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  • Pro Tip: Titleist SM9 Wedges Make Short Game a Breeze

    Pro Tip: Gain Control with the Titleist SM9 Wedge

    Ever since Titleist Golf revolutionized the golf ball, they’ve been setting new standards for golf equipment, including their new SM9 wedges. From powerful drivers to advanced irons, Titleist golf clubs are renowned by tour pros and amateurs alike. One of the most widely regarded Titleist Golf offerings, however, is their innovative wedges.

    In 2004, they introduced the Titleist Vokey wedge, named for Bob Vokey who designed and produced them. Titleist Vokey wedges are well-respected clubs and are known for their superior craftsmanship and design.

    Now with the latest edition, the Titleist SM9 wedge, fans of the Vokey wedges will find even more innovation. According to Bob Vokey himself, “With SM9, you’re going to hit it closer to the hole, more often.”

    Any golfer knows that having the right wedge can make or break a round, whether you need to rescue your ball out of a bunker or increase your chances of saving par with an accurate chip shot. But not all wedges are created equal, and knowing how to select the right grind in addition to the right wedge is critical.

    GlobalGolf has everything you need to know about the newest Titleist SM9 wedge and the different grinds available.

    What Sets the Titleist SM9 Wedge Apart

    The first part of the Titleist SM9’s design to take note of is the fact that the forward center of gravity (CG) has been raised. Raising the height of the CG in higher lofts results in a lower, more controlled ball flight; it also increases the moment of inertia (MOI), helping you hit more solidly on the clubface.

    Another trick up the Titleist SM9’s sleeve are the grooves on the clubface, which have been cut specifically to maximize spin, helping the ball fly through the air and not only land where you want it close to the hole, but also keep it there. Each groove is cut specifically based on the golf club’s loft and finish.

    With different grinds available in the Titleist SM9 wedge, you have every shot option at your fingertips. Each grind has been crafted with certain conditions and players in mind, ensuring there’s a proper choice for everyone.

    Titleist Wedge Grind Options

    When it comes to choosing Titleist wedges, you also need to pick the right grind for your game. With the Titleist SM9 wedge, you have six different grinds to choose from. The main differences between them have to do with the golf course conditions you’re playing on, your golf swing and your preferred shot around the greens. Here are the differences between each grind in the Titleist SM9 series.

    Titleist Wedge F Grind

    Titleist Vokey SM9 Tour Chrome F Grind Wedge

    This is the most popular Titleist Golf sand wedge on the PGA Tour, which makes sense since it’s an all-purpose grind that you can use for most shots. It’s intended for powerful, full swings. This is a particularly good choice for players who like a more traditional wedge sole.


    Titleist Wedge M Grind

    Titleist Vokey SM9 Tour Chrome M Grind Wedge

    If you tend to rotate your clubface open when using a Titleist Vokey wedge or have more of a shallow, sweeping swing, then the highly versatile M grind is best for you because it can be used to play shots from several different clubface positions.


    Titleist Wedge S Grind

    Titleist Vokey SM9 Tour Chrome S Grind Wedge

    For the player who wants utmost control over their loft, the Titleist Golf S grind is going to have a fast, versatile feel through the turf and works best on neutral to firm course conditions. This grind works best for square shots and full-faced shots. Players with mid to shallow golf swings will see the best results.


    Titleist Wedge D Grind

    Titleist Vokey SM9 Tour Chrome D Grind Wedge

    If you hit your shots from different clubface positions from a steep angle, you probably need a Titleist SM9 wedge grind with plenty of forgiveness and high bounce. If you’re on the steep side in your delivery, then the D grind is the pick for you.


    Titleist Wedge K Grind

    Titleist Vokey SM9 Tour Chrome K Grind Wedge

    When you’re stuck in a bunker, you’ll want to reach for the Titleist SM9 K grind, which has the highest bounce of them all. It gives you all the forgiveness you could want when you’re playing on soft sand or turf.


    Titleist Wedge L Grind

    Titleist Vokey SM9 Tour Chrome L Grind Wedge

    If you’re playing with your Titleist SM9 wedge on firm course conditions and want low bounce, try the L grind. It’s best for high trajectory and has the least amount of forgiveness of the grinds. Be warned: it’s best suited for players who are very precise and who will be able to use the grind’s versatility to its fullest potential.


    Choosing the Right Titleist Wedge For You

    If you don’t already know your preferred chip shots or the types of conditions you typically play before you choose a Titleist SM9 wedge, that’s okay. GlobalGolf wants you to feel great about our purchase, which is why we’ve developed several services to help you determine the right club for your game.

    If you have an inkling about which grind sounds like what you need in your golf bag, you can try it out on your home course through UTry®. If you still need some help determining which wedge is best for you, get assessed through USelect™ and get personalized recommendations based on your preferences of groove designs, wedge aesthetics more.

    Let’s not forget that purchasing preowned Titleist golf clubs can save you a lot of money. And if you use a service like UTrade-In™, you can trade in your current set of clubs and get credit towards your next purchase.

    When it comes down to getting yourself out of a tricky bunker or getting yourself onto the green, having the right wedge is crucial. Give the Titleist SM9 wedge a try and see if you can best your scrambling stats.