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    Pro Tip: Titleist TSi Drivers Comparison

    Pro Tip: Titleist TSi Drivers Comparison

    The Titleist TSi drivers bring the distance. Each of the four models’ designs focuses on how to gain you distance from wherever you are in your golf journey. Whether you’re a beginner golfer or a tour player, you can find your Titleist driver in this line.

    The Titleist TSi release date was in 2020 and 2021 depending on the model, making these drivers one of the more recent offerings. With upgraded technologies and advanced designs in each model, we’re going to compare and contrast the four models - the TSi1, TSi2, TSi3 and TSi4 - and help you figure out which one belongs in your golf bag - and why.

    Plus, we’ll share some tips on how to save money without sacrificing performance.


    What Technology is in the Titleist TSi Drivers?

    Titleist Golf pushes the distance gains in the TSi drivers through stability, weighting and clubhead shape. Let’s dive in.

    Titleist TSi1 Driver for High Handicaps

    The Titleist TSi1 driver has a lightweight design that is key for gaining distance when you have a higher handicap and/or slower swing speed. By making the TSi driver lighter, you don’t have to change your swing to get a few extra yards off the tee - the golf club does all the work for you.

    Another design aspect that helps you achieve more distance is the weight positioning. With a deep-set CG (center of gravity), you’ll find a higher launch and faster ball speeds; when you hit the golf ball higher, faster, you’ll increase your carry distance.

    While that sounds like the perfect formula for success for any player, the Titleist TSi1 driver is still better for those with slower swing speeds because if you are a low to mid handicap player hitting this driver, you’ll likely hit it too high thanks to the increased spin and lose distance. It’s all about finding the right balance to optimize your trajectory.

    One additional feature that makes the Titleist TSi1 driver stand out for higher handicaps is the adjustability that typically only comes with drivers geared toward lower handicaps.


    Titleist TSi2 Driver for Mid to High Handicaps

    Say you fall into that second range where you’re a mid handicap or even a higher handicap with a more powerful swing speed - this is where the Titleist TSi2 driver comes into play.

    With the same lower CG weighting as the TSi1, the TSi2 driver carries the standard weight and leverages its Speed Optimized MOI technology (moment of inertia). With a hot clubface made with ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium, you’ll find more distance through increased ball speeds and stability provided by the MOI design.

    When you compare the Titleist TSi1 vs. TSi2 drivers, it really comes down to swing speed; if you’re on the slower end of the spectrum, take advantage of the lightweight design to boost your distance. If you’re on the faster side and are looking for a competitive edge, the hotter clubface and increased MOI give you the opportunity to swing fast without the fear of losing accuracy.


    Titleist TSi3 Driver for Mid to Low Handicaps

    If you’re ready to bomb your drives off the tee and have more control over the shot shape, you’ll love the Titleist TSi3 driver. This driver is also touted for its stability, meaning you’ll be consistently hitting it further when you choose the TSi3. The titanium clubface that you see in the TSi2 driver also pushes the ball speed to go that extra distance.

    Comparing the Titleist TSi3 vs. TSi2 drivers, you’ll find the TSi3 driver is more adjustable, making it easier to customize your CG position to better optimize your ball flight. On the flip side, the Titleist TSi3 driver is not as forgiving as the TSi1 and TSi2, so that’s why mid to low handicaps will likely be more accurate with this extra distance.


    Titleist TSi4 Driver for Low Handicaps

    Lastly, we have the Titleist TSi4 drivers. These are the Titleist golf drivers that you’ll see on tour thanks to their piercing ball flights. The low spin in these drivers increases distance and accuracy thanks to that more optimized, stable launch angle.

    More spin means more variability - especially with fast swing speeds - and tour players want to have as much under control as they can. That’s why Titleist Golf put the CG more forward in this driver, decreasing spin and simultaneously decreasing loft; you’ll want to have a good handle on your golf swing and swing speed if you’re putting this driver into your bag.

    Aside from the different CG positioning, the main difference when comparing the Titleist TSi4 vs. TSi3 driver is the more compact clubhead; this is a typical find in the golf bag of any tour player or highly skilled amateur.


    Adjusting the Titleist TSi Driver Settings

    With the Titleist TSi drivers having adjustable hosel settings, you may be wondering how to set them. In our Titleist SureFit Hosel Adjustment Guide, you’ll notice there are a combination of lie and loft angles that can be customized to fit your swing; these Titleist TSi driver settings will affect your ball flight, whether you’re looking to fix your slice or launch the golf ball higher off the tee.

    The charts above note the options for both right-handed and left-handed Titleist drivers.

    What’s the Difference Between Titleist TS and TSi Drivers?

    A common question we’re asked is around the differences between the Titleist TS and TSi drivers. The first difference is that the Titleist TSi drivers were released in 2020-2021, whereas the TS drivers were introduced in 2018-2019. In both debuts, the TS2/TSi2 and TS3/TSi3 drivers were released first, then the TS1/TSi1 and TS4/TSi4 drivers the following year.

    While the technology in the TSi drivers - like the titanium clubface - is a bit more advanced than what you’d find in the TS drivers, they are both great tools for increasing distance off the tee and follow the same naming convention so you know the TS4 driver’s evolution is the TSi4 driver.

    The Titleist TS drivers may have been more focused on speed than distance, but speed contributes to distance in many ways, and the technology in the TSi line now has incorporated those speed enhancements to complement their distance innovations.



    Finding the Right Titleist Driver for You

    Now that you have a solid background on the Titleist TSi line, we want to make sure you feel confident about which drivers belong in your bag. If, after reviewing the Titleist drivers by handicap, you’re still uncertain, check out USelect®.

    USelect® is a Titleist driver selector tool that instantaneously generates personalized recommendations based on your game and feedback. Our staff of PGA Professionals will ensure you’re getting the best options for your game.

    Once you’ve narrowed down your selection, don’t forget to take advantage of UTry®, where you can truly try before you buy. For 14 days, take your top Titleist driver choices out on the golf course, to the driving range or even to a lesson and spend some quality time with these golf clubs before you click “Buy.”

    Now that you have a Titleist driver in mind, GlobalGolf also wants to help you save money. The first way you can do that is by using UTrade-In® to calculate the best market value of your current driver or set of golf clubs; you can then trade in your golf clubs and use that credit towards your next purchase.

    The second way to save money is to buy a used Titleist driver. Buying a Titleist driver used - whether it’s the current model or one from a prior season - is a simple way to upgrade your bag without the high price tag. GlobalGolf’s Certified Preowned process ensures the used golf clubs are thoroughly vetted, cleaned and categorized so you know the exact condition you’re receiving.

    The Titleist TSi drivers are a fantastic addition to anyone’s bag once you figure out the right model for you. Enjoy the extra distance when you tee off with Titleist.