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  • Pro Tip: Meet the PING G430 Drivers, Irons and More

    Updated: Mar 07, 2023
    Pro Tip: Meet the PING G430 Drivers, Irons and More

    On the heels of a very popular PING golf club release - the G425 line - comes another gamechanger: the PING G430 line.

    The next iteration of the well-known PING game improvement golf clubs, the PING G430 builds on the prior year’s technology. GlobalGolf shares what this new technology is and how it compares to the PING G425 drivers and irons. Plus, we’re also diving into each new PING driver model so you can determine the best PING driver for you.

    Of course, the PING G430 line is comprised of more than just drivers and irons. In this release, you will also see new PING fairway woods and new PING hybrids. We’ll tell you all you need to know about this line heading into the season.


    Bonus Pro Tip: The PING G430 line is geared toward all skill levels, and they’re releasing a G430 High Launch (HL) line specifically for golfers with slower swing speeds.

    What’s New in the PING G430 Line?

    PING Golf is known for their maximum forgiveness, and the G430 line doesn’t change that. In fact, PING Golf has infused more speed and distance into their G430 line without losing their competitive edge around forgiveness.

    Carbonfly Wrap

    They’ve accomplished this through new technologies, like the Carbonfly Wrap. The Carbonfly Wrap is a lightweight material around the driver clubhead that allows for increased ball speeds and lower spins, creating a more piercing ball flight trajectory. The Carbonfly Wrap is also applied to the new PING fairway woods and hybrids.

    Because of the Carbonfly Wrap’s material composition, the PING G430 golf clubs maintain their famously low CG (center of gravity) and high MOI (moment of inertia).

    PurFlex Cavity Cage

    Another new innovation from PING Golf is the PurFlex cavity badge found in the PING G430 irons. To give you even more distance, PurFlex provides different levels of flexes at low CG. With this technology, combined with the stronger lofts, you’re gaining ball speed and distance without sacrificing sound and feel.


    How Many PING G430 Driver Models Are There?

    There are three PING G430 driver models, and they align with the PING G425 models: MAX, LST and SFT. These three models cover all handicap ranges.

    PING G430 fairway woods also fall into the MAX and SFT categories, and all the PING fairway woods, G430 hybrids and irons have a HL -or High Launch - variation for those with slower swing speeds looking for more distance.

    PING G430 MAX Driver

    Sure to be one of the bestselling PING drivers this year, the PING G430 MAX driver is extremely adjustable and maintains its record as the most forgiving driver in this line. Adjust your PING golf driver to perfection with several shot shape and loft combinations.

    The PING G430 MAX driver is geared toward mid to high handicaps. If you’re looking to increase your swing speed, the PING G430 HL - or high launch - option is available. It’s a lightweight version of the PING G430 MAX with all the same technologies, allowing you to swing faster and launch the ball higher.


    PING G430 LST Driver

    The PING G430 LST driver - or Low Spin Technology model - leverages the new Carbonfly Wrap technology. Built for lower handicaps, the PING G430 LST driver has lower spins, higher ball speeds and ultimately longer distances for those with faster swing speeds.

    This PING driver also allows custom adjustments for shot shape and lie. However, the clubhead is 20 cc smaller than the PING G430 MAX driver for a more compact look.


    PING G430 SFT Driver

    The PING G430 SFT driver - or Straight Flight Technology model - is very similar in form and function to the MAX driver. With the same clubhead size and technology, the main difference is the additional range of shot shape adjustments, allowing you to choose a stronger draw bias to fix your slice.

    The PING G430 SFT driver, geared toward mid to high handicaps who tends the slice the golf ball, is also available in HL form with an overall lighter weight construction. If you’re looking to not only hit the ball straighter, but also further off the tee, the PING G430 SFT HL driver is a great option.


    PING G430 vs. PING G425

    These PING golf clubs also have two new technological innovations: Carbonfly Wrap and PurFlex. These add more distance and speed to any already famously forgiving PING G425 driver or iron.

    When comparing the PING G430 vs. PING G425 golf clubs, you’ll notice that they have many similarities. PING Golf has pushed low CG and high MOI to the max, and they continued to expand that gap in the PING G430 line.

    Find the Right PING Golf Clubs and Save Money with GlobalGolf

    You can shop all things PING with confidence at GlobalGolf. If you’re not sure which models are the best for you, you can try USelect®, our golf club selector tool that personalizes recommendations for you in seconds.

    Once you have an idea of which PING irons, drivers, fairway woods and/or hybrids you’d like to try, turn to GlobalGolf’s UTry®. For 14 days, take your PING golf clubs wherever you like - to the driving range, on the golf course, even to a golf lesson - and truly try before you buy.

    Now that you’re ready to buy, GlobalGolf offers a few different ways to save money. First, you can trade in your current set of golf clubs for the highest value and earn credit towards your next purchase with UTrade-In®. If you’re trading in a PING G425 driver, for example, you could easily take a big chunk off the PING G430 driver price tag.

    The second way to save money while still gaining new technology is buying used golf clubs. There are several used PING golf clubs available on GlobalGolf, and they’re all thoroughly vetted and cleaned, so you know exactly what to expect.

    We’re excited to share the PING G430 line with you and can’t wait to watch you gain more speed and more distance, both paired with the PING Golf’s most renowned trait: maximum forgiveness.