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    Pro Tip: Find The Best Driver for Your Swing

    Pro Tip  Find the Best Driver for Your Swing wth USelect

    Using GlobalGolf’s USelect™ to find the right driver for you can significantly improve your game. When it comes to getting the most distance and accuracy out of your driver, you need to find the right brands and models for you.

    This brings us to Pro Tip #92 -- don’t buy a new driver based on slick TV commercials when you can use GlobalGolf’s USelect™ to generate recommendations for your game from the comfort of your home.

    If you are looking to upgrade your golf driver, it’s important to choose one that aligns with your game. Whether you are new to the game or are looking to replace “Old Trusty” that’s been in your bag for 10 years, GlobalGolf’s USelect™ is perfect for exploring top brands and finding the right golf driver for you.

    GlobalGolf’s USelect™ Recommends the Best Driver for You


    USelect™ is essentially a golf driver selector that provides you with recommendations in the blink of an eye. Since today’s golf game is all about optimization, allow GlobalGolf to guide you in the right direction when it comes to one of the most important golf clubs in your bag.

    GlobalGolf’s goal is to give you the information you need to make smart decisions for your game. That’s why our staff of PGA Professionals offer Pro Tips to help you improve without wasting your time or money. Other great resources for finding the best driver for you include a guide that compares the latest drivers by handicap and brand and our guide about picking the right golf shaft for you.

    While every new driver that’s released has special performance qualities, it’s important to browse used drivers as well. After answering a few simple questions with USelect™, you’ll see which current and previous season drivers are the best match for you and your game. Don’t worry about knowing your exact distance off the tee -- the USelect™ questions are multiple choice and based on ranges.

    Through a quick series of questions, GlobalGolf assesses your skill level, relative swing speed, shot tendencies, spin/launch conditions and your personal goal for decreasing dispersion or generating maximum distance.

    Once you have completed the quiz, you can peruse your recommendations based on new or used, brands, etc. Then you can decide to either demo the golf club through UTry® or buy the driver that best suits your game. Buying used golf clubs is an easy way to save money while still sporting some of the latest technologies; you can bump the price tag down even more by trading in your current driver with GlobalGolf’s UTrade-In™ and using that credit towards your next purchase.

    Golf Drivers 101 - Everything You Need to Know About Drivers

    How do I pick a golf driver?

    Other than selecting your golf ball, choosing the best driver for you is one of the most important decisions. Golf drivers are the one piece of golf equipment that has evolved the most over the last decade. Drivers are now massive instruments that are designed with speed, distance and forgiveness at their core.

    Long gone are the days of huge duck hooks and monster slices -- well, you might still have a monster slice, but USelect™ can help you find the driver to solve that problem! TaylorMade D-Type drivers, for example, have a draw bias specifically designed to counteract slices.

    Once you complete the USelect™ quiz and make the most of your driver demo with UTry®, you’ll want to consider some more factors before purchasing:

    • Does the driver look good at address?
    • How does it sound upon impact?
    • How does it feel on centered hits?
    • How does it feel on missed shots?
    • Can you adjust your driver’s weights to help you achieve your optimized and desired ball flight?

    While appearance and sound often play an outsized role in what driver you play, if a driver sounds bad or is not to your liking, it’s hard to feel confident swinging it. That’s the last thing GlobalGolf wants, so we also offer our 30-Day Playability Guarantee, allowing you to test your purchase and return it within 30 days in the same condition, no questions asked.

    Which golf driver is best for me? Pro Tip: use UTry®.

    utry logo

    It’s safe to say you enjoy golf more when you hit more fairways. Finding the right golf driver is all about optimizing launch conditions for an individual’s swing, and GlobalGolf can help you do that without using a launch monitor (though if you have one, knowing these launch monitor numbers will help).

    The main goal is to be aware of how your new and current drivers stack up against one another. For example, do you hit more fairways with your current TaylorMade driver or your new Callaway driver? Which one do you hit further most consistently?

    Allow GlobalGolf to help you find the right golf driver for you through USelect™ and UTry®. We’re PGA Professionals, and we’re here to help you.

    How do I choose the right driver length?

    If you pay attention to the PGA Tour, you’ve probably heard some rumblings about Tour players stretching the limits of golf shaft length in order to eke out a few more yards off the tee. This simple physics exercise is due to the longer pendulum creating even more speed into the ball.

    The tricky part is, as driver length increases, the ability to control the clubface decreases. So, while long drive competitors are maxing out with 48” drivers, that hasn’t become the norm on Tour just yet.

    That being said, you can look at driver length in simple terms. The longer the driver shaft, the more carry distance you will hit the ball. However, that distance will eventually lead to a decrease in control and wider shot dispersion.

    There’s never a need to stress about driver length - USelect™ will not only lead you in the right direction, but our UTry® program also gives you a chance to demo golf drivers and figure out which is best for you.

    What Are the Best Golf Drivers Right Now?

    As you go through our online golf driver selector quiz, you’ll notice a number of new drivers in the recommendations. Typically, every major manufacturer releases a new driver each year, including Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, Srixon, Cobra and PING.

    Titleist Drivers

    Titleist TSi3 Driver

    Titleist drivers have a legacy dating back decades, but until the TS series and the TSi drivers, the company was seen as lagging behind the longest drivers. That’s all changed, and the newest models have put the Titleist drivers back near the top for ball speeds. One thing has always been constant with Titleist drivers: their classic pear shape. When you pick up a Titleist driver, you’ll feel at ease standing over it.


    Callaway Drivers

    Callaway Epic MAX Driver

    Callaway Golf is one of the most well-known brands in golf and always delivers innovation in its drivers. Callaway drivers still use their artificial intelligence-inspired Jailbreak and Flash Face technologies, which increase ball speeds and forgiveness. Generally, Callaway Golf carries some of the best-performing drivers you (and even Tour players) can feel confident using for multiple seasons, so why not check out the Callaway Golf driver selector results?


    TaylorMade Drivers

    TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX Driver

    Another heavy hitter, TaylorMade Golf has been a popular driver for many, many years. Known for technology and big distance, TaylorMade drivers are always at or near the top when it comes to performance. With multiple driver models to choose from in your TaylorMade Golf driver selector results, you are sure to find the driver of your dreams. Don’t forget to look into the TaylorMade M Family of drivers or the SIM and SIM2 lines.


    Srixon Drivers

     Srixon ZX7 Driver

    Generally flying under the radar, Srixon’s new drivers are not to be underestimated. Over the last few years, Srixon drivers have slowly gained notoriety and performance. Srixon drivers are now a culmination of design and technology that finally places them on equal footing with all other manufacturers. So, if USelect™ points you to Srixon, don’t balk - embrace a different brand with underrated performance.


    Cobra Drivers

    Cobra RADSpeed Driver

    One of Bryson DeChambeau’s claims to fame rests in Cobra drivers. Before DeChambeau, Cobra drivers were not widely used. Cobra Golf has infused exceptional technology into their drivers for a number of years. With industry-leading ball speeds off Bryson’s clubface, you can expect great performance from Cobra Golf, even if you can’t hit it 400 yards.


    PING Drivers

    Ping G425 MAX Driver

    PING Golf has always been dedicated to custom fitting and performance. With exceptional MOI for forgiveness and speed, they now have adjustable weights for an even better fit. There’s no doubt that PING drivers will stack up with every other on your list.


    With GlobalGolf’s USelect™, you can quickly find driver recommendations tailored to your game; then you can increase your confidence by demoing these new drivers with UTry®. With just a few clicks, the best driver for you no longer has to be a guessing game.