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  • New and Used Titleist Drivers

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    New and Used Titleist Drivers

    • FAQs

      When do the new Titleist drivers come out?

      New Titleist drivers are typically released in the fall of each year.

      Are Titleist drivers good?

      Yes, Titleist drivers are good, especially for those with lower handicaps.

      Are Titleist drivers hard to hit?

      Each Titleist driver is designed for a specific handicap range, making them not hard to hit as long as you are fitted to the proper driver.

      What is the difference between Titleist TS drivers?

      The Titleist TS drivers have a few differences that will help you figure out the best one to add to your golf bag. The Titleist TS1 driver is for high handicaps or those with moderate swing speeds looking for a lighter weight option. The Titleist TS2 driver and Titleist TS3 driver both focus on speed and control and are geared toward mid handicaps; the main difference is that the TS3 driver offers more customization while the TS2 driver has more forgiveness. The Titleist TS4 driver is typically seen on tour with reduced spin to help faster swing speeds get the optimal trajectory.

      What pros use Titleist drivers?

      Pros who use Titleist drivers include Max Homa, Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Will Zalatoris, Danielle Kang and Jessica Korda.

    • Overview

      While you may think of great golf balls and irons when Titleist Golf is mentioned, you’ll want to add drivers to that list, too. Titleist drivers are extremely popular on the PGA and LPGA Tours and in the bags of many low handicap players.

      That’s not to say there aren’t Titleist drivers for mid to high handicaps as well - there are certainly forgiving models in each line that have a higher launch specifically for this skillset. You’ll also find new and used left-handed Titleist drivers on GlobalGolf.

      The technology behind Titleist golf drivers varies per line and model, but you’ll likely see distance-enhancing innovations like the hotter ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium clubface, stability built on a high MOI design, adjustability - even in drivers meant for high handicaps - and more.

    • Pro Tips

      Finding the best Titleist driver for you is as simple as looking at handicap ranges and using our Titleist driver selector tool, USelect™. You can save money with GlobalGolf when you look at used Titleist drivers as well.

    • New and Used Titleist Drivers by Year

      Titleist Golf has several popular drivers, both on tour and on your local golf course. You can even find used left-handed Titleist drivers on GlobalGolf.

      2023: New and Used Titleist TSR1 Drivers

      The highly anticipated Titleist TSR1 driver joined the ranks in early 2023 and filled the gap with a lightweight driver geared toward higher handicaps. If you’re looking for more distance, spin and launch, this is what you need. Check out our used Titleist TSR1 drivers for a lower price tag.

      2022: New and Used Titleist TSR2, TSR3, TSR4 Drivers

      Titleist has a similar naming convention that makes it easy for you to upgrade your technology once you figure out your model. The TSR2 and TSR3 drivers are for mid handicaps who want low spin; go with the Titleist TSR2 driver if you’re looking for more launch. The Titleist TSR4 driver has even lower spin rates and a small clubhead for more workability. The lower spin rates all around on this line provides more distance but slightly less forgiveness than the TSi line.

      2021: New and Used Titleist TSi1, TSi4 Drivers

      An evolution of the TS drivers, the Titleist TSi1 and TSi4 drivers mimic the TS1 and TS4 versions but have a bigger focus on distance over speed. The Titleist TSi1 driver is the lightweight option for higher handicaps looking for more distance while the Titleist TSi4 driver is adjustable and ready for tour play.

      2020: New and Used Titleist TSi2, TSi3 Drivers

      Following the same evolution, the new and used TSi3 and TSi2 drivers follow the same order as the original TS line. The Titleist TSi2 driver is more for mid to high handicaps while the Titleist TSi3 driver is aimed toward mid to low handicaps. The main upgrade from the TS line is the titanium clubface (along with any other speed enhancements leveraged in the prior line).

      2019: New and Used Titleist TS1, TS4 Drivers

      The Titleist TS1 and TS4 drivers fall to the extreme ends of the handicap spectrum. The Titleist TS1 driver is lightweight and a great option for higher handicaps or those with slower swing speeds looking to increase distance. The Titleist TS4 driver, on the other hand, lowers spin rates for those with faster swing speeds, helping you achieve a more piercing ball flight; this driver is more likely to be in a professional golfer’s bag.

      2018: New and Used Titleist TS2, TS3 Drivers

      The Titleist TS2 and TS3 drivers are both aimed towards mid handicaps. With the larger sweet spot, you’ll find more forgiveness in the Titleist TS2 driver; with the adjustability on the Titleist TS3 driver, you’ll find more control and playability. Buying a used TS3 or TS2 driver would still be a solid investment in great technology.

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