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    Pro Tip: Give These Drivers a Second Chance - Used Drivers and More

    Pro Tip: Give These Drivers a Second Chance - Used Drivers and More

    With new drivers coming out every year, it’s easy to forget about recent models that were the cream of the crop just last year. For incredible technology at more affordable prices, don’t sleep on previous year’s models when looking for the right driver for your game. This includes considering used drivers, which have typically been played very minimally and give you a nearly-new driver experience for amazing prices.

    Here are a couple of our favorites from 2020 and 2021 by TaylorMade, PING, Callaway and Cobra that are still in a few GlobalGolf pros’ bags.

    TaylorMade Drivers - SIM Drivers Offer Good Looks and Easy Distance

    TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver
    TaylorMade SIM Driver

    Before the most recent TaylorMade Stealth drivers were introduced, the reigning kings of the TaylorMade driver family were arguably the SIM Max drivers. A quick comparison between the SIM drivers and the M family of drivers and it’s clear they have incredible technology that TaylorMade continues to iterate on. Plus, both lines have a wide range of clubs for extra forgiveness or weighting to fix your slice should you be in the market for something specialized to your game.

    Starting with 2020’s TaylorMade SIM driver, this club was built for speed with an aerodynamic club head and its use of TaylorMade’s Speed Inject™ and Twist Face™ technologies. These deliver incredible ball speeds, but also help you to achieve straighter shots.

    For higher handicap players looking for amazing forgiveness, the right choice might be the SIM Max driver. This is achieved through the club’s Inertia Generator, which increases the moment of inertia (MOI) in the club and makes it all the more forgiving by offering more stability.

    If you’re considering either of these TaylorMade drivers, or one of the other drivers from these impressive lines, then opting for one of GlobalGolf’s used drivers could be a smart choice. You get to take advantage of top technology at a better price point.


    PING Drivers - The Most MOI for Your Buck

    Ping G410 SFT Driver
    Ping G425 SFT Driver

    When the PING G410 debuted back in 2019, it caught everyone’s attention. While it may not boast the same amount of forgiveness as the latest PING G425 line, it’s still got an impressively high MOI for consistently straight shots.

    From a performance perspective, the sound, feel and numbers for most golfers were difficult to ignore. Its movable-weight technology allows you to customize your ball flight if you so choose. Plus PING’s Trajectory Tuning 2.0 makes it possible to increase your loft and lie options with the eight-setting, lightweight hosel.

    Because PING drivers place such a premium on forgiveness, any of their models make an excellent choice for mid to high handicap players who want to take advantage of the high MOI.

    While technology has advanced incrementally since both the PING G410 drivers were released, the G410 line, especially for used drivers by PING, is still worth a second look if you want a quality driver at less than full retail price.


    Callaway Drivers - Technology You Can Depend on

    Callaway Mavrik 22 Driver
    Callaway Epic Flash Driver

    When it comes to Callaway drivers by year, the brand is constantly upgrading their technology with each new line. However, that doesn’t mean that Callaway preowned drivers are old news. On the contrary, by buying used Callaway drivers you are taking advantage of incredible technology that’s only slightly behind the latest model, and you’re doing so at a competitive price.

    For example, while the latest release of Callaway drivers are the Rogue ST drivers, the advanced technology in the MAVRIK and Epic lines should not be overlooked.

    Released in 2020, the MAVRIK line’s most exciting piece of technology is the Flash Face SS20, which is optimized for speed and forgiveness. Using A.I., Callaway optimized the thickness of the club face so it’s like you’re hitting it right in the sweet spot everytime.

    The Epic Max and Epic Speed drivers also contain many of the features the MAVRIK line built upon, making them great options for used Callaway drivers.


    Cobra Drivers - Swing Outside of the Box

    Cobra RADSpeed XB Black/Turbo Yellow Driver
    Cobra King SpeedZone Black/White Driver

    Cobra drivers are known for their speed, and those with a need for speed can take advantage of Cobra’s technology regardless of their handicap. Anyone interested in Cobra Golf drivers has a range of lines and technologies to consider.

    The Cobra RADSPEED line introduced Cobra Golf’s groundbreaking Radial Weighting Technology, which cuts down on spin rates which is huge for hitting the ball farther and straighter. While the newest line of Cobra LTDx drivers are all about distance, you can still get remarkable results with the RADSPEED drivers.

    Next for consideration are the Cobra King SPEEDZONE drivers. With an expanded face, this Cobra driver has an enlarged sweet spot ideal for faster ball speeds, designed to also give you great distance and low spin when you miss-hit it.

    Buying used Cobra drivers to take advantage of this speed technology is a no-brainer. GlobalGolf’s wide range of used Cobra drivers features those from the Cobra King Speedzone line, as well as RADSPEED and LTDx.


    No matter what brand you consider, GlobalGolf makes it easy to find golf clubs at the best prices, whether you’re looking for brand new or used drivers. With UTry®, you have the chance to try out new and used drivers for yourself on your home golf course to make absolutely sure you’ve made the right choice for your game.