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    Pro Tip - Choose the Best Golf Bag for You

    Updated: Mar 29, 2023
    Pro Tip What’s the Best Golf Bag for You?

    When you get right down to it, your golf bag is like your best friend or loyal canine companion. It’s never out of sight or shouting distance. And your golf bag keeps your golfing possessions safe, organized and (relatively) clean.

    That's why it's important to know which type of golf bag(s) work best for you.To choose the right golf bag, you need to think about where, when and how often you play.

    Functionality is the key factor when selecting a golf bag. Are you a walker, rider or both? Do you feel the need to store extra clothing and accessories such as rain gear, a GPS/rangefinder or an umbrella?

    Answering these types of questions will help determine which golf bag(s) will best suit your game.

    Let's take a closer look at the most common types of golf bags. Whether you’re a lady or a gentleman, at least one of the options below will fit your needs. While ladies golf bags carry all the same features, GlobalGolf has offerings just for you. Plus, we have junior-style bags that will get your kids excited about playing golf.

    Types of Golf Bags

    Staff Bags

    Staff bags are the Rolls-Royce of golf bags. They’re luxurious, roomy, expensive, and conspicuous. Typically, you’ll see pros using staff bags on Tour. This is mostly for brand visibility, as the huge logos on the sides can’t be missed when a player has his or her picture taken or is shown on TV. Most of these tour-level golf bags are highly customizable and prominently display Callaway, Mizuno or Titleist logos.

    Staff bags are an ideal way to execute business on the golf course. Maintain a clean and professional look in more ways than one. Using a staff bag will not only make you look like a golf pro, but help you feel like one, too. Staff bags provide the ultimate confidence boost on the course.

    GlobalGolf Pro Tip: Seen frequently on Tour are Cobra staff bags. The newest Cobra staff bags have 10 storage pockets, including apparel pockets, a fleece-lined valuables pocket and a magnetic pocket. This Cobra golf bag also features an insulated beverage pouch and an opportunity to personalize your golf bag with your own logo.

    Cobra SZ Staff Bag


    • Spacious
    • Luxurious
    • High quality material
    • Tour-worthy (look like a pro!)
    • Customizable
    • Easier club accessibility/organization
    • Fits on pushcarts and golf carts


    • Heavy
    • Relatively expensive
    • Easier to walk with if you have a caddy
    • More club chatter from clubheads clinging against each other

    Golf Cart Bags

    Cart bags are slightly smaller and noticeably lighter than staff bags.However, if you walk the course using a golf push or pull cart, then cart bags are a great option. And of course, if you ride in a cart, these are perfectly designed for that use (hence the name). Because of their size and intended purpose, we don’t recommend carrying them further than from your car to your cart of choice.

    Cart bags are a fun way to blur the line between professional and personal. With the sophistication of a staff bag and the functionality of a golf stand bag, cart bags are the perfect hybrid. Plus, you can easily display your pride for your favorite college team when you choose a cart bag at GlobalGolf.

    GlobalGolf Pro Tip: Sun Mountain cart bags have become a popular choice thanks to their stylistic designs. At GlobalGolf, you can find a cutting edge cart bag or a classic leather one - whichever you prefer. The leather cart bags come in an assortment of colors and are lighter than the more modern cart golf bags. While some cart bags are 100% leather, some use a canvas hybrid to allow for an even lighter cart golf bag.

    If you are looking for a functional golf bag without all the bells and whistles, consider the Titleist cart bagsThese cart bags typically weigh in at a light 6.5 pounds, even with 11 pockets. The golf bag features a 15-way top with to protect your clubs and reduce club crowding. They also have an integrated cart strap tunnel for easy attachment to your golf cart.

    Team Effort The Bucket II Bag


    • Lighter than a staff bag (6-7 pounds)
    • Easy accessibility
    • Implements rubber or non-slip base to keep golf bag on cart


    • Heavier than typical stand bag
    • Not recommended if prefer to walk the golf course
    • Typically equipped with only one shoulder strap
    • Regularly incurs a golf cart or pushcart rental fee

    Stand Bags

    Stand bags unique design feature is their two retractable legs. These legs allow the bag to stand either completely upright (like a staff bag or cart bag), or on its own, with its two legs extended out to stabilize the golf bag while allowing for easy access to any golf club. When the bag is upright, the legs retract and lie snug against the golf bag.

    Think of these bags as the Swiss Army Knife of golf bags – they are light enough to carry and easy to fit on a golf cart or pushcart. You can take your stand bag with you anywhere no matter how you play!

    GlobalGolf Pro Tip: No company made the stand bag more ubiquitous than PING. Over the years, PING has only improved their stand golf bags, and today, they’re better than ever.

    Some PING stand bags feature a 4-way top for club organization, front-adjusting shoulder pads, new side-release buckle strap connectors that ease on and off, ergonomic straps for carrying, a cushioned hip pad for comfort and a zip-off customizable ball pocket panel. This is in addition to all the pockets you could wish for in a stand bag.

    Another stand bag brand to look for is Titleist. Titleist stand bags are extremely light and are specifically designed for walkers. With the lightest Titleist golf bag weighing in at 2.8 pounds, this stand bag is a walking golfer’s dream.

    Even though the carbon material makes the golf bag lighter than most, Titleist has not sacrificed any important features. You can still find the player-preferred 4-way top cuff as well as the typical water bottle and rangefinder pockets.


