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  • Pro Tip: Choosing the Right PING G425 Driver for You

    Pro Tip: Choosing the Right PING G425 Driver for You

    Fans of PING Golf already know what sets their drivers, like the PING G425 line, apart: PING golf clubs are designed for golfers at every level who want quality they can depend on. But when it comes to selecting the right PING driver for you, you might need some help.

    We’re shining a spotlight on the PING G425 drivers and breaking down each model. Find out about the technology each driver incorporates and what kind of golfer should use each model to decide which might be the right fit for your game.


    How many PING G425 models are there?

    The PING G425 driver comes in three different models: the MAX, LST (Low Spin Technology) and SFT (Straight Flight Technology). Each driver is built with performance in mind, blending technological innovation with the grit and spirit of PING Golf.

    The PING G425 drivers are designed to help golfers of different skill levels and swing characteristics achieve more distance, accuracy and consistency off the tee.

    But with multiple options to choose from, which PING driver from the G425 line is right for you? We get into nitty gritty on what sets these three PING drivers apart below and who they’re best suited for.

    The PING G425 MAX Driver Focuses on Forgiveness

    The PING G425 MAX is all about forgiveness and increased accuracy. In fact, it's PING Golf’s most forgiving driver to date. This means it’s ideal for high handicap golfers who are specifically looking for a driver that can help them hit straighter shots. The adjustable center of gravity is the key to this driver’s forgiveness, allowing the golfer to maintain greater control over the ball flight.

    It also features a forged face that flexes faster for more ball speed, crown turbulators that reduce drag, and Arccos Caddie Smart Grips that track and analyze every shot.


    Choose the PING G425 LST Driver for Low Spin Rates

    This PING driver is focused on delivering low spin. Decreasing a ball’s spin will give you more distance when you have a higher swing speed. It also has a smaller head with a more traditional, rounded shape, and a movable weight that shifts the center of gravity slightly forward for lower spin and flatter trajectory. It also shares the same forged face, crown turbulators, and smart grips as the Max model.

    This model is great for lower handicap golfers who have been popping the ball up in the air.

    Another advantage to this model is the adjustable center of gravity (CG) allowing you to better customize your ball flight. Finally, the internal dragonfly design gives the driver a high moment of inertia (MOI), increasing the chances the club face will end up square on impact. If you want the forgiveness of the MAX, but also need Low Spin Technology, you should opt for the PING G425 LST driver.


    Fix Your Slice With the PING G425 SFT Driver

    The PING G425 SFT driver (Straight Flight Technology) is the right choice if you need to fix your slice. This is a draw-biased driver that allows you to take the brunt off the slice and help your ball fly straighter.

    The PING G425 SFT is an excellent choice for golfers at any skill level looking for help with accuracy, like the PING G425 MAX, but through draw bias rather than just MOI. Since the goal of this PING driver’s design is to add a draw bias to your ball flight, it doesn’t have an adjustable CG. It also has a lighter swing weight to provide more face control, and the same forged face, crown turbulators, and smart grips as the other models.

    If you are looking to fix your slice or simply add more distance to your straight ball flight, you’ve found your match.

    All three models in the PING G425 line offer something unique based on your skill level and unique golfing preferences. But with three standout options, how do you decipher which is right for you?


    PING G425 Max vs LST vs SFT

    Now that we’ve highlighted the latest golf drivers from PING, let’s really understand what makes the models different from each other so that you can better understand which PING driver is right for you.

    The PING G425 Max driver is the most versatile and forgiving of the three models. It's suitable for golfers of all skill levels and swing speeds who want to hit more fairways and achieve consistent distance. The movable weight allows you to adjust the ball flight to your preference, whether you want a neutral, draw or fade bias. The PING G425 Max driver is also the highest launching and spinning of the three models, which can help you carry the ball farther and stop it on the green.

    When comparing the G425 PING LST vs SFT, you can tell the overall design, build and innovations are geared towards lower handicap players.

    The PING G425 SFT driver is the most draw-biased and spin-reducing of the three models. It's ideal for golfers who struggle with a slice or want to promote a right-to-left ball flight. The fixed weight on the heel side creates more draw bias and reduces spin, which can help you straighten out your drives and gain more distance. The PING G425 SFT driver is also the easiest to hit of the three models, as it has a large sweet spot and a forgiving face.

    The PING G425 LST driver is the most low-spinning and distance-optimizing of the three models. It's best suited for golfers who have a fast swing speed and a high launch angle who want to reduce spin and launch the ball lower for more distance and control. The smaller head size and pear-shaped profile create less drag and more workability, which can appeal to better players who like to shape their shots. The PING G425 LST driver is also the most demanding of the three models, as it requires a more precise strike and a confident swing.

    With this knowledge in hand, you can confidently make a decision on which golf driver can make the biggest impact on your game.

    Buy Your PING G425 Driver With Confidence

    The PING G425 drivers put a premium on straighter ball flight. When selecting the best model for you, it all comes down to whether you’re also looking for low spin or a draw bias. If you want a personalized recommendation on drivers, take a look at USelect® for specific options for your needs. Taking the time to understand your handicap can also be helpful when determining the right driver for you.

    You can then take advantage of UTry® and demo the latest golf products for 14 days before making a decision to keep or send it back. Finally, UTrade-In® allows you to trade in your current equipment for credit you can use on your next purchase.

    All of these services guarantee you’ll feel confident in the purchase of your new or used PING G425 MAX or whichever model you choose, including the PING G430 drivers.