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  • Pro Tip: Compare Top Callaway Irons from Apex to Rogue ST to Paradym

    Updated: Mar 29, 2023
    Pro Tip: Compare Top Callaway Irons from Apex to Epic

    As one of the biggest names in golf, Callaway Golf has proved time and again that it offers more than just drivers. Since its inception in the 1980s, Callaway has always been at the forefront of innovation and high performance.

    Most recently, that means developing golf clubs using the incredible insights and precision of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to run simulations of new club face designs to see possible performance outcomes and narrow in on the design that will yield the best results.

    The top Callaway irons were incredibly high performing even before the company started using A.I. technology in their development. To gain a full understanding of the lines of Callaway irons by year and model, we’ve outlined where Callaway has been and where the company’s irons are now.

    Use this information to determine the best Callaway iron set for your game or consider which line of Callaway preowned irons could be just the thing to put your performance over the edge without overspending.

    From the original Callaway Apex irons through Callaway Rogue ST and everything in between, this is your definitive guide to Callaway iron sets comparisons.


    The Most Popular Callaway Irons By Year

    Callaway irons continue to advance in technology with each new line. Over the years Callaway has released all new lines of iron sets and also released, re-worked and re-imagined versions of previous lines. Below, we list the Callaway iron models by year in more depth, but here’s a general review of the lines’ different release dates:

    • Apex irons: 2013, 2015, 2019, 2020, 2021
    • Epic irons: 2017, 2019, 2022
    • Rogue irons: 2018, 2022
    • MAVRIK irons: 2020, 2022
    • Paradym irons: 2023

    Callaway irons continue to advance in technology with each new line. Over the years Callaway has released all new lines of iron sets and also released, re-worked and re-imagined versions of previous lines.

    To better understand the traits of each line of irons by Callaway, the ways they differ from each other and how updated releases advance the original technology, read our breakdown.

    Callaway Apex Irons

    The release of the original Apex iron set was in 2013, but Callaway Golf released new and improved versions of the Apex irons in 2015, 2019, 2020 and 2021. The Apex line is perhaps the most well known line of Callaway’s iron sets. How did Callaway advance Apex this many times? Let's start with the foundation of the Apex technology.

    The original Callaway Apex irons were considered by many to be game improvement irons, but in reality, they have a lot to offer golfers of every level. They’re true distance irons with a forged carbon steel head that offers a responsive feel - you can expect incredible ball speeds and reliable ball flight.

    They quickly became a favorite iron by golfers and their many iterations have improved upon the first high-performance version. In each new iteration, Callaway Apex irons have always featured a forged feel and look that guarantee incredible distance.

    The Callaway Apex irons released in 2021 brought the original technology to a whole new level, becoming Callaway’s first forged irons designed using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to develop and test the best possible design.

    The main models of the 2021 Apex line include the Apex DCB, a game improvement iron with great forgiveness for mid to high handicap players, and the Apex TCB and Apex 21 Pro, which are all suited for the very best players.

    For low to mid handicap players choosing between these latter Apex 21 models, it’s important to note that they all pack a powerful punch; in fact, Jon Rahm won the 2021 U.S. Open Championship using the Apex TCB irons. You can’t argue with that.


    Callaway Epic Irons

    There may be no other name more synonymous with Callaway golf clubs than “Big Bertha,” and that’s not just for drivers. The Callaway Epic line is an extension of the Callaway Big Bertha iron sets that Callaway offered from the 1990s all the way through the early 2010s. The GBB Epic irons released in 2017 (that’s ‘Great Big Bertha’ Epic) took all that made Big Bertha reliable and took it a step further.

    Callaway Epic irons give players a high level of forgiveness along with the expected distance and ball speeds of any Callaway iron set. One thing you can count on from Callaway is consistent and reliable game improvement iron options, and that’s certainly true for the many iterations of the Epic line, which have continued to be released as recently as 2022.

    These most recent versions of the Callaway Epic irons include the Epic and Epic Star irons of 2019 and the most recent addition of the Epic MAX Star in 2022. The Epic Star irons and Epic MAX Star are the best pick for high handicap players due to the high level of forgiveness.

    The Epic MAX Star irons notably incorporate the A.I. designed Flash Face technology for more precision in locating the clubhead’s center of gravity, making it the ultimate game-improvement club in the Epic line.


    Callaway Rogue Irons

    Callaway made a splash with the 2018 release of the Callaway Rogue irons. Created with the best players in mind, the line was designed with a compact head to create truly workable irons that allowed for trajectory control and instant feedback. With the golf club’s fast face and better control over the CG location, players experience incredible ball speed with an all around better feel.

    In 2022, Callaway released the Callaway Rogue ST line. With the Rogue ST line, A.I. technology played a major role in development. While the Callaway Rogue irons are suited for low handicap players, the Callaway Rogue ST line was specifically developed as a set of game improvement irons. Players can expect the playability, high launch and exceptional forgiveness that mid to high handicap golfers seek.

