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    Pro Tip: TaylorMade Golf - Trust in Their Performance Legacy

    Updated: Aug 18, 2021
    Pro Tip TaylorMade

    Since the 1970s, TaylorMade Golf has been designing, innovating and making golf clubs for pros and amateurs alike. Their drive to build the best golf clubs also built their impressive legacy, and TaylorMade Golf is not done yet.

    In the last few years alone, TaylorMade has developed technologies like Twist Face, SpeedFoam™ and Pure Roll inserts. These innovations have allowed you to hit the ball farther with greater forgiveness, and TaylorMade is just getting started.

    Pro Tip #47 is for you if you seek optimal performance: look no further than TaylorMade golf clubs because each new line consistently resets the bar year after year.

    Gain More Speed and Forgiveness with TaylorMade Drivers

    TaylorMade SIM Driver
    TaylorMade M6 D-Type Driver

    When you pick up a TaylorMade driver, you can feel the power humming through it. With the dynamic shape of their clubheads, you can almost see its aerodynamics working for you as you swing off the tee.

    TaylorMade drivers take on the burden of optimizing the physics around the golf swing, but it’s up to you to make the swing. And even if you’re not a Tour player like Dustin Johnson or Rory McIlroy, you’ll still feel like one when you tee off with a TaylorMade driver. Plus, based on the TaylorMade drivers’ popularity on the Tours and around your own golf course, there’s a high probability you’ve already heard and like the sound their drivers make at impact.

    One of TaylorMade Golf’s best advantages is you don’t have to hit the ball perfectly to end up in the fairway every round. With their signature low CG (center of gravity) driver head, you’ll find your ball launching higher off the tee with lower spin. Those are the two main ingredients for distance, though you can find more ways to improve your ball flight with this launch monitor guide.

    Add in the fact that your mis-hits still allow your golf ball to gain some height (and, therefore, yardage), and you’ll see TaylorMade Golf not only complements your game but improves it.


    TaylorMade Fairways Are Mini TaylorMade Drivers

    TaylorMade M6 Fairway Wood
    TaylorMade SIM Max Fairway Wood

    In TaylorMade fairway woods, you will find much of the same innovative technology from TaylorMade drivers. With a continued focus on clubheads with a lower CG, TaylorMade fairways are rocket launchers. Imagine hitting your driver off the deck -- easily, we may add.

    A major selling point in the TaylorMade Golf legacy is their golf clubs look appealing. When you look down to a smooth, dynamic clubhead at address, you will be oozing with confidence; the noise at impact only cements your trust in TaylorMade. If you’re stepping up to a shot with a fairway wood that looks wonky, you’ll find yourself distracted and tense. Looks aren’t everything, but they sure go a long way for golf clubs.

    Plus, it doesn’t hurt that TaylorMade Golf’s technology in their fairway woods typically adds to your ball flight control and ball speed, which in turn gives you more distance just from upgrading your woods.


    TaylorMade Hybrids Close the Gap Between Distance and Accuracy

    TaylorMade GAPR Hybrid
    TaylorMade M4 Hybrid

    With the hybrids, TaylorMade Golf has done a fantastic job finding the sweet spot between their powerful drivers and their accurate irons. While the distance you gain from TaylorMade’s technology extends to all their golf clubs, they begin focusing on control where it counts: the hybrid.

    If you need a club that will go the distance and also hit your target, TaylorMade hybrids have you covered. You may not like admitting you’re laying up on a par 5 unless it’s to hustle your buddies during a game, but laying up with a smart strategy is an easy way to shave strokes off your score.

    That’s why you can trust TaylorMade hybrids. With their shape and assorted technologies, you will find the optimal ball flight and increased forgiveness. So when your swing feels a little off but you stick your TaylorMade hybrid to 3 feet or lay up to the narrowest part of the fairway between two traps, you can say it was on purpose. Even the pros do that.


    Feel the Control with TaylorMade Irons

    TaylorMade SIM Max Irons
    TaylorMade M5 Irons

    “Green in Regulation” is a stat on everyone’s scorecard -- even on Tour players’ -- and TaylorMade’s irons will help you accomplish your GIR goals. Experience the power of control with TaylorMade Irons and never look back.

    Similar to the TaylorMade drivers and fairways, their irons have the same technology that allows for a higher launch and more distance. Whether you like forged irons or not, TaylorMade Golf builds irons that have incredible feel, which allow you to have more control over your ball flight.

    However, one of TaylorMade Golf’s best features is they focus on the back of the clubhead just as much as the clubface. This opportunity allows for double the optimization, and you can both feel and hear the effects when you play with their irons. By increasing the stability on the back end of the clubhead, you can find more consistency at impact.


