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Pro Tip: Cobra Golf LTDx Irons are Strong to the Core

Pro Tip: Cobra Golf LTDx Irons are Strong to the Core

The Cobra LTDx golf clubs, one of Cobra Golf’s 2022 lines, boasts farther distances than ever, especially in the engineering of their drivers, fairway woods and hybrids. And when it comes to completing the set in your golf bag, the Cobra LTDx irons clubs have a lot to offer, especially distance.

The LTDx line is being released alongside Cobra’s AIR-X line, which are lightweight clubs. These two lines offer something new and different from Cobra golf clubs from last year, the KING RADSPEED golf clubs. As we delve into the irons in Cobra’s LTDx line, we’ll also be highlighting the main differences between them and the irons in the AIR-X and RADSPEED lines.

What Makes the Cobra LTDx Iron Set Stand Out

The central element that makes the design of the Cobra LTDx irons special is its super strong core, made of a flexible, steel core bar. Created to assist in increasing distances, just like every other golf club in the LTDx line, the steel core maximizes distance gains and provides incredible feel. As the most flexible iron design Cobra Golf has ever created, you’ll notice greater ball speeds powering the extra distance.

There are two options when it comes to this line of Cobra irons: the LTDx iron and the LTDx One-Length irons. The main difference between these options is the shaft length, with the LTDx iron set coming in at each standard length for irons and the Cobra One-Length irons following Bryson DeChambeau’s theory that all iron lengths should be that of a 7 iron.

Cobra LTDx Irons

Cobra LTDx Irons

Not only do the Cobra LTDx irons boast distance gains and higher launch, but their design also enables them to deliver on high MOI (moment of inertia) and improved accuracy. The former helps improve stability throughout impact. The clubface’s grooves increase accuracy through impact and ball flight control.

The LTDx irons are appropriate for golfers of any handicap who are looking to go the distance with high launch and better accuracy.

Cobra LTDx One-Length Irons

Cobra LTDx One-Length Irons

This shorter length of the Cobra LTDx One-Length irons is engineered for more consistent and accurate strokes. If you’re a golfer who can have trouble maintaining consistent contact with the golf ball, these Cobra One-Length irons might be your best choice.

When you play with irons that are all one length, you get used to the consistent feel of the clubs and can better set yourself up for accurate hits each time. Mid to higher handicap players looking to improve this aspect of the game should consider this Cobra iron set, though even Bryson DeChambeau on the PGA Tour is playing with his one-length iron set.


Comparing Cobra LTDx to Other Cobra Irons

When evaluating the difference between Cobra iron sets, it’s important to distinguish the main focus of each line. While Cobra LTDx clubs were designed with distance in mind, the Cobra AIR-X and RADSPEED irons have their own specific qualities. To choose the right Cobra irons for you, it’s important to consider what you’re looking for most in your irons.

Cobra LTDx Irons vs. Cobra AIR-X Irons

Cobra AIR-X Irons
Cobra AIR-X Irons

For a golfer choosing between the Cobra LTDx and the AIR-X irons, you might choose the latter if you have a preference for lightweight clubs. This lighter golf club design is meant to facilitate an easy launch with offset and weaker lofts, meaning you can hit it further with less effort. Golfers who have a fast swing speed and want to deliver a little more power may find that the LTDx is a better fit.

Cobra LTDx Irons vs. Cobra RADSPEED Irons

Cobra RADSPEED Irons

The Cobra RADSPEED irons released in 2021 use what Cobra calls radial weighting. This means the center of gravity (CG) is weighted lower in order to create optimal stability and forgiveness. It also incorporates the PWRSHELL technology in the club face, which the Cobra LTDx clubs also have for higher launch and faster ball speed. The Cobra LTDx clubs are right for the golfer who likes the bells and whistles of the RADSPEED irons but also wants that improved distance.

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