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    Pro Tip: How to Choose Between the Best Cobra Drivers

    Pro Tip: How to Choose Between the Best Cobra Drivers

    With Cobra Golf offering some of the most exciting drivers on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. Whether you have Cobra drivers in your golf bag right now and want to compare what you currently play with to something newer or are just getting to know about Cobra golf drivers, we’re shedding light on the variety offered.

    Cobra Golf has a wide range of choices for every golfer, whether that’s based on handicap or the kind of performance you’re looking to get out of your driver. Compare and contrast the top drivers from recent years to see how the technology has changed.

    The best Cobra drivers include:

    • Cobra Aerojet Drivers
    • Cobra LTDx Drivers
    • Cobra AIR-X Drivers
    • Cobra RADSPEED Drivers
    • Cobra SpeedZone Drivers
    • Cobra F-Max Drivers

    In going through Cobra drivers by year, starting with their latest releases, take a look at the top technology or consider how some of the older models might suit you, especially if you’re considering getting a deal on used Cobra drivers.

    The Cobra Golf brand is known for speed among other qualities. Let’s take a look at how their range of drivers stack up against one another.


    Cobra Aerojet Drivers for Maximum Distance Through A.I.

    The Cobra Aerojet drivers are not the first to use Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology to have maximized designs, but they are the latest prototype. Released in 2023, the Aerojet drivers come in three models:

    The Cobra Aerojet drivers are making waves for their optimized distance and sound. Thanks to the PWR-Bridge Weighting system, you’ll encounter increased ball speeds coming off Cobra’s proprietary H.O.T Face, which doubles down on speed and spin efficiencies. Hello, distance!

    When deciding between these three Cobra drivers, you’ll notice the Aerojet driver is for mid handicaps looking with faster swing speeds looking for more spin control. The Cobra Aerojet MAX driver is for mid to high handicaps looking for more distance through a higher launch and more spin; there’s also a slight draw bias to help you fix your slice.

    The Cobra Aerojet LS driver is for lower handicaps and tour players looking to have more workability and piercing ball flights off the tee. With lower spin and a fade bias, you’ll see this driver in the bags of players like Rickie Fowler and Gary Woodland.


    Cobra LTDx Drivers for More Powerful Drives

    Released in 2022, the line of Cobra LTDx drivers immediately made a splash. Billed as Cobra’s “Longest Total Distance” drivers, the line has several models that seek to improve your performance on the course. Through speed, distance and straighter ball flights, using a Cobra LTDx driver should make all the difference.

    The three models released in the Cobra LTDx driver line are the Cobra LTDx driver, LTDx LS driver and the LTDx MAX driver. Of these models, the LTDx MAX is available in versions for men and women.

    The first thing that sets this line apart from previous Cobra drivers is the fact that it’s the first Cobra driver that has a zero center of gravity (CG). This, combined with an incredibly high moment of inertia (MOI), keeps the clubhead balanced and able to deliver on forgiveness and straight ball flight.

    Like most Cobra drivers, the LTDx line boasts the “Xtreme” oversized clubhead shape. The LTDx driver allows you to control your ball flight, adjusting for a slight draw or straight ball flight. The LTDx LS driver, on the other hand, has adjustments for neutral to a slight fade. It also happens to be the last Cobra driver Bryson DeChambeau had in his bag before his contract with them expired.

    The LTDx MAX has a noticeably large clubhead and has powerful forgiveness and trajectory, plus offers a more extensive draw bias than the other models. The launch angle on the MAX is also higher, which makes it a great option for players with a slow or moderate swing speed.

    Overall, the Cobra LTDx driver is a great option for low to mid-range handicap players, with the LTDx LS being better in the hands of a low handicap golfer. High handicap golfers will be satisfied by the performance improving features of the LTDx MAX, though they should also check out the AIR-X line.


    Cobra AIR-X Drivers for Increased Swing Speed

    With many of the technological advancements of the Cobra LTDx driver, the Cobra AIR-X drivers, which were also released in 2022, brought another element: a lightweight feel. They offer incredible distance by being ultra-lightweight.

    The perfect option for anyone looking for more clubhead speed, the golf clubs in the Cobra AIR-X line offer something for beginners to the best of the best.

    The AIR-X golf clubs are the lightest of all Cobra drivers, made in lightweight carbon. The line offers players an incredibly smooth weightless feel in both models: the AIR-X Offset driver and the AIR-X Straight Neck driver.

    The choice between these options comes down to preferred ball flight. The AIR-X Offset driver packs a punch for distance, but also comes in handy to fix your slice due to the weighting in the heel of the clubhead and the offset hosel. Mid to high handicap players who want to play with something lightweight and a driver designed with a draw bias will want to try this club.

    The AIR-X Straight Neck driver is for players who typically hit their drives straight. For mid to high handicap players with longer, straighter shots, this is the way to go.

    The AIR-X drivers are great game improvement drivers for mid to high range handicap players who are looking for a perfect, lightweight feel and improved swing speed.


    Cobra RADSPEED Drivers for Customized Weighting Options

    The most significant change that came with Cobra RADSPEED drivers was the new system of Radial Weighting Technology. This technology was carried through to the Cobra LTDx drivers, although renamed PWR-COR technology.

    The idea behind the radial technology in the Cobra RADSPEED drivers was more distance, accuracy and forgiveness. Ultimately, the Cobra RADSPEED drivers introduced minor updates to the very popular Cobra SPEEDZONE drivers, released the previous year in 2020.