    • Lighter than staff and cart bags (5 pounds or less)
    • Easy to carry while walking the golf course
    • No “cart path only” golf with retractable legs attached to your bag
    • Freedom to place bag on any slope
    • Backpack-style shoulder straps for even weight distribution across shoulders
    • Ergonomic features (i.e., hip pad to keep you comfortable as you walk)


    • Retractable legs are damage-prone after frequent use on or off a golf cart
    • Less storage space than its bigger cousins
    • Adding too much weight to stand bags before walking a round can cause back and shoulder ache

    Cary Bags

    Carry bags, also known as Sunday bags, are designed for golfers who want to walk the golf course but don’t necessarily feel the need for a stand bag’s legs. These golf bags are also growing in popularity among golfers who want to carry fewer than the allotted 14 clubs.

    Whether you want to walk the course and practice your short game or know you only need certain clubs to play your home course, this carry bag will make your Sunday nine more enjoyable.

    GlobalGolf Pro Tip:If you want another classic design with old school flavor, consider the Sun Mountain carry bag. The classic leather is reminiscent of legendary golfers like Ben Hogan -- maybe you’ll play like him, too!

    Other modern carry bags from GlobalGolf include brands like Titleist and PING. These popular carry bags feature two straps, as opposed to the one-shoulder strap that typically accompanies the leather carry bags. With these modern takes on the Sunday bag, you can carry your clubs with extreme comfort and convenience.

    Sun Mountain Carry Bag


    • Lightest golf bag option
    • Minimalistic golf bags for consistent golf course walkers
    • Option for classic leather style
    • Encourages exercise without back or shoulder ache
    • Increases pace of play


    • Least amount of storage space
    • Only a 2-way divider for your golf clubs (as opposed to the 4-, 6- or even 14-way dividers other golf bags have)
    • Single strap rather than a backpack double-strap
    • Only some carry bags have retractable legs

    Junior Golf Bags

    Junior Sun Mountain Junior Team Stand Bag

    Junior golf bags are an important aspect to any little golfer’s game. The pride and excitement junior golfers feel when they carry their own clubs to the range can’t be topped. That’s why it’s important to find a bag that fits your junior golfer well. Whether you want to surprise your golfer with a new junior golf bag or are in need of an entire junior club set (golf bag included!), GlobalGolf has you covered.


    Travel Bags & Covers

    Golf travel bags and covers aren't exactly golf bags in the sense that you take them to the golf course every day. Rather, these golf bag covers are designed to enclose and protect your entire bag and golf clubs while traveling. You can even personalize your golf travel bag to help yours stand out at baggage claim!

    Hard Travel Bags

    GlobalGolf Pro Tip: Golf Travel Bags come both hard and soft travel bags. However, the Vault travel bag offers the ultimate golf club protection due to its hard shell and materials. The Vault travel bag also has two premium quality lift handles, making its protective qualities a little more manageable for traveling.

    This hard-sided travel case is extremely durable and features a tongue-and-groove aluminum valance with heavy duty locking latches to ensure only you and TSA are getting into your golf bag.

    The Vault Travel Bag


    • Ultimate golf club protection with either a hard-top cover for the top half of your golf bag or a hard external shell for your entire golf bag.
    • In-line skate wheels for easy transit


    • Heaviest option
    • Most expensive travel golf bag
    • Can cost you extra money at airport check-in
    • Difficult to lift
    • Do not fit into most economy-class rental cars

    Soft Travel Bags

    GlobalGolf Pro Tip: A name synonymous with travel golf bags is Club Glove. Their soft travel bags accommodate nearly any golf bag and up to a 47" driver. It also features additional room for gear and golf accessories. When you land at your golf destination, you’ll see most golfers waiting at baggage claim also sport a soft travel bag thanks to its convenience, lighter weight and extra padding for protection.

    Club Glove travel bags are built with materials that last five-times longer than polyester, making this soft travel bag worth the investment. Soft travel golf bags usually come with in-line skate wheels and bearings for smooth and quiet wheeling through airports and hotel parking lots alike.

    Last Bag Large Pro Travel Bag


    • Lighter than hard travel bags
    • Soft travel bags have a padded top to protect your clubs in transit
    • In-line skate wheels for easy mobility
    • Padded or reinforced handles
    • External pockets for additional storage (like golf shoes)
    • Softer and more flexible material allows for squeezing in those last-minute golf sweaters – use them for extra padding!
    • Cheaper than hard travel bags
    • Easier to store when not in use


    • Heaviest option
    • Golf clubs are not as well-protected as a hard travel bag
    • More accounts of users finding snapped golf club shafts upon arrival at the airport

    Travel Bag Tips

    When searching for your perfect golf travel bag, you may find these tips useful:

    • Ensure whichever golf travel bag you purchase has a warranty.
    • An inexpensive way to keep your golf clubs safe when your golf bag is thrown around at the airport is to buy a Club Glove Stiff Arm; these prevent your driver from being the first point of contact with the ground and snapping.
    • Detach your driver/wood clubhead and store them safely in a carry-on.

    No matter how you play golf, GlobalGolf has the golf bag for you. In addition to the many styles and colors, we also provide traveling essentials for your golf bag and golf clubs, so you can travel anywhere and know your favorite belongings are well-protected.


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