizuno designs - the MP 14 and MP 29 irons. After testing the MP 20 MB design on the Tour players, Mizuno Golf added a thin copper plate to the design that changed everything. The Mizuno MP 20 irons are forged, muscle-back blades with incredible control and feel, and its variations can be interchanged for a seamless mixed iron set.

Mizuno MP 20 HMB Irons

Mizuno MP 20 HMB Irons

The Mizuno MP 20 HMB irons (or “Hot Metal Blades”) contain the same technology as the MP 20 MB irons, just with a larger club head. They are still forged and use the same copper plate and nickel chrome finish to enhance the feel. Additionally, the higher moment of inertia (MOI) gives way to more forgiveness, a rarity in a forged blade. Still, the Mizuno MP 20 HMB irons, like the rest of the MP 20 line, are targeted towards lower handicaps.

Mizuno MP 20 MMC Irons

Mizuno MP 20 MMC Irons

The Mizuno MP 20 MMC irons, also known as the “Multi-Metal Cavity,” is an improvement on the MP 18 MMC irons. Slightly smaller, the MP 20 MMC irons are geared towards accuracy and control after extensive Tour player feedback.

Mizuno MP 20 SEL Irons

Mizuno MP 20 SEL Irons

The Mizuno MP SEL irons are the “Special Edition Lefty” combination. These Mizuno left-handed irons combine the MP 20 MB irons and the MP 20 HMB irons to create the ultimate blended iron set. Again, the main highlight here is the copper plate that significantly improved the feel.

Mizuno MP 20 Specs and Mizuno MP 20 Lofts:

Mizuno MP 20 Specs and Mizuno MP 20 Lofts

Buying Used Mizuno Irons

As you can see, the latest Mizuno irons are full of technology, making used Mizuno irons an effective budget-saving option. Buying used golf clubs, as shown in our guide, is an easy way to play relatively new golf clubs without the higher price tag.

Don’t forget, GlobalGolf has plenty of services to help you feel confident about your purchase. You can use our USelect™ golf club recommendation generator to find the Mizuno irons that fit your game; simply answer a few quick and easy questions.

Our UTry® program allows you to demo the latest golf products for 14 days, starting at just $25. Lastly, if it comes down to budget, you can always trade in your current set of golf clubs for the best value at GlobalGolf and use that credit towards your next purchase with UTrade-In™.


Mizuno Golf’s irons have made quite the impression over the years. It is designs like the Mizuno MP 20 irons that will make you feel part of an elite golf club. These Mizuno iron sets are next-tier, and you need considerable skill to make the most of these beautiful golf clubs. If you’re ready to unlock the next level of your game, the Mizuno MP 20 irons are waiting for you.

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