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    Pro Tip: Comparing Titleist T-Series Irons – T100 to T400

    Pro Tip: Comparing Titleist T-Series Irons – T100 to T400

    The Titleist T-Series irons have evolved greatly over the years. These models continue to adapt, building on cutting-edge innovations, advanced technology and new research to build a robust suite of irons ready to round out your golf arsenal.

    So, what’s included in this T-Series line? Let’s dive into these Titleist irons by year. The Titleist T-Series line of irons comes in seven models – T100, T100S, T200, T300, T150, T350 and T400 irons. The former four versions (T100, T100S, T200 and T300) were released in 2019, and then re-released in 2021 with exciting alterations. The Titleist T400 irons were released in 2020 and again in 2022.

    In 2023, Titelist made another splash with four club reinventions – T110, T150, T200 and T350. The new T-Series irons have some noticeable changes from the previous generation, which was introduced in years prior. Here are some of the main differences:

    • The new T100 has a 100% milled face for more precision and consistency upon impact. It also has an updated back bar that enhances the feel and sound.
    • The new T150 is a completely new model that fits between the T100 and T200 in terms of size, forgiveness and performance. It has a muscle channel that’s closer to the face for more launch and speed.
    • The new T200 has a re-engineered hollow body that creates a stiffer structure and allows the max impact technology to fit tighter against the forged face. This improves the feel and sound while maintaining the distance and forgiveness with every swing.
    • The new T350 is another new model that offers maximum forgiveness and launch for high handicap golfers. These clubs come with a super-thin face with max impact technology, a wide sole with progressive weighting, and an anti-vibration polymer core.

    These used and new Titleist irons are a popular choice for PGA Tour players and for weekend warriors depending on the model you choose.

    Titleist Golf built a performance-boosting line of irons with the T-Series, and they’ve spent the last few years perfecting what many already considered to be their ideal iron set. Let’s dive into what makes these Titleist golf clubs stand out from the rest.


    Advanced Titleist T-Series Technology Features

    Titleist Golf continues to improve upon a trusted design to create a line of irons that continues to drive improved performance and maximum efficiency.

    Aerodynamic Weighting

    Innovative weighting and shaping allow for the most control, consistency and accuracy across the clubface. Built with aerospace construction in mind, the Titleist T-Series irons use a dense tungsten weight for improved efficiency, providing a more precise CG (center of gravity) placement that emphasizes the tour-like qualities of the T100 irons.

    Continuous Cradle Construction

    The continuous cradle design of the Titleist T100 and T100S irons improves consistency by creating a seamless clubface with a leading edge that’s more uniform and fluid, allowing for smoother turf interactions. Additionally, a fully forged, dual cavity offers you more control with spin and shot-shaping.

    Variable Bounce Design

    A variable bounce design improves performance across a variety of turf conditions. With less bounce in the heel of the club and more in the toe, players can experience a better feel and decreased vibrations.

    In addition to these innovations, the Titleist T200 and T300 irons have added innovations to preserve that power and distance.

    Multi-Material Makeup Enhances Look and Feel

    A multi-material construction helps the T-Series irons make the biggest impact at, well, impact. The design and construction add necessary weight and shaping to ensure a powerful end result, sending the ball farther and faster. This also adds flexibility and workability.

    This makeup also helps the golf clubs retain that natural look, sound and feel commonplace with the best Titleist irons.

    Max Impact Technology (Max Impact 2.0) Improves Powerful Consistency

    This innovative integration emphasizes performance, sending golf balls farther than ever before. Max Impact prioritizes playability, performance and overall power, creating a clubface that can achieve amazing results even on some miss-hits.

    A polymer core behind the thin face of the T200, T300 and T400 irons preserves sound and vibration, dispersing power across the face for consistency and accuracy.

    Super Slim L-Face Makes for a Forgiving Iron in the T400

    When it comes to the Titleist T400 irons, a slim, sleek L-face is designed to maximize distance, with the lower edge of the clubface wrapping underneath the head for added smoothness and traction-fighting capabilities. This, combined with an innovative split sole, ensures you don’t lose power, grip or force as you cut through debris.


    Comparing the Titleist T-Series Line of Irons

    Titleist T-Series irons pack a punch, providing players with irons that maximize launch, distance and loft for improved performance from start to finish. But while golfers can’t go wrong with Titleist irons in general, it’s important to find golf clubs that meet your unique needs. And with the T-Series, there is definitely an iron set for everyone.

    For tour players and those with low handicaps, Titleist T100, Titleist T150 and Titleist T100S irons are the perfect option thanks to their workability and shot-shaping capabilities. But when looking at Titleist T100 vs. Titleist T100S, the T100S having a stronger loft for more distance thanks to the two-degree shift.

    The Titleist T200 irons are much more forgiving than the T100 models, built for mid-handicap players focused on a classic feel. The T300 irons come equipped with added power thanks to technological advancements, making them even more forgiving than the T200 irons and great for mid to high handicap players.

    The Titleist T350 and T400 irons are the most forgiving of the entire T-Series lineup. These irons are extremely versatile, adding power and distance to your next shot. These Titleist irons are best for high handicap players.

    Here’s a quick breakdown:

    • The T100 is suitable for golfers with a handicap index of 10 or lower for men, and 18 or lower for women.
    • The T150 and T100S are suitable for golfers with a handicap index of 11 to 20 for men, and 19 to 28 for women.
    • The T200 is suitable for golfers with a handicap index of 11 to 20 for men, and 19 to 28 for women.
    • The T350 and T400 are suitable for golfers with a handicap index of 21 or higher for men, and 29 or higher for women.

