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Pro Tip: How to Demo Wedges and Putters after Utry®

Updated: Nov 11, 2020
Pro Tip Utry Short Game Header

GlobalGolf's Utry® has become your best friend these last few months. You've been able to demo all your dream clubs when, where and how you want. Last month, we discussed how to properly demo your Utry® drivers and irons; now, we've got a new Pro Tip to help dial in your short game. Plus, we'll show you how to apply Pro Tips 17, 18 and 19 to the wedges and putters you want to try to make you feel even more confident with your choice.

1. Track Statistics

Knowing your baseline and tracking your stats is crucial. Take note of your average up and downs and putts per round when you play. Then, take your new wedge or putter out to the course and see how they compare.

Bonus Pro Tip: Play a few rounds with the new clubs so you can play loose and relaxed - no need for any extra pressure, you have plenty of time to make sure the club is right for you!

2. Compare Misses

Demoing your golf clubs on your own course truly gives you a home advantage. You will feel (and see) if your Utry® wedge has more solid contact on the tight lies with which you might normally struggle, or notice a difference in your confidence over those 5-foot putts.

3. Compare Distances

Taking note of how close you get the golf ball to the hole with your wedge and putter will help you decide on the right club for you. For example, if you chip the ball to 10 feet with your current wedge and to 5 feet with your demo club, you just increased your chance of making your putt and saving par!

Same goes for putters - if you have a 30-foot lag putt and knock it to 7 feet with your current putter and to 3 feet with your demo putter, you are much more likely to card a 2-putt with the latter.

4. Fill Your Wedge Gap Appropriately

And a new Pro Tip, #20, just for wedges - when looking at new wedges, remember to ensure they are spaced out properly for your game. Between long pitches and short chips, are the gaps consistent? Do you have a wedge between your PW and your SW? Do you like the feel of a 50 or 52 degree wedge? Go through your bag and find what feels good to you. These are your tools for lowering your golf score, so take your time and choose them wisely.

There you have it! A few objective tips for finding the right wedge(s) and/or putter for your game! Feel is important, but so are the stats. And remember -- GlobalGolf's Utry® is the safest and simplest way to demo golf clubs.