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  • New and Used TaylorMade Putter Golf Clubs

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    New and Used TaylorMade Putters

    • FAQs

      What should I consider when choosing a TaylorMade putter?

      Factors such as head design, alignment features and shaft length can significantly impact your putting performance. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding a putter that suits your stroke and preferences.

      Do used TaylorMade putters offer the same performance as new ones?

      Yes, our used TaylorMade putters are meticulously inspected to ensure they meet high-quality standards, allowing you to enjoy reliable performance at a great value.

      Are there customization options available for TaylorMade putters?

      TaylorMade offers customization options such as grip selection and shaft adjustability, allowing you to tailor your putter to your specific needs and preferences.

      How can trying a TaylorMade putter at home benefit my game?

      Our try at home service enables you to test TaylorMade putters in your familiar putting environment, helping you make an informed decision about which putter suits your stroke and feel.

      Can I trade in my old putter for a new TaylorMade one?

      Absolutely! GlobalGolf offers a trade-in program, allowing you to trade your old putter for credit toward the purchase of a new TaylorMade putter.

      What advancements in technology make TaylorMade putters stand out?

      TaylorMade putters incorporate innovative features like Pure Roll insert technology and adjustable weighting systems to enhance feel, roll and overall putting performance.

    • Overview of TaylorMade Putters

      TaylorMade putters are engineered to provide golfers with exceptional feel, precision and performance on the greens. Whether it's cutting-edge insert technology or advanced alignment options, these putters are designed to cater to a wide range of putting preferences and playing styles.

    • Pro Tip

      The power of TaylorMade putters lies in the innovative Pure Roll insert technology. This proprietary technology features an upward curvature designed to promote optimal forward spin and a smooth, accurate roll upon impact with the golf ball. By enhancing the ball’s forward rotation, the Pure Roll insert in new and used TaylorMade putters helps to minimize skidding and promote a truer roll, ultimately resulting in improved distance control and accuracy on the putting surface. This advanced feature sets TaylorMade putters apart, offering golfers a distinct advantage when it comes to achieving consistent, reliable performance in their putting game.

    • New and Used TaylorMade Putters by Year

      New and Used TaylorMade Putters in 2023

      In 2023, TaylorMade introduced the TP Hydroblast Putter lineup, including models such as the Spider S, SQR and Juno. The TP Hydroblast putters feature precision-milled Pure Roll inserts, adjustable sole weights and advanced alignment options designed to enhance stability and roll consistency.

      New and Used TaylorMade Putters in 2022

      The 2022 TaylorMade Spider EX putters deliver improved stability, feel and forgiveness through advanced materials and innovative engineering. The Spider EX line includes various models tailored to different player preferences and putting strokes.

      New and Used TaylorMade Putters in 2021

      The 2021 lineup showcased the TaylorMade Spider FCG (Forward Center of Gravity) putter series, featuring forward CG placement and custom tungsten sole weights for improved stability and stroke consistency. These putters are designed to support a smooth, arced stroke path.

      New and Used TaylorMade Putters in 2020

      In 2020, TaylorMade unveiled the Spider S and Spider SR putters, incorporating refined Pure Roll technology and multi-material construction for improved stability, feel and alignment. These putters are engineered to cater to golfers seeking enhanced putting performance.

      New and Used TaylorMade Putters in 2019

      The 2019 TaylorMade TP Black Copper Collection presented classic designs combined with modern performance technologies, featuring adjustable weights and precision-milled faces for improved feel and alignment. These new and used putters catered to golfers valuing a traditional yet technologically advanced putting experience.

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