    Of all Callaway irons, the Callaway Rogue ST MAX irons deliver the strongest lofts.This really comes into play when you’d prefer to hit a 5-iron over a hybrid or fairway wood into the green.

    Beginner golfers should rely on Callaway Rogue ST MAX OS irons, however, these irons are also built for high launch, but they help with other areas of the game, too - like ball striking - due to wider soles. The Rogue ST MAX OS Lite also comes in a light version for players who want that extra bit of swing speed.

    The Apex irons compare to both the Rogue and Rogue ST irons. When you’re looking at the Callaway Apex vs. Rogue irons, you’ll notice that the Rogue irons are more forgiving and have more offset. The same can be said when comparing the Apex 21 vs. Rogue ST MAX irons, though the Apex 21 irons lean toward better feel while the Rogue ST irons lean toward more distance.


    Callaway MAVRIK Irons

    If you’re looking for an iron set to help you go the distance, Callaway MAVRIK irons should be at the top of your list. Released in 2020, these irons make great use of Callaway’s Flash Face technology to consistently deliver long distances, helping you get closer to the green than ever before.

    Generally recommended for players with an 8-20 handicap, these dependable irons can still come in handy for any player looking for distance.

    The technology speaks for itself. Each iron features an individualized face. For those who are resistant to the feeling of too much vibration, the Callaway MAVRIK irons have a layer of urethane that prevents vibrations from going up into your arms, emitting only the best feeling by absorbing vibrations with every swing.

    Another model in the MAVRIK line is the Callaway MAVRIK Pro, which is for players with lower handicaps. Featuring largely the same technology, including the Flash Face, the MAVRIK Pro features a more compact head to provide better players with an exceptionally workable iron.

    In 2022, Callaway released the MAVRIK 22 irons, which carry the same principles of the MAVRIK irons but with an optimized A.I. upgrade. Feel and forgiveness have been increased in this version without losing distance.

    When you compare the 2021 Callaway Apex vs. MAVRIK irons, you’ll notice they both have game improvement and players options. However, if you’re looking for more forgiveness, you’ll want to go the MAVRIK route.


    Callaway Paradym Irons

    Released in 2023 with a completely redone A.I. design, the Callaway Paradym irons are a revolutionary breakthrough. With a forged clubface, extreme weighting and stronger lofts, these Callaway irons deliver increased ball speeds, stability and distance.

    There are two sets of irons in this line. The Paradym irons are for low handicap players, as they create more spin at impact and give you more control over your shot shape. The Callaway Paradym X irons are for mid to high handicap players and have that extra weight to help launch the golf ball higher, faster; these irons are also more forgiving thanks to the thicker clubhead and offset.

    While there’s a more in-depth Callaway irons comparison below, here are a couple quick notes around the Paradym line based on popular questions:

    • Paradym vs. Rogue ST irons: The Paradym irons have maximized the Rogue ST’s A.I. design and have a forged face instead of the Rogue ST’s Flash Face. Both of these Callaway iron sets are packed with technology and a pure feel.
    • Paradym vs. Apex irons: Callaway’s Apex 21 irons were the first forged irons with A.I. technology and Paradym has taken that design to an entirely new level. They both have options for every handicap, making the decision around the newer technology and price point. With the Paradym irons, you’ll likely see more accuracy and distance.


    Comparing the Top Callaway Irons

    It can feel overwhelming with so many choices of Callaway irons sets, but the most important takeaway is that you really can’t go wrong with Callaway. The brand makes irons for every type of player with technology that’s getting better and better every year. One of the best ways to choose is to narrow in on the right Callaway irons for your handicap.

    Players looking for a true performance improvement iron set should consider Callaway Rogue ST irons or Callaway Epic irons. These clubs put forgiveness front and center and feature design elements to improve your game all around, making it easier to hit the ball the way you want and get the most out of your golf clubs. The Callaway Paradym X irons can be included in this mix as well, though increased ball speeds and distance gains continue to be the main design driver.

    For more advanced players who are looking for precision and control, look to the Callaway Apex irons, specifically the Apex TCB or Apex 21 Pro, or the Callaway Rogue ST Pro or Paradym irons. With compact clubheads and incredible control and feedback, these golf clubs allow the most skilled players to shape their ball flight and trajectory better than ever.

    If distance is the most important thing in your game, the Callaway Paradym X, Rogue ST MAX or MAVRIK irons are the clear choice. These iron sets utilize advanced A.I. technology to offer the best possible clubhead for distance, and the number of choices means there’s a golf club for every handicap level that seeks to go as far as possible.

    Consider Buying Used Callaway Irons

    As if you needed one more buying decision to make, it’s quite a savvy move to purchase used Callaway irons. Even previous season Callaway irons can yield savings, and in many cases you’re getting advanced technology in virtually new conditions. Callaway preowned irons are a secret to getting top quality clubs in great condition for much lower prices than brand new models

    At GlobalGolf, you can use USelect® and UTry® to assess your game and ensure you’re getting the right irons for you. Trading in your current of irons with UTrade-In® can also help upgrade your game while lowering the price tag.