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    Pro Tip: Comparing Every Callaway Epic Driver Model

    Updated: Mar 20, 2023
    Pro Tip: Comparing Every Callaway Epic Driver Model

    With their unique approach to clubhead design, Callaway drivers continuously raise the bar, and never was that more apparent when they introduced the Great Big Bertha Epic Callaway driver in 2017. The Jailbreak technologies and need-for-speed abilities made the Callaway Epic driver a sight to behold. Since then, Callaway Golf has released evolved models thanks to their use of A.I. technology and continues to push boundaries.

    In this head-to-head comparison, we’re breaking down what made each iteration of the Epic Callaway driver unique, the features of each model and which of these Callaway drivers might be the right pick for you. From the Epic Speed vs. Epic Max driver to the Epic Flash vs. Epic Speed driver, we’ll cover them all and give a brief nod to the popular MAVRIK line and how you should think about the MAVRIK vs. Epic Flash driver.


    Callaway GBB Epic Driver – New Technology for Stability

    One of the most iconically known Callaway drivers is the Big Bertha driver. Originally released in 1991, Callaway continued to tinker with the design and improve this driver for decades. In 2017, a new iteration was released: the Great Big Bertha Epic. It went on to become the best-selling driver in 2017.

    This is the very first driver of the Callaway Epic line, bridging the Big Bertha drivers and the subsequent Callaway Epic drivers. Callaway has a reputation for fast driver faces, and the Great Big Bertha Epic, or GBB Epic driver, is no exception.

    This club introduced Callaway’s Jailbreak technology, which is two 3g titanium bars in the body of the club right behind the face, which helps make the structure of the clubhead more stable. This allows for more flexibility, leading to greater ball speed.

    The GBB Epic also consisted of a thinner crown, leading to a lower CG (center of gravity) and better forgiveness while making the clubhead lighter. This would become a pattern in the rest of the Callaway Epic drivers.


    Callaway Epic Driver Models

    With the release of the GBB Epic, there was also the Great Big Bertha Epic Sub Zero and the great Big Bertha Epic Star.

    The GBB Epic Sub Zero was touted as Callaway’s lowest spinning driver when it was released. It has incredible forgiveness, plus increased ball speed brought about by the thin clubface and Jailbreak technology in the GBB Epic. This Callaway driver also delivers low spin, which is great for low handicap players.


    The GBB Epic Star, on the other hand, is a great option for higher handicap players looking to hit it further but with better overall control. The GBB Epic Star does this with an ultra-lightweight feel, making it easier to swing than the other drivers in the line if you have a slower or more moderate swing speed.


    Callaway Epic Flash Driver – The Beginning of A.I. Technology

    The Callaway Epic Flash driver was released in 2019. The “flash” part of the name comes from the club's super speedy Flash Face technology. Callaway Golf used A.I. technology to generate the fastest club faces possible, which resulted in 15,000 prototypes on their computer.

    Eventually, the A.I. technology continued to put each face through simulations, narrowing the fastest design down to one: the Flash Face design. This was Callaway’s first A.I. designed golf club, and they haven’t looked back since.

    As you can imagine, the Flash Face dramatically improves ball speed. Not only that, but the distance gains as a result of the speed are sure to impress any golfer looking to hit farther. There’s a sliding 16-gram weight that gives you total control over the shape of your fall flight, allowing you to promote either draws or fades.

    In addition to the Flash Face, the Callaway Epic Flash uses internal vertical Jailbreak bars to reinforce the face and offer stability, helping to reinforce the face and promote ball speed.


    Callaway Epic Flash Driver Models

    The other models released with the Callaway Epic Flash driver include the Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero and the Callaway Epic Flash Star.

    The Sub Zero model is the line’s version of a low-spin driver, ideal for players with fast swing speeds looking for a more piercing trajectory off the tee. This is Callaway’s first low-spin model to feature an adjustable weight.


    The Callaway Epic Flash Star, on the other hand, has a fixed hosel system, meaning there’s no adjustable weight. This is an option for higher handicap players who want a simplified clubhead that’s also lightweight and uses the advanced clubhead design.