    Of course, these are only rough estimates based on averages. The best way to find out which model suits you best is to go for a fitting session with a professional club fitter who can assess your swing speed, launch angle, spin rate, ball flight and other factors.

    Let’s dive deeper into each of the models.

    Meet the Titleist T-Series Irons

    Below, we’ll compare the T-Series irons by feature, technology and handicap.

    Titleist T100 Irons for Low Handicaps

    The Titleist T100 irons were built with winning in mind. These sleek, forged irons are the perfect choice for players with low handicaps looking to perfect their shot and work the irons to their specific gameplay needs.

    Strategic bounce designs, creative weighting and an aerodynamic, tour-level shape all come together to create a precision-focused iron set for those looking to lower their scores at an already high level of play.


    Titleist T150 Irons Perfect for Game Improvement

    The T150 is a new addition to the T-Series family and fits between the T100 and T200 models in terms of looks, forgiveness and overall performance. It has a slightly larger footprint than the T100, which gives more confidence at address and more margin for error on off-center hits.

    The T150 also has a muscle channel that is positioned closer to the face and a thicker rear bar that creates a higher launch and more ball speed. The T150 has the same loft specs as the previous T100s, but it offers more distance and forgiveness without sacrificing feel or control. The T150 is suitable for mid handicap players who want a versatile iron that can handle any shot on the course.


    Titleist T100S Irons Perfect for Tour Players

    The Titleist T100S irons are similar to their T100 counterparts, built for low handicap and tour players who want to push the needle a little farther on their golf game. The T100S iron set is two degrees stronger than the T100, providing even more distance while also offering that same, classic Titleist feel throughout your swing.

    The Titleist T100S irons were created to take your game to a whole new level while also adding a touch of forgiveness to ensure consistency shot after shot.


    Titleist T200 for Mid Handicaps

    Thanks to the Max Impact addition to the Titleist T200 irons, these golf clubs are a powerhouse for the average golfer. Expect improved distance, enhanced accuracy and consistency and more flexibility and forgiveness if you’re a mid handicap player looking to improve.


    Titleist T300 for Mid to High Handicaps

    For players in the mid to high handicap range, the Titleist T300 irons are a great choice. This iron set comes equipped with all of the technologies of the previous lines and then some. A mid-sized face, Max Impact technology and innovative construction provide added forgiveness for players looking to hit farther, but that want a little more room for error.


    Titleist T350 For Optimal Forgiveness

    The T350 is another new model in the T-Series lineup and it's designed for maximum forgiveness and easy launch. It has a wide sole and a low center of gravity that boost ball speed, distance and launch angle. The T350 also has a super-thin forged face with max impact technology that enhances speed and feel on every shot.

    The T350 has an average of 167 grams of tungsten per head, which is the most in any Titleist iron ever. This makes the T350 extremely stable and forgiving on mishits. The T350 is ideal for high-handicap players who want an iron that makes golf easier and more fun.


    Titleist T400 for High Handicaps

    The Titleist T400 irons are an all-around rockstar choice for high handicap players looking to move the ball farther and faster with more consistency. Embedded with Max Impact, a unique Slim L Face and powerful multi-material construction, the T400 irons give you the freedom and flexibility to improve your game with an iron set that’s built to strengthen all aspects of your game.

    If you’re looking for an aesthetically-pleasing, game-winning iron to help you improve your overall performance, you would be happy to have this model in your golf bag.


    How to Find the Best Titleist T-Series Iron for You

    Titleist T-Series irons come in a variety of models, making it difficult to decide which iron set is right for you. But GlobalGolf is here to help.

    USelect® Connects You With Customized Golf Club Recommendations

    Our USelect® iron selector tool is extremely helpful by personalizing golf gear recommendations. We know finding the right golf clubs can be a challenge, so we’ve made it even easier to connect you with the drivers, irons, putters and more that will help you round out your golf bag. Use our Titleist iron selector tool to find your match.

    UTry® To Make Your Gear Decisions Easier

    Are you interested in trying before you buy? UTry® makes that dream a reality. With this handy GlobalGolf offering, you can try out a set of Titleist irons at home for 14 days before deciding to pull the trigger on a purchase. If you’re not sure which iron set is right for you, this is a great way to choose with confidence.

    Trade In GolfClubs With U-Trade-In®

    If you’re ready to give your current golf clubs a new home, GlobalGolf is here to help. Our U-Trade-In® option gives you the opportunity to send in your used Titleist irons for an account credit that can be used to make purchases on the GlobalGolf site. Don’t let your golf clubs collect dust in the back of a closet — there’s always another player out there that can use them.

    Get Your Hands on Used Golf Clubs for Less

    GlobalGolf has the largest selection of used golf clubs that are perfect for beginner golfers and avid players alike. Buying used golf clubs is easier than ever before and is a great way to upgrade your Titleist iron set without paying top dollar.


    Hit the Golf Course With Titleist T-Series Irons From GlobalGolf

    Titleist Golf is a tried and true expert when it comes to golf clubs, and their T-Series irons are no exception.

    These powerful, performance-enhancing irons infuse advanced technologies throughout the clubhead to create a robust design that can help you achieve lower scores.

    Not only that, but the T-Series line comes equipped with an array of models for a variety of skill sets. Whether you’re a low handicap or a high handicap golfer, there’s an iron set that can help you ace your next shot.

    Whether you’re looking for the latest models or you want to try out other lines, GlobalGolf can make your golf dream a reality.

    All that’s left to do is find the Titleist irons that meet your needs.