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    Pro Tip: PING G430 vs. G425 vs. G410 vs. G400 Drivers

    Updated: Mar 06, 2023
    Pro Tip: PING G430 vs. G425 vs. G410 vs. G400 Drivers

    PING Golf originally won their acclaim with putter designs, and while PING is still iconically linked to their putters, it would be a mistake to overlook PING drivers because they have just as much ingenuity. In particular, the PING drivers in what could be called the “G4 family” – that is the PING G400, G410 and G425 models – offer something for everyone and have only improved with each new iteration.

    That said, anyone looking for top-notch technology for a fraction of the price of newer clubs should consider used PING drivers. Here we’re comparing and contrasting each of the G4 PING driver lines so you can get a better sense of what makes each line different, the range of models available within each line and how they compare to each other.

    PING G430 Drivers - Pushing Distance to the Extreme

    Released in 2023, the PING G430 drivers have three different models for you: the PING G430 MAX, LST and SFT drivers; these align with the same handicaps as the PING G425 drivers, meaning there’s an option for every skill level.

    The PING G430 MAX driver is the most forgiving of the three and is adjustable as well, allowing your shot shape and loft to be tailored to your game. While this PING driver is geared toward mid to high handicappers, if you fall on the latter end and need a higher launch to gain more distance, the PING G430 MAX HL driver is also a more lightweight option.


    Similarly, the PING G430 SFT driver has the same technology and objectives as the G430 MAX but has straight flight technology, or a draw bias, to counter your slice. A PING G430 SFT HL driver option is also available.


    The PING G430 LST driver falls on the other end of the spectrum with low spin and high ball speeds for those with lower handicaps. This PING driver is also adjustable and has a smaller club head than the PING G430 MAX.


    The biggest advancement in technology for this line is the Carbonfly Wrap. The Carbonfly Wrap increases ball speeds and lowers spin through a lightweight material around the club head; it also helps PING drivers maintain their balance between higher MOI (moment of inertia) and CG (center of gravity).

    PING G400 Drivers - Introducing a Newer Aerodynamic Club Head

    PING G400 Driver

    In 2017, PING Golf released a line of four drivers called PING G400. What set these golf clubs apart from other PING drivers was a brand new aerodynamic shape. Overall, these golf clubs expand on PING drivers' fantastic forgiveness and distance, but the new clubhead shape makes swing speed a greater priority. In addition to the shape of the club, the crown is ultra-thin, resulting in a lighter feel than PING’s G30 models.

    Like the PING drivers that came before it, the PING G400 driver has an extreme MOI (moment of inertia) for optimal forgiveness, thanks to a back weight with higher-density. The Dragonfly technology, which refers to the ultra-thin crown which leads to the lightweight feel, gives the driver an ideal CG (center of gravity) location for improved forgiveness and accuracy.

    Not to mention the internal structure of the club, which gives off that sound you just love to hear as you hit the perfect drive. The acoustics and aerodynamic shape, which reduces drag and mid-swing for greater speed and velocity, makes the G400 a big improvement on previous PING drivers.

    If forgiveness is the absolute most important thing you look for in a driver and you’re looking to save some money, then the PING G400 might be the right pick for you. This driver has all the same innovations as the PING G400 driver, like the Dragonfly technology, ultra-thin crown and aerodynamic shape.


    The PING G400 MAX also emphasizes stability and forgiveness with a larger profile to increase the likelihood of hitting the ball closer to the center of the clubface. This is an ideal choice for higher handicap players.


    The PING G400 LST includes all of this technology but specifically for low to mid-range handicap players who are looking to reduce ball spin. Finally, the PING G400 SFT is engineered to promote a straight ball flight, correcting your slice with a draw bias that generates a consistent right-to-left shot shape (for right-handed golfers).


    PING G410 Drivers – Optimize Ball Flight with Weighting

    PING G410 Plus Driver

    In releasing the PING G410 drivers in 2019, the brand was introducing their first driver with a moveable weight. Rest assured that adding the adjustable weight, however, did nothing to compromise PING’s signature MOI and forgiveness. This line offered players three drivers to choose from, each with slightly different features utilizing the same customizable weighting technology.

