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    Pro Tip: Mizuno ST-X 220 Driver vs. ST-Z 220 Driver

    Updated: Mar 29, 2023
    Pro Tip: Mizuno ST-X 220 Driver vs. ST-Z 220 Driver

    In 2022, Mizuno Golf released both the ST-X 220 and ST-Z 220 drivers. Both Mizuno drivers pack tons of technology, though their designs are geared toward different handicaps.

    The last time a new Mizuno driver was released was in October 2021. The Mizuno ST-G 220 driver kicked off this driver series and gave golfers a sneak peak into the ST-X 220 and ST-Z 220 technology.


    What’s New in the Mizuno ST-X 220 Driver and Mizuno ST-Z 220 Driver

    The technology both of these Mizuno golf drivers have in common include the Wave Sole, which keeps the clubface hot at impact even on off-center shots, easy customization on the club head for workability and optimizing ball flight, and a scientifically produced pure feel.

    The design included feedback from professionals about what “feels solid,” and Mizuno Golf duplicated those vibrations at impact so everyone can experience a pure shot.

    The Mizuno ST-X 220 Driver is for Mid to High Handicaps

    Mizuno ST-X 220 Driver

    The Mizuno ST-X 220 driver is for mid to high handicappers searching for distance and a draw. This Mizuno driver design leverages more weight in the heel to help the average golfer gain more distance. Plus, for those with slower swing speeds, certain golf shaft options are available to produce faster swing speeds.

    The Mizuno ST-X 220 driver is designed for a higher launch paired with mid-spin to give you your optimized trajectory and distance off the tee. The club head is also slightly more rounded to bolster confidence at address.


    The Mizuno ST-Z 220 Driver is for Mid to Low Handicaps

    Mizuno ST-Z 220 Driver

    The Mizuno ST-Z 220 driver has the workability and solid feel associated with Mizuno irons. The low CG (center of gravity) allows for a higher launch angle and lower spin, creating the ultimate distance with stability to support a consistent ball flight. This particular Mizuno ST-Z driver has straight flight bias, which means your flight dispersion will be incredibly tightened up.

    The club head is the same size as the Mizuno ST-X 220 driver, though it appears more square or even a little open at address to make it more appealing and confidence-inducing.


    The 2022 Mizuno Drivers vs. the Mizuno ST-G 220 Driver

    Mizuno ST-G 220 Driver

    When comparing the Mizuno ST-X 220 and ST-Z 220 to the ST-G 220 driver, you’ll notice much more customizability on the latter. The Mizuno ST-G 220 driver has three tracks that can be adjusted to optimize your trajectory. This is the Mizuno driver that you will most likely see on Tour thanks to its workability.

    Otherwise, the technology remains largely the same - the Wave Sole, CORTECH clubface and pure feel are still main features of this Mizuno driver.

    Which Mizuno Driver is Right for You?

    Now that you know the latest on the Mizuno drivers, which one fits best in your golf bag? When in doubt, check out GlobalGolf’s USelect® driver selector tool; in seconds, you’ll have recommendations generated based on your game.

    Once you’ve narrowed down which Mizuno drivers you want to check out, GlobalGolf’s UTry® allows you to demo the latest golf products when, where and how you want, for 14 days. Take them to your golf course, take them to a golf lesson - whatever you need to feel confident about your purchase.

    Now that you know which Mizuno driver you want to play with this season, GlobalGolf has a couple of ways to save you money. First, you can use UTrade-In® to trade in your current set of clubs for the best value; then, use that credit toward your next purchase. Second, you can always shop >used Mizuno drivers, which tend to be rarely played and still have advanced technologies sure to have a positive impact on your game.

    At GlobalGolf, you can find the best Mizuno driver for you and purchase it with confidence and at a lower price. Will it be the Mizuno ST-X 220, ST-Z 220 or ST-G 220 driver for you? Or perhaps even the 2023 Mizuno ST 230 drivers?