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Pro Tip: The PING Vault -- Golf's Gold Standard

Updated: Aug 18, 2021
Pro Tip The Ping Vault

Does your putter have what it takes to be housed in the PING Vault? When a golfer wins a tournament, he or she typically gets a trophy, a medal or maybe a ribbon -- some sort of memento to remember the event and mark the victory for years to come.

When golfers started winning tournaments using Karsten Solheim’s putters, the PING founder was so grateful, he wanted to give the player something truly special to mark their win. Solheim’s bright idea was, of course, to gift them with an engraved putter.

But not just any putter. No, PING gives every pro who wins a tournament with a PING putter a gold-plated version. One putter is given to the player and one is kept in the famous PING Gold Putter Vault.

Ping Vault

Championship Winning Putters

Ping Putters

Today, PING putters are still trusted by professional golfers and amateurs alike. In fact, PING invented many of the most famous putter shapes, the revolutionary Anser the most notorious of all.

Modern day golfers take for granted that, up until the mid-1960’s, the majority of players used only a couple putter shapes: the double-sided ‘Bullseye’ and the heel-shafted 8802. Both of these shapes weren’t very forgiving and favored putting strokes with strong arcs.

That’s until Solheim developed the most iconic putter of the last 50+ years: the Anser. Every major and boutique putter maker today produces a version of the Anser. This putter design has been used in more than 500 PGA Tour victories and remains one of the most popular shapes for golfers of all levels. It’s also the most popular shape to collect with intricate designs milled, stamped or hammered as if it were a painter’s canvas.

PING now offers the classic Anser in various colors and materials with all of the clean, classic lines from 50+ years ago plus today’s best technology to help you sink more putts.


Not Just Putters

Ping Wedges

While PING was first best known for their putters, they quickly moved into the rest of golfers’ bags through the 1980’s and 1990’s with irons, wedges and even woods. The revolutionary club from PING came in the form of their Eye and Eye 2 irons.

The funky design of these irons may have looked strange, but there was a whole lot of technology in them for the time. From the ultra perimeter weighting to the ‘square’/box grooves and easy-to-hit sole, the clubs were a hit with every level of handicap player.

Even today there’s a modern PING wedge in the shape of an Eye 2 wedge. While the shape is an acquired look, there’s no denying its staying power and revolutionary design.

And if golfers can recall Bubba Watson’s first win at The Masters in 2012, on the second playoff hole Bubba found himself seemingly dead in the right trees on the 10th hole. Without a clear shot to the green, he hit one of the most miraculous recovery shots in recent memory. With his 52-degree PING wedge, he hit a 30+ yard hook (for the lefty), hit the green and spun the ball toward the hole, leading to his first Masters.

To celebrate the win and the stunning shot Watson pulled off, PING made an exception and created a gold-plated wedge for Watson and the gold vault.

So, while you might not end up with a gold-plated club in the PING vault, you can always try or buy the best PING clubs and putters at GlobalGolf and feel like a champion on your way to victory.


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