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    New and Used Callaway Irons

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    Callaway Irons

    • FAQs

      Which Callaway iron is the best?

      The best new and used Callaway irons depend on your goals and skill level, though the Apex irons are consistently ranked highly among all players. You can check out our Callaway iron selector tool to instantly generate personalized recommendations.

      Which Callaway irons for high handicappers?

      The best Callaway irons for high handicappers include the Paradym, Rogue/Rogue ST irons, Epic, MAVRIK MAX irons and the Big Bertha 21 irons.

      Are Callaway irons good?

      Yes, Callaway irons are good. The Apex line has unmatched feel and Callaway Golf was the first to use Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technologies in their irons to optimize performance.

      Are Callaway Apex irons forgiving?

      Yes, the Callaway Apex irons are forgiving compared to the Apex Pro irons. The Apex DCB irons are the most forgiving Apex iron.

      Are Callaway X Forged irons forgiving?

      Yes, the Callaway X Forged irons are forgiving for forged irons, though they tend to be in mid to low handicappers’ golf bags.

      Are Callaway Rogue irons good?

      Yes, the Callaway Rogue irons are a good game-improvement iron, and the Rogue ST irons are another great line to look at since technology has advanced since 2018. Both Callaway iron sets have proven to be popular.

      Are Callaway Epic irons forgiving?

      Yes, the Callaway Epic irons are known for their forgiveness and a solid game-improvement iron choice.

    • Overview

      Callaway irons are some of the most well-known game-improvement irons (and tour irons) in the golf world.Their Apex irons set a precedent for high performance irons with unmatched feel.

      Callaway Golf has several lines of irons that have been seen locally and on tour over the last decade, from the Apex line to the Epic line to the Rogue line to the MAVRIK line to the Big Bertha B21 line. Each Callaway iron set has unique features geared toward certain handicaps.

      It’s fun to watch these Callaway iron sets evolve each iteration, especially now that Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technologies have made the design process even more efficient and effective. Essentially, Callaway Golf is able to prototype thousands of designs faster than ever, and with their already strong foundation, they produce irons like no other.

      If you want to add a Callaway iron set to your golf bag but are deterred by the price, you can check out Callaway preowned irons and save while still playing with the latest technology. GlobalGolf offers the widest selection of used golf clubs, including used Callaway irons.

    • Pro Tips

      With so many great Callaway irons to choose from, check out our iron selector tool, USelect™. You can also see how Callaway irons rank on a handicap chart to see which direction to head. Callaway Golf has so many fun options, you’re bound to find the best irons for you.

    • New and Used Callaway Irons by Year

      Callaway Golf has a long history of providing high performance irons for beginner golfers all the way up to tour players. Explore each year’s star irons to find the set that has the look, feel and function you need.

      2022: New and Used Callaway Paradym Irons

      The Callaway Paradym irons feature a unique design completely elevated by A.I. technology. With a forged face for incredible feel, all handicaps can enjoy this iron set: mid to high handicaps can play the Paradym irons and low handicaps can play the Paradym X irons.

      Enjoy better shot shaping and accuracy thanks to shape, design and weighting. New and used Callaway Paradym irons are available on GlobalGolf.

      2022: New and Used Callaway Rogue ST Irons

      The Callaway Rogue ST irons are designed for players who want maximum distance and forgiveness in a game improvement iron. An updated version of the popular 2018 Rogue irons, the Rogue ST design included A.I. prototyping to maximize performance.

      Enjoy increased stability, flexibility and consistency, when you upgrade to new or used Rogue ST irons from GlobalGolf.

      2021: New and Used Callaway Apex 21 Irons

      The Callaway Apex 21 irons are designed for golfers looking for a combination of distance, forgiveness and precision - all with the ultimate feel the Apex irons are known for. These irons feature a forged body and face with tungsten weighting in the toe for added forgiveness and feel.

      They also have a variable face thickness for faster, more accurate shots and maximum distance. New and used Callaway Apex 21 irons are available at GlobalGolf.

      2020: New and Used Callaway MAVRIK, Apex MB, X-Forged CB, Big Bertha 21 Irons

      The Callaway MAVRIK irons are great for players who want maximum distance and forgiveness in a game improvement iron at a lower price point. Utilizing A.I. technology to build the club face, players can expect a lower, more optimized center of gravity to get more distance regardless of where the ball makes impact with the clubface. Additionally, strategically-placed weights add more forgiveness throughout your shot.

      The Callaway Apex MB irons are designed for low handicap players who want a traditional blade-style iron with modern features and functionality. The Callaway X-Forged CB irons are designed for low handicap players looking for an iron set that allows for workability and shot-shaping at a lower price.

      The Callaway Big Bertha 21 irons are designed for players who want the most forgiveness and distance, making them a great iron for high handicappers at a lower price. Unique at the time of release, these irons feature a Flash Face Cup that improves ball speed and distance on off-center hits, making it easier to ensure you send the ball where you want it to go.

      2019: New and Used Callaway Epic, Epic Star, Apex 19 Irons

      The Callaway Epic irons are ideal for players of all skill levels. They feature a unique A.I.-designed clubface that optimizes ball speed for increased accuracy and distance, optimizing the center of gravity to take your ball farther, faster. The Callaway Epic Star irons are designed for higher handicap players who want a lightweight iron that’s forgiving and can give some extra distance.

      The Callaway Apex 19 irons are designed for players who want a combination of distance, forgiveness and accuracy. Made for low-to-mid handicap players, tour-like iron continues to boast the incredible feel this line is known for.

      2018: New and Used Callaway Rogue, Big Bertha, X Forged Irons

      The Callaway Rogue irons are designed for players who want more distance, forgiveness and consistency from shot to shot without paying full price. They feature a unique VFT (Variable Face Thickness) design that increases ball speed and distance. The Rogue ST irons of 2022 are the evolution of this popular iron set.

      The Big Bertha irons were designed for players who want forgiveness and distance while improving their game. This is thanks to their low center of gravity, making it easier to get your ball in the air. The X Forged irons are designed for low-handicap players looking for a purer feel without the large price tag.