    TaylorMade Wedges Allow You to Spin to Your Heart’s Content

    TaylorMade Hi-Toe Wedge
    TaylorMade Milled Grind Satin Chrome Wedge

    While TaylorMade Golf is mainly known for their drivers and fairways, TaylorMade wedges are not to be underestimated. As our golf clubs increase in loft, our need for accuracy and control also increases. One of the best ways to control the ball around the greens is with a crisp and innovative grooves on the clubface.

    Since TaylorMade is one of the leaders in golf club technology, you can bet they have some interesting grooves in their wedges. They have narrow grooves, deep grooves, laser-etched grooves -- whatever feel you like best in a wedge, TaylorMade has it.

    TaylorMade also optimizes the sole of their wedges for the consistent interactions with grass and sand. With the sole’s technology creating consistency with each shot, you won’t have to question if you’re using the right wedge for that tight lie -- you simply get to hit your shot.

    Similar to their irons, TaylorMade wedges also have technology built into the back of the wedge’s clubhead, adding to the stability and consistency of the club. So go ahead, test out your TaylorMade wedge and your short game skills with these chipping games.


    TaylorMade Putters Are Most Popular (and Successful) on Tour

    TaylorMade Spider X Putter

    On the PGA and LPGA Tours, it's rare to see a grouping -- let alone a winner -- without a TaylorMade putter. While TaylorMade Golf produces a putter head for every style preference, the putter that has made the biggest impression on Tour is the Spider.

    With new technologies and advancements going into the Spider putters every year, you can be sure this putter style is here to stay. The TaylorMade Spider putters have an appealing look at address, an easy alignment system and an unparalleled sense of stability.

    And with another nod to TaylorMade Golf innovation, the ball contact is smoother than ever. No matter which insert you choose, you will feel like your ball is going down your line every time. That’s the confidence you need to sink more putts, and TaylorMade putters will be with you every step of the way.


    TaylorMade Women’s Golf Clubs Can Be Found All Over the LPGA Tour

    Ladies TaylorMade M Gloire Driver

    TaylorMade women’s golf clubs are a great equalizer in the game of golf. Not only do they sponsor tons of women on the LPGA Tour, they also build golf clubs for every skill level.

    If you are a low handicapper or even a college golfer, you probably have a fast swing speed and may be using TaylorMade men’s golf clubs. However, if you’re building up your power or simply want to take advantage of all the features TaylorMade women’s golf clubs have to offer.

    Women’s golf clubs are generally lighter, which increase swing speed. The clubhead may also be a little larger in order to give you better contact and more forgiveness. Every technology and style that TaylorMade Golf includes in its men’s golf clubs can be found in their women’s golf clubs. There are just some slight tweaks that equalize some biological differences.


    TaylorMade Golf Balls

    TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls

    TaylorMade golf balls have taken the world by storm. Initially not your go-to ball brand, TaylorMade Golf has put their technology to good use and designed golf balls found everywhere you look.

    Tour players like Rickie Fowler, Rory McIlroy, Charley Hull and Sung Hyun Park all play TaylorMade golf balls and have quite the record to show for it.

    Not only are TaylorMade golf clubs aerodynamic, but their golf balls are as well. Between their innovative dimple patterns and construction, TaylorMade golf balls paired with their clubs are a deadly combination. Power, accuracy and feel -- what more could you ask for?


    Demo TaylorMade Golf Clubs with GlobalGolf’s UTry®

    TaylorMade demo clubs are available with GlobalGolf’s UTry® program. Starting at just $25 for 14 days, you can demo your golf clubs when, where and how you want. UTry® is the simplest and safest way to demo golf clubs.

    If you’d like to demo TaylorMade golf clubs, simply pick which club you’d like to try, and GlobalGolf will ship it to your door. If you like it, keep it. If not, send it back with a free shipping label.

    You can demo TaylorMade drivers, TaylorMade fairway woods, TaylorMade drivers, TaylorMade irons, TaylorMade wedges and yes, you can even demo a TaylorMade putter. Demo as much as you like, and when it comes time to buy, don’t forget to peruse the TaylorMade preowned golf clubs, which have received GlobalGolf’s certificate of approval.


    Once you’ve picked out your new favorite TaylorMade clubs, don’t forget to trade in your current golf clubs and receive points toward your next purchase. Wouldn’t you want to see how much your previously played clubs are worth?

    There you have it, a TaylorMade Golf Guide. Whether your entire bag is TaylorMade or you’re looking to make a change, you are guaranteed top innovation and the most advanced technology with TaylorMade golf clubs. And isn’t that a great performance legacy?