    Callaway Epic Speed Driver – Speed Plus Forgiveness

    Callaway Golf dropped the next line of Epic drivers in 2021 with the release of the Callaway Epic Speed driver, as well as the Callaway Epic MAX, Callaway Epic MAX Star and Callaway Epic MAX LS drivers. Like the Callaway Epic Flash driver, these Callaway drivers were developed using A.I. technology to explore a huge number of prototypes in order to identify the best possible club face for speed and distance.

    What has changed in the Callaway Epic Speed driver, which is still primarily focused on speed and distance like the Callaway Epic Flash, is the addition of forgiveness and stability, as well as even faster ball speeds.

    Like the Callaway Epic Flash, the Callaway Epic Speed incorporates a vertical Jailbreak Speed Frame that offers additional strength and stability, but this time it extends horizontally and offers torsional, or twisting, stability. This makes it all that much easier to hit it in play even when you hit the ball slightly off center.


    Callaway Epic MAX Drivers

    The Callaway Epic MAX driver is particularly suited for mid to high handicap players for whom forgiveness is the number one priority. The clubhead is slightly larger, which contributes to a higher launch and incredible forgiveness. Another option for higher handicap players who might be looking for a lightweight driver that can help them go the distance is the Callaway Epic Speed MAX Star driver.


    Mid to low handicap players who need a lower launch and lower spin should give the Callaway Epic MAX LS a go. It has all of the new technology of the Callaway Epic Speed drivers, but delivers a neutral ball flight, better forgiveness and, of course, the lower spin to get you those distance gains.


    Comparing Callaway Drivers

    Callaway Epic Flash vs. Epic Speed Drivers

    From the outset, these Callaway Epic driver lines have many similarities. They were both developed using incredibly smart A.I. to produce a Flash Face for speed and distance. The Callaway Epic Speed driver, though, also made incremental changes to the design to help bolster stability and forgiveness, namely additional bars in the Jailbreak technology and the overall update of the Flash Face originally developed for the Callaway Epic Flash Drivers.

    Another key difference between these lines are the types of golf clubs available. The Callaway Epic Flash driver line features the Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero and the Callaway Epic Flash Star, which are this line's answers to a low spin driver for low handicap players and an option for higher handicap players.

    The Callaway Epic Speed drivers, on the other hand, have a wider breadth of options. There is a low spin option in the Callaway Epic Speed MAX LS driver, but higher handicap players have two options depending on what they’re looking for.

    The Callaway Epic MAX driver is ideal for increased forgiveness with all the distance and speed of the Callaway Epic Speed, while the Callaway Epic Speed MAX Star is a great lightweight option for senior golfers or anyone looking to play with lightweight clubs.

    Callaway MAVRIK vs. Epic Flash Drivers

    Stepping away from the Epic Callaway drivers for a moment, we can also compare another popular Callaway line of drivers, which is the Callaway MAVRIK line. The Callaway MAVIRK driver, which was released in 2020, also incorporates key Callaway driver technology, namely the Flash Face and Jailbreak technology.

    In the MAVRIK vs. Epic Flash showdown, however, the MAVRIK surpasses the Epic Flash in the number of models. While the Callaway Epic Flash only has two other models, like the Callaway Epic Speed, there are four total MAVRIK driver options depending on your handicap or performance preferences.

    These include the Callaway MAVRIK driver, Callaway MAVRIK MAX driver, Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver and the Callaway MAVRIK 22 driver. The latter is actually the same clubhead as the Callaway MAVRIK driver, but with an updated shaft.

    Choosing the Epic Callaway Driver For You

    When all is said and done and you’re weighing the Epic Flash vs. Epic MAX or even the Epic MAX vs. Epic Speed, take inventory of what you’re looking for most in a driver. All of the Callaway Epic drivers promote distance and speed, but if you also want additional forgiveness or maybe lower spin, look into the additional models in each line.

    Each new iteration is going to have more advanced, updated technology, but if you’re looking for the best price, you can’t go wrong with a pre-owned model, like a used Callaway Epic Flash driver.

    If you want our PGA Professionals to recommend the right Callaway Epic driver for you, our driver selector tool - USelect® - will generate suggestions based on your game and goals. If you’d like to try Callaway drivers on your own local golf course, UTry® is the perfect way to ensure you’re getting the exact performance you need so you feel confident in your purchase and brand selection.