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    Pro Tip: Callaway Paradym Irons With All the Feels

    Pro Tip: Callaway Paradym Irons With All the Feels

    Callaway Golf is known for their powerful irons with pure feel, and their Paradym irons have achieved next-level stats, much like the Paradym drivers.

    With an option for both the low handicapper and the mid to high handicapper, Callaway Golf has accomplished improvements in feel and distance thanks to the use of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) technology.

    GlobalGolf is going to share the ins and outs of these Callaway irons, from the new technology to details on each model to how to buy them with confidence (and perhaps even on a budget!).


    What’s New in the Callaway Paradym Irons?

    Callaway Paradym irons have a forged feel with plenty of new technology. These innovations have led to more distance, more control and a purer feel in each iron set.

    How Callaway Paradym Irons Gain You Distance

    Most of the distance-gaining technology you’ll see in the Callaway Paradym irons is from increased ball speeds.

    1. Forged 455 Face Designed With A.I. Technology

    The Callaway Paradym irons have the strongest forged faces in Callaway Golf’s history. This means you can expect more consistency and distance thanks to the higher ball speeds, launch angles and spin.

    The Forged 455 Face Cup is supported by the new Hollow Body construction. You’ll find more stability in these irons from Callaway Golf despite the thinner club face thanks to the Speed Frame.

    2. Extreme Dual Tungsten Weighting

    Like in their drivers, the Callaway Paradym irons also have extreme weighting positions that allow you the best of both worlds simultaneously. In the case of these irons, this balance means higher launches and higher ball speeds without sacrificing forgiveness.

    To add to the forgiving design, the way the new iron clubheads interact with the turf leads to smoother, faster swings.

    How Callaway Paradym Irons Offer Purer Feels

    Callaway Paradym irons will automatically feel better thanks to their forged design, especially since that design has been optimized with A.I. technology. Callaway Golf also has proprietary Urethane Microspheres first introduced with the 2019 Callaway Rogue irons that reside behind the club face for the ultimate feel and sound.

    What’s the Difference Between the Callaway Paradym Iron Sets?

    There are two Callaway Paradym iron sets, one a players iron and another a game improvement iron. Callaway Golf has leveraged their A.I. designs for every skill level in this line.

    Callaway Paradym Irons for the Low Handicap Players

    The Callaway Paradym iron set is considered to be players irons. With more increased distance and spin for those approach shots, lower handicaps will see more control as well. There’s nothing like hitting a crispy 5-iron with that forged feel.


    Callaway Paradym X Irons for Mid to High Handicap Players

    The Callaway Paradym X irons have similar technology to the other line but are still categorized as a game improvement iron thanks to extra weighting to increase the launch angle even more while adding that extra distance and forgiveness.

    The clubhead shape is also a bit thicker and has a more forgiving construction in order to give you the best opportunity to swing through all types of turf unscathed. Additionally, there is a little more offset in these Callaway irons in order to straighten out the ball flight.


    Callaway Paradym Irons vs. Callaway Rogue ST Irons

    When comparing the Callaway Paradym irons vs. Callaway Rogue ST irons, you’ll notice that the A.I. technology has maximized parts of the Paradym’s design. In fact, the Paradym line is its own new family, like the Rogue, Epic, MAVRIK and Apex lines that precede it.

    Callaway Golf has created a strong foundation with these golf clubs, and we’re excited to see where they take this line next. While the star of the Callaway Rogue ST irons show is Flash Face technology, the featured role of the Paradym irons is the forged feel.

    Finding the Right Callaway Golf Clubs for You

    After reading through our Pro Tip, we hope you have a better idea of which Callaway iron set to pursue from the Paradym line. If you’re still not sure which one is right for you, or if one of the previous Callaway iron sets might better suit your game, check out our iron selector tool - USelect®.

    Now that you’ve narrowed down your Callaway iron set choices, try them at home with UTry®. Whether you play with them on the golf course, take them to the driving range or even bring them to your next golf lesson, you have 14 days to ensure they fit your game.

    GlobalGolf is all about saving you money, which is why you can shop the largest selection of used golf clubs on our site. All of our pre-owned golf clubs are thoroughly vetted and cleaned so you know the exact condition you’re receiving. If you’re shopping on a budget or just like a good deal, you can still find advanced technologies in used Callaway irons without the full price tag.


    Another way to save big is to trade in your current set of golf clubs with UTrade-In® and use that credit towards your next purchase. This is the best way for you to keep updating your golf clubs each year without paying full price.

    We love the “Paradym shift” Callaway Golf has created and can’t wait to see these forged Callaway irons perform well on tour and at your local golf course.