    One thing that set RADSPEED apart, in addition to the Radial Weighting Technology, is the way the patterns on the clubhead helps to reduce lower spin rates, which is ideal for those players looking to hit the ball farther and straighter.

    Three models were released with the Cobra RADSPEED line: King RADSPEED, King RADSPEED XB and King RADSPEED XD.

    The way that King RADSPEED XB and XD expanded upon the capabilities of the King RADSPEED driver is that the former produces incredibly straight shots with distance while the XD driver will fix your slice with a draw bias, while still offering plenty of distance.

    Cobra RADSPEED drivers were some of the top drivers in 2021, and it’s easy to see why. The King RADSPEED XD is recommended for mid to high range handicap players, while the King RADSPEED and King RADSPEED XB are ideal for low to mid range players.


    Cobra SPEEDZONE Drivers for Ultimate Speed

    Similarly to the Cobra RADSPEED drivers that would come a year later, the 2020 Cobra SPEEDZONE drivers push weight to the perimeter of the clubhead, which allows you to swing much faster and achieve greater distance no matter where your ball makes contact on the face.

    Despite not having the radial weighting of the Cobra RADSPEED driver, Cobra SPEEDZONE drivers shouldn’t be overlooked. Those familiar with the King Cobra drivers likely know a thing or two about what makes the King SPEEDZONE Xtreme Cobra drivers special.

    Faster and straighter than anything that came before them, these were the drivers that introduced the larger, oversized club head shape known as “Xtreme” for Cobra drivers. The larger shape is integral to the perimeter weighting, and also allows for a tungsten back weight which helps to increase MOI for greater forgiveness.

    Who should consider Cobra SPEEDZONE drivers? Anyone looking for speed and distance who might consider a used Cobra driver.


    Cobra F-Max Drivers for Lightweight Distance

    The F-Max Cobra drivers came out in 2018 and offered golfers two models. The first, the Cobra F-Max 20 Offset driver, was a lightweight design for faster, easier swings. The second was the Cobra F-Max 20 Straight Neck driver, which was also lightweight, but like the AIR-X Straight Neck driver, delivers straighter ball flights, whereas the Cobra F-Max 20 Offset driver is for players who want a draw bias.

    The Carbon Crown design of the F-Max drivers helps to make them so lightweight, as it saves 10 grams of weight in the clubhead. But don’t worry, these clubheads still offer plenty of forgiveness.

    Mid to high handicap players who like the sound of the AIR-X drivers for the lightweight, but don’t want to pay the premium for the newest clubs can consider the F-Max Cobra drivers. These golf clubs offer a lightweight feel in the same weighting options, but come at a much different price point.


    Frequently Asked Cobra Driver Questions

    Having all the information is the only way to make a confident decision about your next Cobra driver. Are Cobra drivers good? Yes. Which Cobra driver is best for me? We’re here to help you figure that out because everyone’s game is different.

    Below, our staff of PGA Professionals answer your most pressing questions.

    1. What’s the difference between the Cobra Aerojet vs. LTDx drivers?

    While the Cobra LTDx driver still has fantastic technological innovations, the Aerojet driver’s design has been optimized with A.I. This means that there are slight adjustments that can maximize certain aspects of your game.

    For example, the Cobra Aerojet driver has a more flexible and slightly larger clubface than the LTDx drivers, giving you more energy transfer and, therefore, distance while also increasing your accuracy off the tee.

    2. What’s the difference between the Cobra SPEEDZONE vs. LTDx drivers?

    Aside from the Cobra LTDx drivers having technology that’s two years newer than the SPEEDZONE drivers, there are a few key differences. The zero CG (center of gravity) on the LTDx drivers is a sure advantage, as that helps optimize launch angle and maximize distance. However, the SPEEDZONE drivers are more customizable, giving you more control over your shot shape than the predetermined biases in the LTDx line.

    Both the LTDx and SPEEDZONE drivers offer “Xtreme” or oversized clubheads in their higher handicap models for larger sweet spots.

    3. What’s the difference between the Cobra F-Max vs. AIR-X drivers?

    The biggest differences between the Cobra F-Max and AIR-X drivers are weight and price. The AIR-X drivers are Cobra’s lightest line yet, and since they come with more innovation, it makes sense that there’s a higher price tag. The F-Max drivers are still very lightweight and offer performance-enhancing technology that can upgrade your game for less.

    4. What’s the difference between the Cobra RADSPEED vs. SPEEDZONE drivers?

    The main difference between the Cobra RADSPEED and SPEEDZONE drivers is the RADSPEED drivers have slightly less spin for those mid to low handicaps looking to gain more distance off the tee. For the higher handicaps, the RADSPEED driver is a bit more forgiving than the SPEEDZONE driver thanks to the radial weighting.

    Add the Best Cobra Driver to Your Bag

    Cobra Golf is known to many as the king of speed in the golf driver world. With each new line of Cobra drivers, the brand continues to live up to that reputation.

    If speed and distance are something you’re looking to achieve, no matter your handicap level, then Cobra Golf makes a driver for you. Try your hand at the driver that sounds best for your game by utilizing UTry® to purchase your Cobra driver with confidence.

    If you’re still not sure where to start, check out our driver selector tool - USelect® - and filter by Cobra to see the best drivers for your game. You can also save money by trading in your current driver and using that credit towards your next purchase with UTrade-In®.

    Lastly, you can always buy a used driver to take some heft off that price tag. There are so many ways to buy Cobra drivers with confidence at GlobalGolf, and we can’t wait to see which one you add to your bag.