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  • Pro Tip: Srixon Golf Improves Your Game

    Pro Tip: Srixon Golf Improves Your Game

    Perhaps known first and foremost for their golf balls, Srixon Golf has been around since 1996. Owned by SRI Sports Limited, a subsidiary of the Japanese rubber and tire company Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd., this brand got its start in Asia. They make a full range of golf clubs and accessories, but their golf balls hold the largest number of patents worldwide.

    Srixon is also closely associated with Cleveland Golf ever since the latter was acquired by SRI Sports in 2007. The two companies, along with XXIO, are under one umbrella, and many of the players on tour that rep the brands use equipment from across these companies.

    Professional golfers playing a variety of Srixon golf clubs and golf balls include PGA Tour players Brooks Koepka, Hideki Matsuyama and Shane Lowry. LPGA Tour players include Inbee Park, Hannah Green, Minjee Lee and Nasa Hataoka.

    As a brand, Srixon’s number one priority is developing products to improve your golf game. They do this by offering high-quality products for a wide range of players, including many game improvement golf clubs meant to help every player reach his or her full potential.

    Srixon Golf Balls

    Srixon golf balls are some of the best in the game, with their soft core and thick, durable cover engineered for maximum spin and straighter flight. There’s a reason these golf balls have so many patents – the technology is truly innovative and continuously improving.

    There are several different types of Srixon golf balls to choose from for many different purposes, from overall performance to game improvement. Plus, compared to other top performing golf ball brands, they offer high-quality golf balls at a comparably affordable price.

    Typical high performance Srixon golf balls are able to achieve increased spin and distance on mid to long iron shots. With their soft feel, you'll find improved control on and around the greens.

    If you’re looking for a great performance and game improvement, they design golf balls like the Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE series, in bright colors. These colors aren’t just for looks. The dual-color can really come in handy for helping your putting alignment. The movement of the ball’s colors can also help you better understand the movements of your putts, making them a great choice for practice and putting drills, in particular.


    Srixon Irons

    If you’re looking at this brand for golf clubs, the first club type you should consider are Srixon irons, which perform remarkably well. Each new line seeks to expand upon the technology that came before, while maintaining the features that make them top performers.

    Srixon irons are notable for their distance, power and forgiveness. The ZX line of irons utilize a piece of technology called the Mainframe, which was engineered using Artificial Intelligence. The design of the MainFrame seeks to create a precise clubhead with the ideal thickness and grooves for the best possible ball speed and distance.

    A lot of thought is also put into the materials and how those help the performance of Srixon irons. For example, the body of their irons is a carbon steel that helps to absorb vibrations on impact and provide a much softer feel. The clubhead, on the other hand, is a high-density tungsten, which is the key to the irons’ MOI and forgiveness. This stability is especially helpful in shots hit off center of the face.

    If you’re looking to get the best possible irons at a competitive price, used Srixon irons are an excellent option. With practically every iteration of Srixon irons available, find irons in top-notch condition for a fraction of the price of brand new irons.


    Srixon Drivers

    Following their mission of creating golf clubs to help improve the game of every player, Srixon drivers can be depended on to up the ante in your drives. They may not get as much attention as the brand’s irons, but Srixon drivers shouldn’t be overlooked.

    For one thing, the club head’s shape sets itself apart from the crowd. The head is large with a flatter, shallower shape than the average driver head. While the ZX7 is more round, the ZX5 has a triangular shape.

    Both drivers offer a high ball flight, but while the ZX7 allows players to control the shape of the ball flight with an adjustable weight, the ZX5 is suited more for players focused on achieving a purely straight drive.

    The club face is built with flexibility in mind. Offering plenty of recoil on impact, the face also diverts energy from hits that are hit off the center of the face, giving you greater confidence that your driver has your back when you miss (because it happens to everyone!).

    One of the best parts? Srixon drivers have an undeniably beautiful sound.


    Srixon Fairway Woods

    If you’re looking for fairway woods that offer plenty of distance without too much spin, consider Srixon fairway woods. These are the kind of golf clubs you want in your bag to get over tricky hazards or reach par-5 greens in two.

    Srixon fairway woods have game improvement in mind, so if you’re looking for clubs to help you meet your full potential, you may have met your match. Shots hit directly in the center feel soft and the club truly reduces spin, even with the high launch angle. For the amount of distance you get, these clubs are best for players looking for high ball flight and welcomes high and long flight.


    Srixon Hybrids

    The forgiveness of Srixon hybrids is only one of the key elements that make these golf clubs a welcome addition to your golf bag. They’re also remarkably powerful, compact and workable, with great launch and low spin.

    If you’re looking for a hybrid that offers consistency with forgiveness as a major component of the performance, Srixon’s ZX line of hybrids should be high on your list.


    Used Srixon Golf Clubs and Golf Balls

    There’s no doubt that Srixon golf clubs are worthy of your consideration, especially since you rely on your golf clubs to help you perform your best. They have options for every player that wants to improve their game.

    And while you’re at it, consider taking a look at used Srixon golf clubs. Each line of clubs builds upon the previous version, but they have the same technology at their core. You’ll find you can get just as much power and oomph out of gently used golf clubs as the newest models.

    From some of the brand’s top offerings, like used Srixon irons, to some of the hidden gems like their drivers and fairway woods, GlobalGolf has a range of used Srixon golf clubs for you to consider. Plus, with USelect®, our golf club selector tool, you can quickly generate personalized recommendations for your game.