    The way the weighting works in the PING G410 Plus driver is you can move the weight on a scale from Fade to Draw, depending on how you want to shape your tee shot. Players with a tendency to slice the ball should move the weight to Draw while those who tend to pull it should move it to Fade. Of course, leaving the weight in the center in a neutral position is an option for players aiming for straight drives.


    The two other models in the PING G410 line are the PING G410 LST and PING G410. The former generates low, stable ball spin and allows you to shape your shots through the weighting. If you’re a player that wants control over the shape of your hit with lower ball speed, this is the PING G410 driver for you.


    If you are looking for slice correction beyond what the PING G410 Plus offers, then the PING G410 SFT is the right pick, as it provides the ultimate fade and slice correction of the PING G410 line and adds a built-in draw bias. It has a fixed weight, meaning you don’t have to tinker with it to get the slice correction you seek.

    PING G425 Driver – Your Best Ball Flight and Trajectory

    PING G425 Max Driver

    These two lines of PING drivers bring us to the 2021 release: the PING G425 driver. This line’s three models offer PING Golf’s greatest forgiveness and overall trajectory yet. The MOI in the PING G425 drivers are the highest that the brand has achieved, and the Dragonfly technology has reached its pinnacle in delivering an ultra-thin crown that redistributes weight, increasing the MOI and optimizing the CG for best possible distance and forgiveness.

    The PING G425 MAX achieves this next-level of forgiveness all while having perfected the moveable weight for a customized ball flight and trajectory. In hitting the ball squarely more consistently, you’ll also increase your chances of a straighter ball flight. The PING G425 MAX driver has the highest MOI in the line of PING G425 drivers.


    The PING G425 driver line also offers the PING G425 LST and the PING G425 SFT. Like the PING G4 lines before them, these clubs have the same incredible technology of PING’s most advanced line, while offering features to players seeking corrections for their game.


    The PING G425 LST is a handy tool for cutting down ball spin for the player who wants to enact greater stability, control and distance on their shots. The PING G425 LST leads to more piercing ball flights and more distance for those with faster swing speeds.


    PING Driver Comparison: PING G410 vs. G400

    PING G410 Plus Driver
    PING G400 Driver

    Comparing the PING G400 vs. G410 driver, the PING G410 drivers introduce what they call a “creased crown” and internal Dragonfly Technology, expanding the original innovations to increase forgiveness and save weight.

    The PING G410 driver, with its new moveable weight, also puts you in control over the shape of your ball flight. For golfers who would prefer not to have a moveable weight on their driver, the PING G400 may be one of the only drivers out there nowadays to not offer this feature.

    PING Driver Comparison: PING G425 vs. G410

    PING G425 Max Driver
    PING G410 Plus Driver

    When it comes to the PING G410 vs. G425 driver, both golf clubs have incredibly high MOI and forgiveness. The PING G425 MAX is going to be hard to beat since the MOI is higher than the PING G410 driver, but the latter is still a great option, especially if you’re exploring used driver options. Another smart move would be to purchase a used PING G425 MAX, to take advantage of PING’s highest MOI ever for a better price.

    If you’re deciding between the PING G410 vs. G425, it’s likely going to come down to the price point and how much you prize MOI and forgiveness in your driver. Don’t forget you can also trade in your current driver to earn credit towards your next purchase with UTrade-In®.

    PING G430 vs. G425 Drivers

    When comparing the PING G425 vs. G430 drivers, you’ll find more distance in the latest model thanks to the Carbonfly Wrap innovation. While the PING G425 drivers still have a ton of great technologies and an extreme balance between MOI and CG for greater distance and forgiveness, the G430 line takes that extreme a bit further.

    Buying a new or used PING G425 driver is still a great way to upgrade your golf bag at a lower price.

    If it’s not immediately clear which PING driver is the best choice for you, use GlobalGolf USelect® - our gear selector tool - and get personalized driver recommendations based on your game. Then, try a PING driver at your home course to see if it’s the right fit using GlobalGolf’s UTry®.