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  • New and Used Mizuno Drivers

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    New and Used Mizuno Drivers

    • FAQs

      Where are Mizuno drivers made?

      Mizuno clubs are made in Japan and then shipped to Braselton, Georgia for final assembly. Mizuno is headquartered in Osaka, Japan.

      How do you swing Mizuno drivers?

      There’s no right answer when it comes to how you should swing your Mizuno driver – it depends on your preferences, swing speed and overall skill level. But here are some helpful swing tips if you’re looking for a boost with a new or used Mizuno driver:

      • Choose the right model and handicap-level for your game. Mizuno offers two updated models of drivers in 2023: the ST-Z 230 and the ST-X 220. The ST-Z 230 is more forgiving and stable, while the ST-X 220 is more draw-biased and compact.

      • Set up with a good posture, alignment, and grip. Your grip should be comfortable and secure, without being too tight or too loose.

      • Swing with a smooth tempo, rhythm, and balance.

      • Finish with a full follow-through and a relaxed pose. You should feel relaxed and confident after hitting a good shot with a Mizuno driver.

      Are Mizuno drivers forgiving?

      Yes, Mizuno drivers are forgiving, especially the ST-Z driver model. The ST-X driver model is also forgiving, but more suited for players who need help with correcting a fade or slice.

      Are Mizuno drivers good golf clubs?

      Yes, Mizuno drivers are great golf clubs that offer optimal durability, responsiveness and sound. Mizuno drivers also have forged faces made from select steel, as well as offer premium technologies that can help you optimize your overall golfing performance.

      Are Mizuno drivers for high or low handicap players?

      Mizuno drivers are suitable for both high and low handicap players, depending on your preferences and needs. The ST-Z 230 model is more forgiving and stable, which can benefit players of all skill levels who want a straighter ball flight. The ST-X 220 model is more draw-biased and compact, which can appeal to players who struggle with a fade or slice or who want more workability. However, both models have adjustable features that can allow you to customize them to your liking.

    • Overview

      Mizuno is a Japanese company that’s been making high-quality golf products for well over a decade. Mizuno was founded in 1906 by two brothers, Rihachi and Rizo Mizuno, who had a passion for sports and wanted to provide the best gear for athletes of all levels. They started with selling baseballs and custom-made clothing, and soon expanded to other sports such as golf, tennis, running and volleyball. Today, Mizuno is a global brand that offers a wide range of products for various sports and activities.

      One of the sports that Mizuno is especially proud of is golf, proudly making golf clubs since 1933. This line was called the Star Line and helped put the company on the map in the golf space.. Mizuno has been making golf clubs since 1933, when it launched its first line, the Star Line. Since then, Mizuno has become one of the most trusted golf brands in the world, with many professional players choosing its clubs.

    • Pro Tips

      Mizuno drivers are known for their high forgiveness and flexibility, thanks to their innovative technology and design. Here are some features that make Mizuno drivers forgiving and flexible:

      • Forged irons: Mizuno drivers are made with forged irons, which are created with a special process that enhances the feel and performance of the clubface.

      • Wave sole: Mizuno drivers have a wave-shaped sole that allows the clubface to flex more at impact, which means more energy transfer and distance.

      • Adjustable weights: Mizuno drivers have movable weights that allow you to change the center of gravity and the spin rate of the driver. You can choose between different weight settings to optimize your ball flight and performance.

      • Adjustable hosel: Mizuno drivers have an adjustable hosel that allows you to change the loft and lie angle of the driver. You can choose between different loft settings to suit your swing speed and launch conditions.

      Mizuno golf club drivers are forgiving and flexible enough to suit any golfer’s needs and preferences.

    • New and Used Mizuno Drivers by Year

      New and Used Mizuno Drivers 2023

      Mizuno launched the ST230 series with the CORTECH Chamber technology, which combines a stainless-steel weight and a flexible TPU insert for more flex, speed and sound. The ST230 drivers come in three models: the ST-Z 230, the ST-X 230, and the ST-X PLTNM 230, each with different weight positions and face angles to suit different swing types and preferences. This line of 2023 Mizuno drivers is perfect for all golfers, with each line built for specific skill levels and gameplay.

      New and Used Mizuno Drivers 2022

      Mizuno introduced the ST-Z 220, the ST-X 220, and the ST-G 220 drivers in 2022, which have carbon-composite crowns and soles, and forged super-alloy titanium faces with variable thickness patterns. The ST-Z 220 and the ST-X 220 are designed for high forgiveness and low spin, while the ST-G 220 is designed for high adjustability and workability. These new and used Mizuno drivers offer extreme versatility, allowing you to grow your game with these clubs.

      New and Used Mizuno Drivers 2021

      Mizuno revamped its driver line with the ST-Z and the ST-X drivers in 2021, creating a line of clubs that were perfectly suited for low handicap players on one end and extremely high handicap players on the other.

      New and Used Mizuno Drivers 2020

      Mizuno followed up its successful ST190 series with the ST200 series in 2020, which consisted of three models with forged SP700 Ti faces, carbon-composite crowns, and Amplified Wave Soles. With these clubs, Mizuno played with sliding weights, forgiving club designs and lightweight composition to create drivers that made an impact.

      New and Used Mizuno Drivers 2019

      In 2019, Mizuno made a breakthrough with the ST190 series, which included two models with advanced crowns, faces and technological advancements. The standard ST190 driver has a fixed back weight for low spin and high forgiveness, while the ST190G driver has two sliding weights in the sole for adjustability.

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