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  • Pro Tip: Achieve Your Loft(y) Goals with Wilson Golf

    Updated: Jul 14, 2021
    Pro Tip Achieve Your Lofty Goals with Wilson Golf

    Wilson Golf started the year with a bang -- they released the Wilson D9 line, a Wilson Staff Model Tour Grind Wedge and a Wilson Buckingham Putter. It’s clear their goal was to start the year on top, and their ambition paid off.

    Goals are just as important for major golf manufacturers as they are for golfers. Sure, golf is fun, but part of the draw to the game is the ability to improve 1% each day. If you don’t have clear-cut goals on what you want to achieve off the course, how can you play your best?

    Below, GlobalGolf will share three drills you can do with your new Wilson golf clubs that will help lower your score. If you’re a goal-getter like Wilson Golf, it only makes sense to use their D9 drivers or Buckingham Putter.

    After all, Pro Tip #66 states you can achieve all your loft(y) goals with Wilson Golf. It also just so happens the Wilson D9 irons have one of the best loft setups in the game, which means your golf ball will travel farther.

    1. Dispersion Golf Drill ft. Wilson Driver and Wilson Irons

    Wilson D9 Driver
    Wilson D9 Irons

    If you want to improve your fairway accuracy off the tee, grab your Wilson Staff D9 driver and head to the range. This Wilson Golf driver has one of their largest sweet spots yet, so if you’re looking to get after more fairways, this is your club.

    After warming up, grab 10 golf balls and visualize your fairway on the range. Choose two trees or pins to aim between and be specific. As you improve your dispersion, you can create narrower fairways on the range.

    Set a goal for how many balls you want to land in the “fairway.” Go through your pre-shot routine as if you are playing on the course and hit 10 drives. Did you reach your goal? If yes, make your fairway a bit more narrow or increase your goal number. If not, ensure your goal is realistic and keep working towards it.

    You can also practice this drill with your Wilson fairway woods and Wilson hybrids, both of which are available from the D9 line. As for your Wilson irons, you can repeat this drill to a green or imagined circle around a target -- keep your diameter specific and see how many balls you can land on your green.

    Bonus Pro Tip -- note if your misses went right or left. Alerting your golf coach about your ball flight trends will tell them where to start your next lesson.

    Shop D9 DRIVERS

    Shop D9 IRONS

    2. The Ladder Chipping Drill ft. Wilson Wedge

    Wilson Staff Model TG Wedge

    Let’s admit it, you know you’re supposed to spend more time practicing your short game, and the Wilson Staff Model Tour Grind Wedge may even make it fun. The ladder drill is the perfect way to get a better feel for your wedges and test your lofts. How far should your 56 degree wedge fly and your 50 degree wedge roll? Get an idea with this chipping drill.

    Grab two alignment sticks (or irons) and three golf balls. Choose your target and place a chalk line circle three feet from the pin (optional). Walk 10 feet back towards your starting point and place your alignment stick perpendicular to your target line. Walk another 10 feet and place the next alignment stick.

    Using your 56 degree Wilson wedge, hit three balls in between the alignment rods and have the ball roll near the hole (or into your circle). Adjust the alignment sticks as necessary if you’re consistently hitting your 56 degree short or long. Set a goal for how many times you want it to take for you to land three consecutive shots in between the alignment sticks and roll your ball to the hole.

    Next level: run through the same drill with your 60 degree Wilson Staff wedge and land the ball after your second alignment stick and roll it close to the hole. Repeat again with a 50 degree Wilson Wedge or even an 8-iron and land the ball before the first alignment stick and have it roll to the pin.

    GlobalGolf also put together some other fun chipping games that will help you practice from anywhere -- even your backyard!


    3. The Hurricane Putting Drill ft. Wilson Putter

    Wilson Putter

    Putting drills may be the most effective way to improve your score, and the Wilson Buckingham putter will be your biggest ally. The hurricane putting drill will increase your confidence on your alignment, speed and even on putts with some crazy breaks.

    Grab 1 golf ball and 9 tees. Depending on the level of difficulty you want, find a pin with flat or undulating surroundings. Place your first tee a foot (or putter grip) from the hole, the next tee two feet from the hole, the next tee three feet (one putter length) from the hole and so on until you hit 9 feet. Your tees should resemble a hurricane symbol.

    Start at the one-foot putt. One you sink that putt, you move on to the two-foot putt. If you miss a putt, start over at the one-footer. Set a goal for how many times it will take you to complete the hurricane putting drill in one go.


    There are many putting drills and golf training aids out there that will improve your setup, alignment and distance control. Find the ones that challenge you and enjoy the grind.

    Now that you and Wilson Golf are on the same page with goals and you have a plan for accomplishing them, make sure your equipment lines up with your dreams and gives you the best shot. The Wilson Golf drivers, irons, wedges and putters will be quite the motivator for you to complete these golf drills in record time. Don’t forget you can trade in your current set of clubs and use the credit towards your next Wilson Golf purchase!