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    New and Used TaylorMade Fairway Woods Golf Clubs

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    New and Used TaylorMade Fairway Woods

    • FAQs

      How do I choose the right TaylorMade fairway wood for my game?

      Considering factors such as loft, shaft material and adjustability can help you find the best fit for your playing style and preferences. Our knowledgeable staff can also provide personalized guidance.

      Are used TaylorMade fairway woods still reliable and performance-oriented?

      Yes, our used TaylorMade fairway woods undergo rigorous inspection to ensure quality and performance, offering great value for money.

      What sets TaylorMade fairway woods apart from other brands?

      TaylorMade woods are known for their innovative technologies, like Twist Face and Speed Pocket, designed to enhance distance, forgiveness and playability.

      Do TaylorMade fairway woods come with customization options?

      Yes, TaylorMade offers various customization options, including shaft options, loft adjustments and grip choices, allowing you to tailor your fairway woods to your specific needs.

      Can I trade in my old fairway woods for a new TaylorMade club?

      Yes, GlobalGolf offers a trade-in program that allows you to exchange your old fairway woods for credit towards the purchase of new TaylorMade clubs.

      What are the benefits of trying TaylorMade fairway woods at home before buying?

      Our convenient "try at home" service enables you to demo TaylorMade fairway woods in your natural playing environment, helping you make confident and informed purchasing decisions.

    • Overview of TaylorMade Fairway Woods

      TaylorMade fairway woods are designed to deliver exceptional distance, forgiveness and versatility on the course. Featuring innovative technologies and premium materials, these clubs are the choice of many golfers seeking top performance from their fairway wood.

    • Pro Tip

      Did you know that TaylorMade's M6 fairway wood features a twist face design to help correct off-center hits, promoting straighter shots and more consistent performance?

      This design helps to correct off-center hits, promoting straighter shots and more consistent performance on the course. By slightly twisting the face, the club is engineered to reduce the negative effects of mis-hits, ultimately leading to improved accuracy and distance. This technology exemplifies TaylorMade's commitment to pushing the boundaries of club design and performance, ensuring that golfers can experience the benefits of cutting-edge innovations in their fairway wood play.

    • New and Used TaylorMade Fairway Woods by Year

      New and Used TaylorMade Fairway Woods in 2023

      The 2023 TaylorMade SIM2 fairway wood lineup features the latest advancements in club technology, offering improved forgiveness, distance and playability. New and used SIM2 Max and SIM2 Max D fairway woods are the best taylormade fairway woods designed to cater to golfers seeking enhanced performance and adjustability.

      New and Used TaylorMade Fairway Woods in 2022

      In 2022, TaylorMade introduced the Stealth fairway woods, featuring a compact shape and advanced materials to deliver a blend of power, precision and forgiveness. The new and used Stealth fairway woods are engineered to optimize distance and control for players of all levels.

      New and Used TaylorMade Fairway Woods in 2021

      The 2021 TaylorMade SIM2 fairway wood lineup brought the latest innovations to the table, offering enhanced versatility, speed and launch conditions. With the SIM2, SIM2 Max and SIM2 Max D options, golfers could find a fairway wood suited to their game.

      New and Used TaylorMade Fairway Woods in 2020

      The 2020 TaylorMade SIM fairway wood series showcased the brand's commitment to cutting-edge design and performance. The SIM, SIM Max and SIM Max D models featured technologies aimed at maximizing forgiveness, ball speed and distance.

      New and Used TaylorMade Fairway Woods in 2019

      In 2019, TaylorMade released the M5 and M6 fairway woods, utilizing speed-injected twist face technology for improved ball speed and accuracy. These models provided golfers with enhanced playability and distance performance, making them some of the best used fairway woods models you can explore today.