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  • Pro Tip: 2023 PING Putters vs. 2021 PING Putters

    Pro Tip: 2023 PING Putters vs. 2021 PING Putters

    When PING Golf releases new putters, they make one for everyone. In September 2022, PING released 10 new putters in their 2023 line, much like they did in 2021.

    What improvements were made in the last two years? Who are these putters right for? GlobalGolf dives into the comparison so you can feel confident with your choice.

    Here are the 2023 PING putters in their respective style types:

    • PING Blade Putters

      • Anser
      • Anser 2D
      • Kushin 4

    • PING Mid-Mallet Putters

      • DS72
      • DS72 C
      • DS72 Armlock*
      • Shea

    • PING Mallet Putters

      • Mundy
      • Prime Tyne 4
      • Tomcat 14
      • Tyne G

    * You may wonder why there are 11 models listed above - the DS72 Armlock is very similar to the DS72 putter in build, but it has a longer putter shaft and more loft to make it more suitable for this putting grip style.

    What’s New in the 2023 PING Putter Line?

    The PING putters of 2023 come with many enhancements to their design and construction. The Anser 2D putter design was even a collaboration with Tony Finau, a two-time, back-to-back PGA Tour winner in 2022.

    1. Updated PING Putter Grooves

    One of the first upgrades you’ll notice in the 2023 PING putters is the four new groove options. These face technologies span all preferred feels, allowing you to pick the option that best serves your game.

    The smooth milled face is found in the Tomcat 14 putter and has the firmest feel - or highest pinging sound. According to PING experts, this feel provides more ball speed.

    The shallow milled face is available in 6 of the 10 putters this year and provides a slightly less firm feel than the smooth milled face. You can find this option in the Anser, DS72, DS72 C, Kushin 4, Prime Tyne 4 and Shea models.

    The PEBAX insert with the smooth milled surround can be found in the Mundy putter and falls more on the soft side of feel. The PEBAX insert with the shallow milled surround is the softest option and available in the Anser 2D and Tyne G putters.

    Bonus Pro Tip: When you test these PING putters out through UTry®, don’t forget to test them with the golf balls you use on the golf course to determine the best feel.

    2. PING Mallet Putters Have New Materials

    In 2021, PING golf changed the materials used in blade putters; this year, the mallets received the upgrade.

    The new multi-material PING mallet putters now have more MOI and less CG than before, which is quite the achievement for this company as they had already revolutionized this balance. Having a higher MOI (moment of inertia) means you’ll get even more forgiveness and repeatability on the greens, while having a lower CG (center of gravity) adds to your consistency.

    The two PING mallet putters in the 2023 line are the Tomcat 14, which has the highest MOI in this line, and the Mundy.

    3. Improved Alignment for PING Anser Putters and More

    A crowd favorite, the PING Anser putter is one of two putters in this line to have received an enhanced alignment system - the other is the Tyne G. PING Golf has released these new alignment positions to further expand their offerings for all golfers.

    How lines are positioned on the putter head are crucial to your alignment. Everyone’s eyes are different, so it’s important to figure out which composition best fits your eye. Doing so will give you more consistency and accuracy on the greens.


    2023 PING Putters vs. 2021 PING Putters

    Now that you see the main differences between these PING putters listed above, let’s dive into more of their similarities. Both lines are extremely advanced technologically, meaning buying used PING putters from the 2021 line is still a great opportunity to upgrade your golf bag.

    The 2021 PING putters saw the advancement in groove technology, which became the foundation for the 2023 line. All putters in the 2021 have shallow grooves leading to a softer feel, so if you’re looking for more options around feel, the 2023 line is a better place to start.

    Another similarity is the grip options. The same putter grips released in 2021 are still matched with the 2023 line. Your putter grip choice can greatly affect your consistency on the greens.

    Which PING Putter Is Right for You?

    It’s a blessing and curse that PING Golf has so many putter options for you. How can you ever decide?

    The first determination you need to make before looking at any putter is your putting stroke type. Do you have an arc stroke? If so, you’ll want to look at blade putters. Do you have a straighter putting stroke? Mallet putters are your style.

    PING mallet putters can also provide more forgiveness and consistency to golfers with higher handicaps or high putting stats. Mid-mallet putters are also a great combination of a mallet’s forgiveness and a blade’s feel.

    Once you have a general idea of which putter style best fits your stroke, you can use GlobalGolf’s putter selector tool - USelect® - to generate personalized recommendations. You can then filter by brand if you already have one in mind.

    If you’d like to test out the feel of these putters at home - with your own golf balls - UTry® is the program for you. Truly try before you buy when you take these putters with you to your golf course for up to 14 days.

    As always, used PING putters and GlobalGolf’s UTrade-in® program are easy ways to spend money on your new PING putter. Whether you want a rarely used 2023 putter or are happy with the technology from the 2021 line, having either upgrade can help you lower that price tag.


    That new PING Anser putter you have your eye on is within reach when you shop with GlobalGolf.