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Pro Tip: TaylorMade P-700 Series Irons and SIM Driving Clubs Fill Your Club Gap

Pro Tip Fill Your Club Gap with TaylorMade

New for the end of the 2020 season comes the TaylorMade P770 and TaylorMade P7MC irons that build off all the great features of the P790 and P760 irons. The TaylorMade P-series irons offer clean lines, tour feel and modern distance that will fit anyone’s game.

Additionally, if you struggle with gapping at the top of your bag, TaylorMade has also introduced new driving clubs in the TaylorMade DHY and TaylorMade UDI. This ‘driving hybrid’ and driving iron offer great distance technology with clean looks to help hit more tight fairways, long par 3s or the occasional stinger.

Not a big fan of fairway woods? Then you need to read Pro Tip #24 -- driving hybrids and driving irons are fantastic alternatives to fairway woods and an easy way to fill in your bag’s gaps. And, of course, you can’t forget the most important Pro Tip of all (#1) -- never buy clubs you don’t absolutely love. If you love these TaylorMade irons and hybrids and feel more confident hitting them, use these golf clubs to your advantage.

TaylorMade P770 and P7MC Irons

TaylorMade P770 and P7MC Irons

The newest TaylorMade Golf irons in the P-700 series ensure there’s a P-700 iron for everyone’s game. In particular, the TaylorMade P770 irons can be thought of as a smaller sibling to the P790s. They feature all the same great technology with SpeedFoam, tungsten toe weights and the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket on the sole, but in a more compact package many better players prefer. They also look amazing in any golf bag.

We all know that if you don’t love the look of your irons, you’re probably not going to hit them very well (refer back to pro tip #1). Whereas some better players might not have considered playing the P790s because they were slightly “chunky,” these new P770s will appeal to a wide range of players.

Even better players should also consider the brand new TaylorMade P7MC irons. These are a fully forged iron with muscle cavity to provide just a touch of added forgiveness when compared to a forged blade. The classic iron shaping of the TaylorMade P7MC irons have minimal offset to deliver the ultimate control and precision.

TaylorMade SIM DHY and SIM UDI Driving Clubs

TaylorMade SIM DHY and SIM UDI Driving Clubs

Also new for the second-half of 2020 from TaylorMade Golf comes improved options for those golfers looking for alternative long irons and hybrids. Originally introduced a couple years ago, the GAPR driving irons were put into play by numerous tour pros during the Open Championship. Now, the SIM range includes both a ‘driving hybrid’ and ‘ultimate driving iron’.

The TaylorMade SIM DHY is truly a club in its own category. Not really a hybrid but also not really a driving iron. The SIM DHY is an easy-to-hit alternative to long irons with enough power to use off the tee. This hybrid is truly a jack of all trades. From address, it looks like a normal hybrid on a diet. Its shape and wide sole give you the ability to play it off the tee, from the fairway and from difficult lies. How’s that for a club gap filler?

On the other hand, the TaylorMade SIM UDI is a more traditional long iron shape clearly built for distance and forgiveness. For those players that don’t enjoy the look of hybrids but still need to fill a distance gap between their longest iron and fairway woods, the SIM UDI will fill that distance gap with ease. Launching a bit lower and with less spin than its SIM DHY sibling, it’s a stinger machine.